[2CW] Breaking News…




[The scene opens backstage at 2CW Redefine, James Silkk is talking with fans after the show-outside of the Frontier Fieldhouse, when Kendra Miller, 2CW’s rookie backstage interviewer comes up to him with a camera crew.]


Kendra: James! James! Mr. Silkk, a word please.


[He turns to her-pausing his conversation with the fan.]


James: Kendra! Holy crap, I didn’t know you were still employed here. Literally nobody uses you-like ever. How ya doing?


Kendra: I’m..good…James…we just wanted to get a word on your thoughts about being entered in the Heritage Championship tournament on June 14th in Hammond?


James: My thoughts? I’m estatic about it. Yeah-I’ve had my mind a little bit preoccupied with SPITFIRE lately. Those kids down there-future of the sport. But me? I’m todays star. The only reason I didn’t join my brothers team forCivil War-is because of this tournament! Look, I know Jason Aries is the new 2CW Champion, and that’s AWESOME. I’m proud of him. Good kid, I taught him well last year-but people still will talk about John’s title reign-because he’s the first. Same goes for the Heritage Championship. The first-will go down in HISTORY, and I intend to do that…it doesn’t matter who I face at Heritage….


[He trails off, seeing a notification on his iPhone.]


Silkk: Just a second…


[He looks it over, smiling.]


Silkk: Breaking news Kendra. Look at this, first time anyone has seen you since 2CW opened-and you get to BREAK a story. At Heritage, in the first round of the Heritage Title Tournament…..I face Timothy Hunt!


Kendra: Oh wow! What are your thoughts on that?


Silkk: My thoughts. Wow. I don’t know…nobody has ever asked such hard hitting questions before. Listen toots, move out.


[He smiles-looking at the camera.]


Silkk: Mr. Hunt. I don’t have a lot of time, and I’ll be honest, I’m kind of star struck. This is a dream match for me-so listen good-because I know your plate is full with Civil War:


[He pauses and smiles.]


Silkk: I can NOT WAIT TO FACE YOU. Seriously. It’s a bit ironic that the first time we met over a year ago in PWX-it’s because I was coming to the aid of your…and now my-ex wife Marisol Hawkes. It’s a small world aint it?


[He pauses and smirks.]


Silkk: Don’t take my happy demeanor as anything that it isn’t Timothy. I am very focused. I don’t have to worry about any women at ringside clouding my judgement like I have in the past. I am focused, and I am reborn. My mind is sharper than ever before-and I will go down in history as the first ever 2CW Heritage Champion. So all due respect Tim-bring your A Game, because I’m bringing mine. 2014? The Abstract is coming to the Second City…and I will be the first ever Heritage Champion. My Era begins-in Hammond at Heritage. Welcome to the show…


[He smirks-as the camera pans over to Kendra-completely enamored with the former PWX World Champion, as we fade to black.]


[PWX] Second Chances…



[The scene fades in with James Silkk sitting on his black recliner-watching footage from the past few weeks of Adrenaline. Nikki Lee walks up to him, sitting down on the arm.]


Nikki: James, are you okay?


[James is sitting in the chair, watching the videos intently. Just two weeks ago, James Silkk stepped back into the ring for the first time in months-and he worked his ass off, but it wasn’t enough.


James Silkk: It wasn’t enough.


Nikki: What? James?


James Silkk: Yes…I returned to the ring to prove a point. To prove I could still hang in with these new kids. It wasn’t enough. I gave it my all, everything I could muster-and it wasn’t enough.


Nikki: Why did you come back James? You’ve done everything there is to do.


James Silkk: I’m still seen as a side character, a jobber, a fluke champion. I’m not dammit!


[He throws the remote against the wall, and stands up-seething with rage.]


James Silkk: I held the World Championship for 70+ days. I went toe to toe with the best this business had to offer. 2013 was meant to be my year, and it all went spiraling away. I have one more chance to prove myself, one more chance to make it right.


Nikki: Are you okay James? You seem..shaken.


[He doesn’t respond to her at first. He stares intently on the screen-watching Damien’s every move.]


Nikki: James?


James Silkk: I’m fine, I just…I need to focus on this, I need to do this, I need to step into that ring in Philadelphia, and I need to survive. I need to walk out there and I need to outlast Tiami Tyler.


Nikki: I think she’s too preoccupied right now. She just joined Canadian X Pro with John.


James Silkk: I need to beat Timothy DeClair…


Nikki: Why?


James Silkk: To prove myself. He’s a World Champion from another company.


Nikki: To who.


James Silkk: To the world Nikki, to the fans….I was always the runt of the litter. Preston Parker is one of those guys who the internet is raving about. He’s an indy darling….I need to take him out to prove a point



[He pauses-looking at her beautiful face. Her borderline perfect body wrapped skin tight t-shirt and a pair of jeans that look painted on. Everything about this girl screamed at him. So much history, so much at stake. They’ve made it work thus far, but other things are at play.]


James Silkk:….to myself…


Nikki: What do you mean.


James Silkk: A little over a year ago. Ever since I lost the UWL World Title. Ever since WrestleFest last year-I’ve just been on this downward spiral. I see names in this tournament like Bruce Bowen-who has done absolutely nothing but be Troy Stone’s jizzmopper. Now he’s in the match representing the House of Stone. Now he gets a second chance.



[He walks over to the wall-looking at a PWX promotional poster featuring him and Brian Hollywood from last years “Respect Is Earned” event.]


James Silkk: I thought my slump was over when I formed the Untouchables. We proved dominant, and than Civil War happened. Than I became their puppet.


[Nikki walks over to him-putting her arms around him.]


Nikki: You were nobodies puppet James.


James Silkk: We were. We both were…..Talon’s pawns-just waiting to be played in this maniacal game of chess. This lover’s quarrel between her and Brian-using John and I as pieces of the game. The only other time I felt that used was when Marisol was around.


Nikki: James. It’s all over now. There’s been so much good that has happened to us.


James Silkk: Good? Your uncle had a heart attack, was in the hospital for weeks before he….


[Nikki puts her fingers over his mouth.]


Nikki: Shhh. James. You know he approved of us. You know we have his blessing.


James Silkk: We do….


[She kisses him, as he looks back at the poster.]


Nikki: What about the good coming James?


James Silkk: The good? Well I guess the good is the fact that I get to step into the ring with the world famous Ryan Kidd. The Evolution Champion-a man who the House of Stone wants dead. He’s such an extraordinary talent…if he can just pass this hurdle-who knows where he can go.


Nikki: See? There’s that.


[He pauses-gazing at the image of him holding the World Championship in the poster.]


James Silkk: He’s going to be there….


Nikki: What?


James Silkk: Nighthawk…


Nikki: What about him?


James Silkk: He’s a two time World Champion Nikki. If I can take him out…..that will make them think twice about my career.


[Nikki looks confused, as she sighs and walks toward the steps leading to the front foier]


Nikki: James, we have to get going, My uncle’s will reading is in an hour-and it’s across town. You know how Toronto traffic is….


James Silkk: I’ll be there….


[She sighs as she heads up the steps, and he stares intently at the poster.]


James Silkk: It doesn’t matter who. Tiami, Timothy, Bruce, Preston, Ryan or you Nighthawk. My presence will be felt-and I will survive this battle royal, and I will make it to New Jersey, and I will be in the finals of the World Grand Prix. This may turn out to be more of a come back than I thought….


[He smiles, as his phone beeps loudly. He pulls it out and see’s a text message from Lillith Morgan.]


Lillith Morgan: I can’t do this anymore James. I’m sorry.


[His smile immediately turns to cold dead stare, and he gazes at the phone.]


Nikki: Come on honey!


[He looks up, and quickly pockets the phone.]


James Silkk: On my way….


[He grabs his jacket and heads up the stairs as we fade to black.]


[PWX] World Grand Prix (vs @AntonChase3)

RP Title: A Diamond In The Rough

Scene One:

Houston, Texas

Toyota Center Locker Room

Hours after “Do Or Die IV”

[The scene fades in on a locker room standing empty. John Pariah is seen sitting on the bench-still in his gear. His head down in his arms. A door opens, and James Silkk and Lillith Morgan walk into frame.]

James Silkk: John?

[He doesn’t answer-continuing his stoic silence.]

James Silkk: John, come on man, let’s get out of here. Security is about to throw us out. The show has been over for hours!

[He looks up, but still silent as James grabs his bags. After a moment of persistant persuasion-John stands up and snatches them from James-and heads out the locker room door.]

James Silkk: What the fuck is his problem?

[Lillith shrugs as the two chase after him. Pariah exits the front doors of the building and stops-looking at an event poster on the wall. He turns to it and punches the glass straight away-shattering it.    He looks back at James and Lillith coming toward him-before getting into his black 2014 Impala and speeding away.]

Lillith Morgan: John! Wait!

[They get outside, and James looks at the poster, glass shattered. It’s a poster for ‘Do Or Die’-hyping Hollywood vs Pariah. The faces were ripped off the poster-before John shattered the glass. James sighs, and looks out into the roads, with John long gone.]

James Silkk: Let him heal….

Lillith Morgan: What?

James Silkk: He’s like Wolverine..he heals quickly. Give him time..

Lillith Morgan: I have a performance review next week by this Shadow Cabinet James. I need someone to talk to…

James Silkk: I’m here..

Lillith Morgan: You’re not involved anymore…

James Silkk: Not involved? What, because I’m retired-I can’t talk shop? I’ve been part of this company for years Lil-I’m pretty sure I can help.

Lillith Morgan: No James…you can’t…

[He steps back, almost shocked. He sighs and walks away-heading over to his motorcycle.]

Lillith Morgan: James..wait..

[He puts his helmet on, and speeds away-as Lillith leans against the wall. She lets out a sigh as we fade to black.]

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[PWX] Joker’s Wild




There’s a lot we don’t know. There’s a lot we seek. All that information, all that life, all that experience, the very soul and fabric of our existence lies within one place. 


The Court.


off camera


10:45 PM – Wednesday, 5-29-13

Immediately following “Adrenaline 39”


[The cameras have turned off for the night-fans have begun filing out of the arena. A small contingent of fans stay to continue their jeers towards the ring. Medical staff has removed Brian Hollywood and Noah Hanson from the ring, and The Court still stand in it-soaking up the hatred from the crowd. James Silkk rolls out of the ring-and demands a microphone from the ring attendent-before sliding back in.]


Silkk: Testing…testing…good, those idiots in the truck haven’t cut this off yet!


Crowd: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *clap clap clapclapclap*


[The woman still stands in the ring-her hair covering part of her mask. Silkk takes Hollywood’s belt, and slings it over his shoulder.]


Silkk: The future begins now! I said it for the weeks leading up to Civil War….our motto, our method, our creed. Solve et Coagula. Destroy to recreate. To save this company, for it to be born again…it must be destroyed. We are the Lords on high-and PWX has become Sodom and Gamorrah. It begins..in one weeks time. You have all bore witness to the beginning of the end. Everyone in that locker room will face the court!


[The crowd boos louder as Silkk throws the mic down. “Anchor” reprises. Fade out.]



12:16 PM – Tuesday, 6-4-13

The Day Before The Showdown


Detroit, Michigan. Its a fucking cesspool. Look at everyone here though…distraught, broken, shattered. What really does Detroit have going for it? A shitty hair metal band in KISS. A shitty white rapper in Eminem. Kid Rock. Plus you have the Lions, Tigers and Red Wings…all pitiful excuses for sports teams. It’s time Detroit saw what a hero looked like.


[A black 2013 Corvette pulls off of the highway, pulling into the Townsend Hotel-located in Birmingham, MI. Just about 25 minutes away from the Compuware Arena-the site of PWX’s 40th episode of “Adrenaline”. In about 30 hours or so, PWX would be live on FUEL TV, and the man in that car would be competiting once again for PWX gold. The car parks, as the valets rush out. We see James Silkk step out of the drivers side door. His hair is pulled back, and a pair of black sunglasses cover his face. He is wearing a black Wornstar t-shirt, and a pair of black jeans. The trunk opens, and he pulls a bag from it. Looking around-he smirks and pulls the PWX World Tag Team Championship belt out, slinging it over his shoulder. He closes the trunk and looks at the valet-tossing him the keys.]


Silkk: Scratch it…and I kill you.


[He walks into the hotel-where he’s met by the concierge staff.]


Staff: Thank you for staying with us Mr. Silkk. Please have a seat-your suite will be ready soon enough.


Silkk: If my boss wasn’t paying for this…I would of stayed at home in Toronto for another day-and made the drive up in the morning. But hey, I have no problem wasting that skunks money.


[He signs a couple papers, and sits down on a black leather sofa. He pulls his iPad out, and begins flicking through Twitter-seeing peoples reactions and thoughts on tomorrows event. He smiles-as he puts the iPad away. His phone begins to ring, and he answers it.]


Silkk: Ahoy hoy.


[He pauses, listening.]


Silkk: Sounds like a plan. No, they won’t ever expect you. We’ve done everything to throw them off of your trail. Everything is going to go ahead as planned. Good. See you tomorrow.


[He hangs up the call, before getting a pair of text alerts.]


Silkk: Nope…I’m not answering those…


[It rings again]


Silkk: Goddamnit Nikki.


[He answers it.]


Silkk: County morgue?


[The sounds of her yelling can be heard through the phone.]


Silkk: Listen, Nikki..whatever you think…you can think. I don’t really care. I’ve made my decision…and if you don’t like it…than..


[She cuts him off. Still unintelligible-but very loud and angry.]


Staff: Mr. Silkk, your room…


Silkk: I have to go…shut up…


[He hangs up the phone, and gets up-handing the bellboy his bag-they head up to his suite. Fade out.]



on camera:



There’s a snake in my boot!


Somebody’s poisoned the water hole!


[We fade in on a dark room. A small array of candles can be seen lighting up small sections.]


Silkk: You cannot see the strings, because we don’t want you too. Its amazing though how everything has fallen immediately into our hands, and everything has followed our plan to the letter.


[A fire ignites, illuminating the blackness. We see James Silkk sitting in a rocking chair, holding a Woody doll from the film “Toy Story”. He smirks as he looks to the fire next to him.]


Silkk: You speak truth when you say you do not have a pull cord in your back. Your words are not important-its your actions we require. Its an amazing feat really-to be chosen by The Court. The fact that we have no intentions of crossing the names “Micheal Tomkins” and “Adam Stryker” off of our list should be seen as the greatest compliment of all.


[He pauses, throwing the doll into the fire.]


Silkk: In the end though, everyone will burn. Adam Stryker talks about how I betrayed the Untouchables. I brought the Untouchables together. I hand selected you Adam, I hand selected Christian, I hand selected Jason. All of you were key roles in my plan. We would dominate, we would destroy. You would take the focus off of my true goal-so that The Court could work in peace. We live in a strange world, a violent world, a vicious world. We destroy our brothers, we destroy our homes-all for mere personal gain. The goals of the Court are absolute, infallible. The goals of the Untouchables? Were just wanton destruction. Adam Stryker you served the role of the dominant enforcer well. When Christian suffered an injury-I knew it was time to…deal a new hand…


[He pulls a deck of cards from his pocket, and begins shuffling them in his hands.]


Silkk: The fates have dealt us this hand….we used you to put a damper on Timothy Hunt and Daniel Tyler’s rise to the top-so we could be left alone to work in peace. We thank you for your service Mr. Stryker, and Mr. Tomkins-but we can take it from here. We didn’t want to have those two clowns interfere in our business, when we took out Noah Hanson and Brian Hollywood. We needed a red herring, a distraction, something to take everyones mind off of our true goal. You served our purpose nicely. We thank you.


[He pauses again, still shuffling the card. He slowly-one by one tosses them into the fire as well. Each card crackling as it hits the flames.]


Silkk: You ask a legitimate question. You called out the fact that my partner, my brother, does not care whether or not we walk out of Detroit with the Tag Team Championships. You question it, you don’t understand our logic, you can’t fathom the scope of our plan. You see for The Court-victories are not measured in pins or submissions. They aren’t measured in count outs or disqualifications. They aren’t measured in wins or losses. They’re measured in success, and failure. Take last week for example. Sure, my brother lost to Noah Hanson in the ring…Noah pinned him to the mat, and we took the loss….but in the end-who was carted to the back on a stretcher? Not him. The end result of Adrenaline 39-was the destruction of Noah Hanson and Brian Hollywood-and the revelation of our faces. From day one, we have been pulling the strings-even when at war, the bloodshed, the violence, a nessecary evil when you’re plotting a revolution.


[He pauses-finally holding up a Joker card to his face.]


Silkk: We are the ones with the plan. We are not hungry dogs who wouldn’t know what to do with the car we chase. Every move is cold, calculated and determined. We are not a trio of has beens, we are not a cartel of rookies, we are not wannabe biker gang. We are absolute power. We are perfection. We are omnipotence. We are the Court. Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Stryker-as my brother said, stay out of our way-and we won’t have to add two names to our list. As far as Mr. Tyler, and Mr. Hunt goes….expect carnage, expect destruction-and if Mr. Hanson and Mr. Hollywood even show their faces-expect us to finish what we started last week. Everyone will face the court, and when they do-their fate will be ours to decide….


[He throws the joker card in the fire-putting it out as we fade to black.]

[PWX] Trinity





[Before Lillith can utter a word, “More Like You” by Scars of Life echoes over the PA system, and James Silkk steps out onto the stage. He’s carrying both of the PWX World Tag Team Championship belts with him. The crowd boos loudly as he climbs into the ring and slings them over his shoulders-taking a mic from Alexis.]

James Silkk: John…listen to Lillith man….or…listen to reason and common sense. Your choice.

[He quirks his eyebrow as the crowd boos loudly. James hands him one of the tag title belts.]

James Silkk: I believe this belongs to you sir.

[He takes it from his hand and turns to him-slinging the belt over his shoulder.]

John Pariah: What do you want James? Or do I need to find another pane of glass to put you through?

James Silkk: I come in peace John. I come in peace. Look, I was listening to everything you just said, and I wanted to extend the olive branch. Come to the dark side John..together..you are I…we can save this company. Listen, you read “Gates of Gotham” right?

[He nods, growing impatient with Silkk.]

James Silkk: Well look, that’s us. Hell, that’s the three of us right here.

Lillith Morgan: James, don’t lump me in with your bullshit!

James Silkk: Look, ‘Gates of Gotham’ was about the families that built Gotham City right? The Waynes, the Elliots, the Cobblepotts and the Cains. Right? We’re the Gates of PWX John. We founded this company, and we built this company from the ground up. Didn’t we?

[His expression remains cold.]

James Silkk: Think of it John. You, joining up with the Untouchables. We would be unstoppable. You’d have the backup you need-at your beck and call-to cross every name off your ‘list’. You and I could dominate the world as Tag Team Champions. We would rule PWX the way it was meant to be ruled…with an iron fist! Come on John, what do you say?

Lillith Morgan: John, you know you can’t trust James. Think about everything he’s done to you! Think of what he did to our daughter.

[Pariah steps back-looking at both people.]

John Pariah: I work better alone… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the devil-but I’m not going to be your hero anymore…

[He drops the mic and takes the other tag belt from Silkk, before leaving the ring. “Absolute Zero” reprises. Lillith looks confused, as James Silkk smirks-mouthing the words “That wasn’t a ‘no’” as we fade to commercial.]



[The camera pans out, and we see we’ve been re-watching the opening segment to last weeks Adrenaline broadcast on an iPad-set up on a table. The camera angle widens, and we see James Silkk sitting in a chair-the sunlight of the beautiful Toronto weather billowing into the sunroom he currently resides. He stands up-and looks out the window, watching Nikki Lee sunbath by the pool.]


James Silkk: It wasn’t a no.


[He chuckles and steps back, closing his iPad.]


James Silkk: I made the offer to extend the olive branch John, and that offer still stands on the table. I know who has failed this company-and together, brothers in arms, we can avenge this company.  We can right the wrongs, we can save this place.


[He pauses and smirks.]


James Silkk: There is of course the matter of your ex wife though John. You see, she decided to book me in a match this week in Valparaiso. A fortnight after you and I went to war inside that Seventh Circle. She told me, and I quote-that this was my punishment for the atrocities I commited. She put me against Elijah Black-the new Number One Contender….


[He laughs, turning to face the camera.]


James Silkk: I guarantee Elijah is one of those outsider forces that are killing this company. I promise that Elijah is on John’s list. So I’ll do my brother a solid, and I mark a name off of it for him. Lillith wants to book this as a punishment for me? Oh, dear Lillith. I’m sorry-but this is a reward. A gift for all the trouble I’ve caused. Just like a kid on Christmas morning-I look forward to Wednesday Night, when I walk down the ramp and I step into the ring with Elijah Black..one..last..time….

[He smirks, and pulls up a video on his iPad. He sets it down and presses play. It’s footage from UWL’s first event, where James Silkk fought Elijah Black for the UWL World Title.]


James Silkk: That loss set me back Elijah. That loss made me angry, it made me violent. That loss lead to my downward spiral. A few weeks later I would go on to lose the PWX World Championship to Brian Hollywood. Now, I have another chance at redemption.


[He pauses and smirks-gazing out the window.]


James Silkk: Mr. Black, you and I have a long and sordid history. You not only beat me once, but twice-for that UWL World Championship. The only person able to beat me without interference. I applaud that Elijah, I really do. The only issue now friend, is the fact that you are entering the ring with an entirely different animal. An owl, who stealthly hunts at night. You have dreams Elijah, dreams of the PWX World Championship, dreams of facing Nighthawk at The Intiative. I’m sorry my friend….but it looks like I’m going to be your spoiler, your dream killer. Because after I beat you, After I finally quell that demon that’s been chasing me for nearly seven months-Elijah, once I exercise that demon, than it will be me challenging Nighthawk. It will be me getting the return match I deserve!


[He pauses once more-gazing into the camera.]


James Silkk: You will stand before us, and be judged. Elijah Black, at Adrenaline 38-you will stand before the Untouchables-and we will pass judgement for you. Your fate is mine to decide, and this time-you won’t be so lucky.


[He smirks as we fade to black.]


[PWX] Another Opprotunity



People want to talk about controversy and chaos, people want to cause havoc just because its cool or trendy. That’s not what the Untouchables are about. It’s not what they stand for of what they do. They’re not outsiders, they’re not upstarts, they’re not a bunch of big league rejects with a motorcycle fetish. They are the present and future of a company. The present and future of an industry.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is no garentuee. Live for the present. Steal the spotlight. Be Untouchable.


After Adrenaline XXX.

Excalibur Nightclub

Chicago, IL


[We fade in the VIP area of Excalibur in Chicago, IL. A live band can be heard playing-women are running around half dressed, and a party atmosphere has engulfed everyone. Tonight-through the low lighting and through the smoke, there will be some sembelence of celebration.]


James Silkk: We may have had a set back tonight, with Axel Aomori-but rest assured, the war is still ours!


[Silkk says raising a glass. Surrounding him at a table is Nikki Lee, Christian Rhodes, Jason Aries, and Adam Stryker]


James Silkk: Our message was sent and received loud and clear. We are not going to be pushed over, we are not going to be over looked!


[The group raises their glasses, and Silkk smiles.]


James Silkk: Jason Aries….next week-you have to make nice with Darin Zion, but the ends will justify the means. You will get the first strike against Pariah, you will draw first blood!


[Jason nods and sips his drink]


James Silkk: Adam, Christian. I couldn’t help but hear your little squabble tonight. Things happen, and while yes-Axel Aomori got the victory tonight-I don’t see him getting past Elijah Black. I’ve tangled with him twice-and this Axel kid isn’t NEARLY on my level. You had a mis communication tonight-and it will be rectified on Wednesday when you put Brian Hollywood in a fucking coma!


Rhodes: Here here!


James Silkk: And Shadoe Rage. I hope you’ve kept the Evolution Championship warm-and I hope you don’t focus too hard on Elijah Black at High Stakes-because you won’t be facing Elijah Black at High Stakes. I will be. I can finally pay him back for those two losses in UWL.


Nikki Lee: To the Untouchables!


All: Untouchables!


[He sits down and sips his drink.]


Nikki Lee: I can’t believe I’m part of this James. I’m so happy you finally let me in.


James Silkk: No worries dear. It’s time I treated someone worth it to the rock star life-because that’s what we are!


[He sips another drink as we fade to black.]




Sunday, March 17th 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The House of Silkk


[The scene fades into the home gym of one James Silkk. He’s practicing a few kicks and strikes on a practice dummy. Focusing his attacks on the head and shoulders. Music is blaring, as Nikki walks down stairs-wearing just one of his shirts. She smiles as she leans against the wall-watching him. His eyes burn with detimination, with focus. He knows whats really on the line on Wednesday Night. A piece of gold? Yes. Avenging a loss? Yes. But his reputation is at stake right now. Shadoe Rage may not be the targer of the Untouchables-he may not be the end game, he may not be the goal. For now though-Silkk cant look past him. He is the end game as far as he’s concerned. At least for now he is.]


Nikki Lee: You’ve been down here for like six hours James. I think you can take a break.


[She turns the music off-almost snapping James out of his trance.]


James Silkk: There’s no rest for the wicked Nikki….after last night you should of noticed that.


Nikki Lee: Last night…and this morning?


James Silkk: See my point?


Nikki Lee: I just think you might becoming too obsessive about this. I mean I’ve seen you when you get your mind on something….it’s kind of scary actually.


[He sighs, shaking his head.]


James Silkk: I’m not a pushover. I’m not a slouch. I’m tired of people making the claim-and Im tired of that cunt of a DOC stepping into my business!


[He slams his fist into the face of the practice dummy, and smiles.]


James Silkk: Once some more gold comes home to us, than maybe she’ll treat us with respect. Maybe than she’ll give us what we deserve.


Nikki Lee: And that’s…


James Silkk: Respect Nikki, it’s always been about respect. Ever since day one I’ve fought for respect. I’m tired of the Kings being the feature presentation around here. That’s why I put the Untouchables together-to make a difference, to get respect.


Nikki Lee: But….


James Silkk: But nothing. I respect Shadoe Rage, because he earned my respect. I spent the entire fourth quarter of 2012 carrying this company on my back. I saved us from having another Jacob Rollins disgracing one of our titles situation-when I took the World Title from Tweeder. I took on every challenge, both at home and abroad. Zion, Black, Hollywood, Windsor, every person out there who wanted a piece of me-I gave it to them. I nearly broke my back for this company-and where has that gotten me Nikki? These new kids are getting title shots upon signing. Sweet Annihilation has wrestled ONE fucking match-against two jokes in Presidental masks-and now they get a shot at the World Tag Team Championship? It’s offensive-and I’m sick of it.


Nikki Lee: So that’s why you’re taking your rematch? Because you want the Evolution Title back?


James Silkk: No. Not at all Nikki. It has very little to do with the belt to be perfectly honest. Shadoe has been a great champion-but it’s a matter of proving a point. It’s unfortunate that Shadoe has to be the one used to make the point-but that’s the breaks in PWX. Wednesday Night, in Chicago-I will walk out with the Evolution Title back around my waist, and Shadoe Rage will have learned a lesson. The Untouchables are the way of the future here in PWX. If you aren’t part of the solution-you’re the problem. Jason, Adam and Christian all have their targets laid out before them-and by the end of High Stakes, our mission statement will be clear!


[She walks up to him, and hugs him.]


Nikki Lee: I can’t wait.


James Silkk: Neither can I….


[He smirks as the scene fades to black]



[PWX] Promises Kept


Monday, February 25th 2013

Hotel Room in Tokyo, Japan


[We open in a dark hotel room. James Silkk is sitting infront of his computer, watching the newest episode of “Kamen Rider Wizard”. He sits back, and unplugs his headphones-setting them on the table. He gets up, and turns the light back on-before walking to the bathroom and splashing water on his face. He looks up, and looks at himself in the mirror.]


Maybe it’s time.


[He sits down, and turns the TV on. They’re showing a recap of last weeks episode of PWX Adrenaline from Osaka.]

Ricky Cravate: What is that?
[The fans have a mixed reaction as Shadoe Rage hops the railing and attacks Silkk in the ring-dropping him with an STO. The ref calls for the bell, as Rage rains down rights and lefts on the Evolution Champion. Silkk shoves him away and gets to his feet-as Rage lunges at him with a lariat. Rage continues the assault, until Silkk throws a wild elbow-catching him in the jaw. Rage throws a knee, and drops Silkk with the Death in Darkness, choking the life out of the Evolution Champion as the bell continues to ring.]
Chris Caudill: Shadoe Rage wants to take Silkk out in a bad way!


[He sits back in the chair again-and sighs. His phone starts going off, and he see’s it’s a FaceTime call from Nikki Lee. He picks up the phone and sighs-answering the call with a smile.]


“Hey babe!”


“Hey James, hows it going over in Japan?”




[He’s lying. The thoughts meandering through his mind, the emotions, the feelings, the plans he has set into motion. It’s far from ‘fantastic’]


“How about you Nikki?”


[He forces a smile, trying to not let on whats on his mind.]


“I’m doing great. I really wish I could of gone on this trip with you James. I would of LOVED to visit Akihabara with you.”


[Beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, and a geek? She’s perfect. But he still refuses to let her know that.]


“I know babe, your work is just as important though. Don’t worry though, you and I will be taking center stage soon enough.”


[He smiles. He knows what the future will hold-and what he has planned.]


“What time is it there Nik?”


“It’s like 4 PM here in Toronto?”


“It’s like 3 AM here in Tokyo.”


“Oh no! Did I wake you?”


“No Nikki, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.”




“No. My mind has just been wandering lately. I feel this need, I feel this urge. I need a creative outlet that isn’t just kicking people in the skull.”


“I understand.”


“I’m going to try and catch a little bit of rest Nik, I’ll call you tomorrow. I have some press to do early in the morning.”


“Okay babe. Good night.”


[She kisses at the screen. He smiles-and clicks the call off. Setting down the phone, he gets up and walks out onto the balcony.]


….Wednesday Night, Shadoe Rage thinks he will destroy me. I would like to see him try….. It’s time….for him to see the light





Tuesday, February 26th 2013

Tokyo Dome


[The arena is empty, and workers are finishing the set for Wednesday’s huge PWX event. The camera focuses on the ring-where James Silkk sits on a metal folding chair. The Evolution Championship lays on the mat infront of him. He looks up at the camera, and smiles.]


“I spoke last week about not having respect for this country. That I wasn’t a man of honor. There’s a certain feeling though-about being in THIS building. The Tokyo Dome, one of the biggest venues of all time. The greats of the sports have competed here. Wednesday night, that tradition will continue.”


[Silkk grabs the Evolution Championship-and slings it over his shoulder.]


“Heroes have been born and bred in this arena. Careers have been made, and careers have died. Tomorrow night, we will see what happens when I step across the ring from Shadoe Rage. A man who is seemingly ready to tear me apart.”


[He smiles and stands up-looking over the massive arena.]


“It’s now or never to make my mark here. Tomorrow night, I will knock Shadoe Rage off of my list-and I will move on, I will move back into position, and I will reclaim what has been taken from me. Success will bring greater success. If I fail, I will leave. If I succeed-than my name will be the one remembered after Hostile Takeover…no one elses.”


[He smiles again-pacing around the ring.]


“Fear is not something I do Shadoe. I do not fear you, but rather welcome you. We’ve done this dance many times Shadoe, and now we finally do it one on one. No tag teams, no surpise attacks. The Abstract enters Rage Country for the first time. It’s too bad though Shadoe, I will be your Dream Killer, and I will spoil your plans. I will leave Tokyo with the Evolution Championship, and I will than move on to bigger and better things.”


[He smiles again, gazing hard into the camera.]


“Tomorrow night Shadoe, I will close Rage Country for good. Tomorrow night, the Era of Abstract will continue…mark my words Shadoe, tomorrow night-your fate will be mine to decide. Tomorrow night, you will see the light….”


[He smiles as we fade to black.]