The Evolution of James Silkk Chp. 1: 1 Willie Revolution

The scene opens in a empty hallway. Nothing is in frame, just quiet serenity. A female voice breaks the silence, as the camera pans down, and we see a pair of legs, in black jeans and black boots walking down the hallway.

Female Voice: Some call him a genious. Some, a failure. Some hold him on a pedestal, others ignore his sacrifices for the business, a voice, a martyr, polarized by adoration and contempt.


The female voice fades out, and a man voice-with some slight distortion breaks the new found silence.

Male Voice: I’ve won championships, and captured the hearts and imaginations of fans world wide. I’ve destroyed my opponents, and been crucified for my sins. But I have never quit. I have never gave up. I have continued to press on and on, despite the naysayers. Despite the internet smarks saying the I were nothing more than a jobber. I still have a dream, and I still made a promise. Experience the triumph, and the tragedies…..

The male voice trails off, as the feet stop infront of a door. The same original female voice takes over.

Female Voice: Experience the passion. Experience the energy. Experience the triumph, and the casualties. Experience the truth….

The voice cuts off once more, as a hand reaches into frame-and opens a white door on the wall. The camera moves in, and pans around to a a shillouette on the wall.

Male Voice: There are those people out there, who can’t stand me-as  a wrestler, or as a person. In fact, I believe these people would be happy if they never saw me again. I’ve been called an embarrasment, I’ve been called a disgrace. I’ve been told that I’m just a whiny, psudeo-intellectual who doesn’t belong here in 1WR or anywhere in professional wrestling in general.

The man pauses for a moment.

Male Voice: However, there are also those people out there who show their appreciation for what I’ve done in this business. I have my fans of Twitter, and they respect me. There are those who show the respect for everything I’ve gone through. They show their admiration for my physical sacrifice, for my work ethic, for my passion-for the business that I love. There are even some, who would call me a genius. I am thankful, that despite all the internet smarks out there, that I have some of the most devoted fans in the business today.

He pauses once more, and chuckles.

Male Voice: Now, after five years in this industry, I’ve come to one conclusion: You either get me, or you don’t. I am white, I am black-there is no gray area in my world. I’m the Picasa of Professional Wrestling. I’m an abstract art, you either like me, or you don’t!

The camera angle spins around, and we see James Silkk standing against the wall.

James Silkk: We all, evolve. You are witnessing the next step in evolution for James Silkk. The last time you saw me in a wrestling win-I was able to finally close one chapter in my life. I beat my mentor, my master-a man who for all intents and purposes-WAS the father I never had. The last time you saw me in the wrestling ring was Tuesday, October 5th 2010-and I pinned “The King of Wrestling” John Pariah in the center of the ring. I shocked the world-and I proved the naysayers wrong. This is a whole new experience, it’s time-to experience the evolution. Before that, I competed, I lost. Before October 5th-I was beaten to a pulp by John Ojeda. However, I didn’t give up. I’ve made the promise to myself. A vow that I can not break. I made the promise to out-do my former mentor. I made the promise to earn a shot-and go on to be more than John Pariah ever was.

Now-it’s time for James Silkk to evolve once more. My time in PWX is done, and instead of living in my past shadows, I’m coming to the 1WR to carve my own name in history. A New Dawn has arrived in 1WR, and I’m going to take the world by storm.  The Evolution of James Silkk-begins on October 13th.

October 13th, I will show up, and I will steal the show. My opponent? Willie Lee, a bottom of the barrell-too green for TV redneck from Mississipi.  A man whose “Rusty Nail” is known by none and feared by less. I won’t sell you short Willie, I never do that. I know that any match could be my last-and I know that even the slightest mis step in that ring could spell disaster for everyone involved. I look forward to the challenge.


He pauses and smiles.

Silkk: No jokes, no threats. Willie. I’m taking this match with the utmost seriousness.

He pauses again, his smirk turns to a solomn stare.

Silkk: I have wrestled all over the world. America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, England, Korea-you name it, I’ve been there. I was in a little bit of a rut before leaving wrestling for a few months. I traveled to Japan, and trained at the Pro Wrestling NOAH academy. I went to Mexico, and trained with the stars of AAA. I spent a few weeks training under some of the premiere names in British wrestling. I’ve competed all over the US Independent scene, re-inventing myself-for a new opprotunity.

I don’t know what exact strands of conscienceness, or exactly what descisions brought me to this place, but Mr. Lee-I am thankful for it. You see, just a few weeks ago-I took the PWX Grand Prix Champion to his limit. I came into the ring-and everyone expected a squash match. Nobody expected me to take the fight to him, but I did. I may of came up short in the match-but I am thankful for the opprotunity. Jason Olesen offered me a job with PWX again, but I declined it.

He pauses again, and looks at the ground beneath him.

Silkk: I told Jason the same thing I’m telling you. PWX is Gotham City, and my name is Dick Grayson. I’m tired of living in the shadow of the bat. I’m my own man-and it’s time for me to find my Bludhaven, and become my Nightwing. I won’t lie, or make anything up. Before I left, yeah- my win/loss record had a blemish or two on it. It was more losses than wins. Today though, today is a new day-and the first to fall before The Abstract-will be one Willie Lee. The 1WR is my new home, and the Picaso of Pro Wrestling has arrived. Willie, you’ll either get me…or you won’t.

Silkk smiles, as we fade to black.


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