The Evolution of James Silkk Chp 2: Born of Thorns

5:26 AM. Sunrise.

[The scene returns to a playground. It’s sunrise. Silent. No children, no parents. Just quiet serenity. The camera pans to James Silkk- who is sitting on a swing-staring at the ground. He is wearing a pair of black shorts, black shoes, and a black wifebeater.]


Silkk: You know-I used to have a family. An adopted family, but a family none the less. Jason-he was like a father to everything. Always thinking about the business, and always thinking about whats best for the fans. Than, you had John Pariah, my mentor, my trainer. I’ve called him a father figure before-but he was really more of a…of a big brother to me. Showing me the ropes, and always being there when I fucked up. Than there was Lillith-who in so many ways was like my mother in. She would always get worked up over small things. Things I used to think were trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial.


I know I’ve made mistakes, and I know I’ll have to pay for my sins. That’s why I’ve come here-out of the shadow of the bat, I’ve come here to 1WR, where I hope to make my own name, and my own story. It all boils down to the 13th-and the debut of Revolt. The Rebirth of the Abstract.
[He pauses and looks into the camera]

“Ya know, my father would tell me that, every man’s got a devil, and you can’t rest until you find him…Willie Lee-it’s nothing personal, believe me. I actually kind of like you, in a stereotypical redneck rascist sort of way. You amused me. I was actually sitting in the back of that bar, watching your little *ahem* ‘performance’. You amused me kid, but this isn’t country music. All the cocaine in the world won’t keep the pain away from whats about to happen to you.

[He pauses again and looks the sky for a moment, after a moment, he stops, and stands up.


Silkk: I’ve been to heaven and hell Willie. I’ve wrestling in a high school gym infront of 13 people-and I’ve wrestled in the Tokyo Dome infront of 100,000 people. I’ve been surrounded by those who love me, and I’ve been alone in an alley-with nothing but the drugs to numb the pain. I see you in the center of my minds eye, and I’ve followed our story from beginning to end. Simply put, I’ve seen-I’ve seen the past, I’ve seen the future, and I live the present. I now see my true meaning in life. I understand why-my mother was a genious, and my father abandoned me. It’s circumstance. It had to be this way, so I could achieve my greater purpose. The 1WR Supreme Championship.


[He stops-and gazes into the distance. A murder of crows fly into the picture.]

“One crow, sorrow…”

[The first crow lands on the top bar of the nearby swingset]

“Two crows, joy.”

[Another lands next to it-and caws.]

“Three crows for a girl, four crows for a boy.”

[The third and fourth crows land side by side. Cawing]

“Five crows for silver…..”

[Another lands in silence]

“…six crows for gold”

[Another lands]

“Seven crows for….”

[The last bird lands. In it’s mouth-a rose]

“…a secret that’s never been told….this is your secret. I’ve been to heaven and hell. I’ve seen night and day. Sorrow and Happiness. Pain and Joy. I’ve been atop of the mountain-at the peak..and I’ve been wallowing at the summit. Death holds us all together in constant fear-but I’ve escaped that fear…People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead…..that last crow-holds the key to salvation. A wilted rose. The precursor to Death. People once believed also-that when a Crow took someones soul to the land of the dead….it left a rose-to show the persons loved ones that he or she was in a better place now. Humans by nature fear death-and nothing to make sure they go where they want to after they die. Simply because we do not know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustable well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you can’t even concieve of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. Perhaps not even that. How many times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless…..Willie Lee…Tuesday Night will be your last full-moon. Wednesday Morning-your last Sunrise.

[The camera pans as Silkk throws his arms in a crucifix and smiles.]

“You either get it, or you don’t.”


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