WARPED 19: Premoninitions Results + Awesome New Video!

So I made a shocking appearance via pre-taped promo on last nights WARPED 19 event, entitled “Premonitions”. Check out what happened:


WARPED 19: Premonitions

Available now on DVD from warpedwrestling.com


The scene fades in on an unfamiliar face, in an unfamiliar room.

Man: “Hello WARPED. My name, is “The Abstract”..James Silkk.”

He sits back and smiles.

Silkk: “Don’t let my reputation, or my alliances supersede me. I’ve chosen this very company to make MY mark on the professional wrestling scene. You’re looking at pro wrestlings future. The Young Modern of the First Family of Pro Wrestling. You’re looking at the Abstract, the Picaso of Pro Wrestling. The man-destined for the WARPED World Championship. ”

He sits back once more, and takes a sip of water.

Silkk: “My time is now…and even without The First Family by my side-I will show the world that I am here for a reason. WARPED, you’ll either get me…or you won’t.”

He smirks again, as we cut to static.


I will be heading out to New York City for their next event, “The Not So Silent Night” on December 22nd. I’m not scheduled to compete-but I promise I WILL Make an impact there.


In OTHER NEWS. My good friend and half brother, Jason Parker Olesen just put together this AWESOME video for me to use as my “titan tron”-for any major appearances. It features my new theme song, “Hero” by Pop Evil, and contains footage from PWX appearances, as well as some of my appearances in 1WR. Check it out..beloooowww…[/raywilliamjohnson]



Get ready, the Picaso of Pro Wrestling is back!


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