WARPED 20 Spoilers + A trip to the Zoo?

Captains Log…12:28 AM. December 22nd 2010.


only 2 more shopping days until Christmas. Where the fuck are my presents?



So last night was WARPED’s “The Not So Silent Night”, and I made quite the impact on that fool LDK. See, him and I have been going at it on Twitter for the last few days-and he decided to confront me at The Night So Silent Night. As SOON as Footage becomes available from WARPED, i’ll post the footage right here. It looks like I’ll be facing LDK in January. Bring it on motherfucker-because my day is today…not tomorrow.


I had an interesting email hit my iPhone earlier today-when I got off that plane at O’Hare (and lept into the freezing fucking cold.) My brother in law sent me some info on Catholic Panda Wrestling. I called the owner, and it looks as if yours truely will be appearing in the Menagerie at the start of the year. I’m looking forward to it, because I loved working with Val in PWX-granted we only had one match together, and it was with that twat Josh Graves as my partner (WTF? TNA booking right there Jason..).

So yeah. I’m looking forward to what the future holds. I’m going to destroy LDK when we meet in January for WARPED, and I’m looking forward to making my pressence felt at CPW. It’s going to be a fun time.

-the abstract

now playing: skillet – “hero”

now watching: episodes 1-10 of The Event. It restarts in February. I have to catch back up with everything!

now ALSO watching: Inception…again…I stole Pariah’s copy of the blu ray. It’s mind bendingly epic.


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