WARPED 20 Results – Silkk and LDK come to blows!


So WARPED 20 is available to order on DVD. Check out what happened when I got face to face with that hollywood dreg LDK:

The fans turn their attention to the stage, as “Hero” by Pop Evil hits the PA System. They have a mixed reaction as “The Abstract” James Silkk steps out from behind the curtain, wearing a pair of jeans and a black Affliction t-shirt. He holds his hand in the air, and smiles before heading down to the ring.

Randy Long: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome…The Abstract..James Silkk!!!!”

He slides into the ring, and poses on the ropes for a few moments, as the fans warm up to him. Silkk removes his sunglasses, and attaches them to the necklace he’s wearing. The ring announcer hands him a mic, and a few of the fans start a small “PWX” chant. Silkk smirks for a minute.

James Silkk: “That place is dead and buried. Let’s leave it there.”

He smirks again, as the crowd simmers down.

Silkk: “So this is the place to be eh? This is WARPED? This is New York City?”

The crowd cheers loudly.

Silkk: “Looks like I’m going to have some fun here.”

Silkk smirks.

Silkk: “But first, allow me to introduce myself. You can call me, the Picaso of Professional Wrestling. I’m a work of art, and you either get me…or you don’t!”

The crowd cheers as Silkk smirks again, before the look on his face grows very serious.

Silkk: “I represent the First Family of Professional Wrestling-and as you can see-they are absent from my side. There’s a reason for that…you see, for the last six years-I’ve been living in the shadow of my half-brothers, John Pariah and JP Olesen. Training under them, living as an after thought to their legacy-but not anymore. From this day forth, you’re looking at a man who is better than the past. A man who is better than his predecessors. You are looking at a man who is beyond the future, a man who will continue to grow and evolve. Just like a skilled musician or a fine artist-my style, my craft will change, will grow, will evolve. You’re not looking at the future of this company-or even the future of this business. No, you’re looking at something entirely different.”

Silkk pauses, and paces around the ring, chuckling under his breath.

Silkk: “You’re looking at a student of the game. You’re staring face to face-not with the future, rather…with The Present. Not sitting on the past, looking to recreate history. Not looking ahead at the next hurdle. What you’re seeing is the here and now, the right in front of you. Today is my day, and now is MY time!”

The crowd cheers loudly as Silkk chuckles again.

Silkk: “Having said all that, I must now look to, ironically enough, the future. I’m issuing an open challenge-to anybody in that locker room. The next WARPED event, I’ll take you on, and I’ll use you as my own personal stepping stone. You will be the first brick in my yellow road, on my path to the Oz that is the WARPED World Championship.”

He smiles again, and looks over the crowd once more.

Silkk: “I am a work of art, I am the ring leader, the unattainable, the unimaginable. Welcome to The New Dawn of WARPED Wrestling. Welcome to the experience, to the present, to The Abstract. I am the Picaso of Professional Wrestling, you either get me……or you don’t!”

Silkk drops the mic, as “Hero” reprises. Silkk rolls to the floor, and slaps hands with a few fans in the crowd.

The instrumental to “Drop the World” plays over the P.A. System. Out walks L.D.K. with a mic in hand.

L.D.K.: “So this WHOLE week.. this guy has been tweeting me, just talking alotta’ mess. Like he’s a somebody! Did’ya forget about me, Silkk?”

James Silkk: “How could I forget someone I don’t even know? Who are you again-and why do I care?”

L.D.K.: “Everybody here knows I’m L..D..K! Oh, you ain’t even gotta’ worry about that. Why? Cause’ im gonna’ make sure you and I get to know eachother real well, cause I’m taking you up on that challenge!”

James Silkk: “Really? Well good, because you are exactly the type of person who I came to WARPED to extinguish. You are that swine, that disease-that plague-that has taken over this industry. You are the cancer, that is killing the business that I grew up with, called ‘sports entertainment’. What happens in the ring is secondary to your over inflated ego. To the glitz, the glamour, the Hollywood star. The man who relies on his connections, and not his skill. You want to fight me in January? Well you know what-why wait, bitch!”

L.D.K.: “You’re right about one thing: Why wait? This “disease..” is about to kill your punk ass!”

L.D.K. and James Slikk storm toward each other and start throwing lefts and rights at each other. James swings L.D.K. toward the railing, and throws crushing blows to his midsection while security, and backstage officials begin to flood the scene to keep these two apart. They only gain so much ground until L.D.K. leaps over them all and jumps on James Slikk. L.D.K. mounts punches on James as James pushes L.D.K. off and mounts some punches of his own. Again, they are pulled apart – this time successfully, with a shot of L.D.K.’s angered face, and James Slikk’s pent up frustration – both men ready to explode as we fade out.

So January, I’m coming for you LDK. First step on my road to glory!


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