WARPED21 – The Rebirth, The Experience, The Abstract


Scene One. A family surprise.

The scene fades in, with an Apple iPhone 4 sitting on a desk. It rings, as Pop Evils ‘Hero’ blares from it, as Silkk turns around from his iMac, and picks it up.


He pauses, allowing the other person to tell their story.

“He did what? Seriously? No fucking way!”

Silkk turns back to his iMac, and pulls HOWrestling.com up on his browser. He mouth gapes open as he reads the headline interview, ‘Search for the Pariah’.

“Jason, did you know about this? No? What the fuck is wrong with him…”

Silkk hangs up the phone, and sits back in his chair. He picks it up, and makes a phone call-putting it on speaker.

“Hi! You’ve reached John Pariah. Leave a message at the beep….” BEEP.

“fuck it. John, call me back. Lee Best is a fucking cancer, and you know that. What are you trying to prove?”

He hangs up again and sighs.

“Looks like he’s no damn help anymore. Good. I’m on my own. I don’t need the Family by my side.”


“I made my debut a little over five years ago. Since then, what have I done? Where have I been? I trained under John Pariah, the King of Wrestling. I’m part of Pro Wrestlings own Kennedy family-just without the young deaths. But that’s all just a name, a status. What have I done to be here today, getting ready to head on a plane and entertain fans.


Nows the time to prove my worth.”


Scene Two: YouShoot with The Abstract

The scene fades in with static, and we see James Silkk sitting at his desk.

“I never thought I’d cut a wrestling promo using my iChat camera on my Mac.”

Silkk smirks as he puts his phone on silent.

“Happy New Year wrestling fans. Hope everyone stayed safe and happy. I’ve come to you today, January 2nd 2011 just to give you guys a small update. As you all should know, i will be making my debut with Warped Wrestling this weekend in Richmond, VA. I just want to give a little shout out to ‘my boy’ LDK. He seems to think that he’s going to be able to beat some sense into me at the WARPED event. Let me tell you what, he’s wrong. Now I know I’ve had some drama pop up over the last 24 hours, with my half brother signing a deal with that dreg Lee Best,-but I’m focused on the task at hand. I’m focused on LDK, and I’m focused on WARPED 100%. Remember when I came into WARPED, I said that everything I did was independent from the First Family. I’ve been living under their shadow for half a decade, and I’m sick and tired of being an afterthought. I’m sick of being part of the story. I’m not delving on the past like a certain brother is doing. I’m not gazing into a distant future either.

Im looking at the here. I’m looking at the now. I’m looking at The Present. Unfortunately that brings me to this Friday. That brings me to Richmond, VA. That brings me to WARPED 21, and that brings me to the convicted felon LDK.

Look man, I’m sorry about your mother. I’ve been in that boat, and I’m glad it’s inspiring you to come and beat me. You will need all the inspiration you can get. I just want you to realize just what you’re getting into Leonard. I’m not some punk off the streets with no cred. My pedigree is that of kings. I’m fucking royalty sir, and in Richmond, you’ll see that first hand.

I promise you this though LDK, I won’t make it easy for you, and I know you won’t make it easy for you either. Thats what i want. I want a fight, i want a war, I want to make sure you remember just who beat you senseless. I want you to remember who used you as a stepping stone toward the WARPED World Championship. This isn’t personal kid, and all due respect, i hope your mom pulls through before the 7th. I’m sure she would love nothing more than to see her baby boy take out the big bad Abstract.

LDK, it’s my time, and my day. You either get me, or you don’t.”

Silkk smiles as he turns off the camera. Fade out.


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