#WARPED21 now on DVD. My Title was better…

Yeah, I know. Hell is cold-but WARPED 21 “Playing With Fire” is FINALLY on DVD. Go buy it now.

warpedwrestling.com. You can buy it there. Or torrent it….whatever works for you.

Continue after the break for my match.


Grudge Match
James Silkk vs. L.D.K.

Randy Long: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The lights go out, as a rhytmnic chanting is heard over the PA System, and a hard rock guitar intro is heard is heard-as blue strobe lights flicker throughout the arena. The arena goes dark and silent, as blue strobe lights flicker around the stage-and “Nothing Sacred” by Memento hits the PA system. James Silkk steps out onto the stage and turns his back to the ring. He throws his arms out-and yells, arching his back before turning around. The fans have somewhat of a mixed reaction as he heads down the ramp. He poses on the ropes as the music fades out and he waits for his opponent.

Randy Long: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at Two Hundred and Nine Pounds…he is The Abstract…James Silkk!

Then snap. Bass. Then snap echo throughout the event area. Suddenly the chorus of the instrumental “Drop the World” by Lil Wayne plays over the event area. The spotlight shines on L.D.K. who splits the curtains apart, like Moses did the red sea. The light glimmers off of his oiled, muscled and inked body as he walks down the ramp way. He gives a couple of fans a quick high five and jumps up on the stairs. He climbs on the apron, and into the ring. He gets on the top rope and raises his arms in the air as if he were going to be sucked into Heaven by the spotlight shining on him- and only him.

And his opponent, from Compton, California, weighing in at Two Hundred in Twenty Two pounds…L.D.K!

L.D.K hops off the turn buckle and immediately gets in the face of James Silkk. The two begin to mouth off to each other before LDK face palms Silkk and shoves him away. Silkk angrily responds with a hard right to the head of LDK followed quickly by another. LDK recovers quickly and fires off a few hard rights of his own. The two exchange punches for a moment before the larger LDK starts to get the upper hand and backs Silkk into a corner. LDK continues to pound away until Silkk drops into sitting position in the corner where LDK proceeds to begin stomping him. Finally the ref intervenes and forces LDK to back away.

Silkk makes it back to his feet as LDK pushes the ref away and charges. Silkk regains his awareness and quickly counters with a drop toe hold that sends LDK’s head into middle turnbuckle. Silkk quickly pops back to his feet and before LDK can recover he’s hit with a stiff MMA style kick to the ribs courtesy of James Silkk.

LDK falls over clutching his ribs and Silkk pulls him towards the center of the ring before covering for the 1…2..kick out by LDK. Silkk pulls LDK back to his feet and stuns him with a quick chop before hooking the hooking the head. LDK tries to fight out of the predicament with right hands but LDK puts and stop to it with a hard knee to the abdomen. Silkk goes for a snap vertical suplex and succeeds, he keeps the head locked and rolls his hips to lift LDK up for another successful suplex. Again he rolls through and keeps the head locked setting LDK for a third suplex. He stalls it and LDK slips out and the last moment, landing behind Silkk. Silkk quickly spins around only to nearly have his teeth knocked by a hard super kick from LDK. LDK covers for the 1…2..and Silkk gets his shoulder up.

LDK looks slightly frustrated at not getting the pinfall but shrugs it off and runs to the ropes. Silkk staggers up and LDK blindsides him with a huge lariat. LDK covers and hooks the legs for the 1…2..Silkk gets his shoulder up at the last possible momemt. LDK can’t believe it..

LDK grabs Silkk by the hair and pulls him up before doubling him over with a hard kick to the gut. LDK hook’s Silkk’s legs and signals for the Conviction. However right before he hits the potentially match ending move Silkk powers out with and impressive back body drop. Silkk hits the ropes and as LDK rolls over onto his knees Silkk comes off and nails him in the ribs with a running drop kick. LDK clutches his ribs and rolls over onto his back as Silkk hits the rops and comes off the top rope with a fluid looking lionsault. He hits it and holds for the cover for the 1…2…LDK get the shoulder up.

Silkk gets up breathing heavily and looks down at LDK before looking over at the turnbuckles. He quickly stomps LDK in ribs to keep him down before running to the turnbuckle. He climbs to the top, turns to face the crowd and flies with his signature Reverse 450 splash, The Long Forgotten. Just before he connects however LDK gets his knees up and Silkk crashes into them sternum first.

Silkk rolls out of the ring as LDK groggily makes it back to a standing position. He looks over at Silkk on the outside and quickly runs to the ropes only to sling shot over to the outside and crash into Silkk sending them both into the barricade. The ref begins to count as the crowd brakes into a “Holy Shit!” chant.

The ref begins a 10 count as both men are on the outside…1…

LDK gets to his feet and brings Silkk up with him and slaps him in the face.


Silkk pushes LDK away but LDK comes at him with a big kick to the side of his face!


Silkk drops to a knee and LDK backs up and charges in with a knee but Silkk ducks, stands up and pushes LDK face first into the steel post!


Silkk grabs the apron and pulls himself up and begins to climb up it.


LDK gets his wits about him and goes after Silkk, grabbing his leg, but Silkk kicks him in the face with the other, causing LDK to stumble back to the barricade.


LDK is pissed as he reaches over the barricade and pushes a fan out of the way and takes his chair. LDK folds it and tosses it at the back of Silkk, causing him to drop off the barricade! The crowd ‘OOOH’s’ and the referee calls for the bell! Silkk lays on the floor clutching his back as the fans boo and LDK stands over him. He looks out at the fans with not a care in the world and turns his back on Silkk and walks toward the aisle way entrance. Boos erupt as this match was just ruined by a blatant disqualification!

Randy Long: “Ladies and gentlemen the referee has informed me that due to a disqualification, your winner is James Silkk!”

Nothing Sacred by Memento plays as Silkk pulls himself up using the apron and looks around for LDK, only to spot him briefly before he heads through the ropes. The fans cheer for Silkk as the scene fades out..


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