WARPED 22: Falling Out, Moving Forward.

Scene One: Falling Out


I’ve spent the last month thinking about what has transpired over the last few weeks. I’ve gone almost silent on Twitter, I’ve gone silent on this very blog. What LDK and I did to each other was…barbaric, uncanny, inhumane-and I loved every single second of it. I want to choke that ref for calling the match so early. He knew I had LDK beat, and he sympathized with LDK. He felt sorry for him. Why the fuck did he feel sorry for him? I’m the one paying for his goddamn filth hole apartment. Do you know how that looks on my credit? I mean seriously. They see all the nice clothes, high end cars, high end electronics. Everything that says “high society” on it-and than they look over some dank shit stain apartment that barely passes building inspections? Seriously! Whose really the victim here?

In all seriousness though-LDK put up one helluva fight. I’ll give it to the kid, and if he thinks we’re finished-than he has another thought coming. This isn’t about White vs Black, or Pro Wrestling vs Sports Entertainment. This isn’t Rich vs Poor. This is me-proving a point. This is me proving that I’m simply..better than you.

I made a little visitation early in the month. Maybe you’ll see footage of that next blog. Until than-my question of the day is this:

LDK, how’s mom?



SCENE TWO: Moving Forward


The scene fades in, and we see James Silkk sitting in an interview chair. Sitting across from him is 4CW.com’s Nikki Jaxx is seen sitting across from him.

Nikki Jaxx: Welcome everyone to 4CW.com’s “Beyond The Ropes” podcast. I’m Nicky Jaxx, and with me is current WARPED Wrestling star, James Silkk.

James Silkk: Hi Nikki. How are you doing?

Nikki: Oh, I’m doing good. Tell us, you’re scheduled to make an appearance for WARPED this weekend-any word on what you’ll be doing?

Silkk: Beating Craig Cohen into a coma.

[Silkk chuckles]

Silkk: Seriously. I’ll be wrestling Craig Cohen in a singles match. No real gimmicks, no real reasoning behind it. Just a random encounter.

Nikki: Any words on your current rival, LDK?

Silkk: No, but trust me when I say this-I will get my hands on him again, and it WONT be pretty. Trust me, I have some plans for LDK. He’s going to wish he never stepped in my way.

Nikki: Any last words before we go off the air James?

Silkk: This is how you make it short and sweet Craig. WARPED 22, I’m taking you out. Nothing personal kid, just another rung in the ladder.

–fade to black


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