A Family Reunion

Scene One:

Backstage After Adrenaline 5 in Evansville, IN

[The scene opens with James Silkk sitting in the locker room. His presence finally revealed to the rest of the locker. A sense of distrust is in the air-as wrestlers begin to leave. After all, Silkk’s reputation is swarmy at best. It’s been two years since he’s been seen in a PWX lockeroom, and with all the trouble and controversy surrounding his brothers-it’s apparent that he may not be the most popular person there tonight. He sits back-looking at the ceiling for a moment, before pulling out his iPhone and Tweeting:



He smiles. He knows the world is buzzing about what went down. He flicks through his timelime-seeing the reactions across the world to what just transpired. In one week, The First Family would be reunited. At least in part. Silkk and Pariah have stood with each other, and stood across from each other. Brothers. Tag Partners. Allies. Enemies. The dynamic between the two was constantly evolving and changing-just like the landscape of PWX itself. Gone were the days where anyone with the last name Belmont would get a job. Gone were the days of Michael Norcia-the original one-dominating the roster. Gone were the Egos. Amidst the lockeroom was a breath of air, a breath of alleviation. PWX was being choked by the ‘sports entertainment’ world-and it finally seemed to be shaking it. Jacob Rollins is the Hybrid Champion, John Duke the Evolution Champion. Two men who nobody knew about before the Season Premiere of Adrenaline. Change is afoot-and who better to bring about this change-than the Picasa of Professional Wrestling.

“Hey James!”

[He looks up from his phone, and see’s Jacob Rollins-the PWX Hybrid Champion walking toward him. His ribs are taped up. He sits down next to Silkk.]

Rollins: It’s great to have you back man.

[Silkk smirks.]

Silkk: It’s good to be back Jay. I see things are vastly different here now. Especially with that jackoff Darrell Hayes in charge.

Rollins: Yeah. John kind of balanced it out-but with him not being here this week, Hayes really was able to use this as his personal playground.

Silkk: That’s why I dropped him on his face.

[The two chuckle]

Rollins: I saw that. Good work.

Silkk: I said it on Twitter man, speaking for John too-you’re an honorary part of the First Family, don’t forget it man.


Rollins: Yeah. So what are you and John going to do about next week?


Silkk: I can’t obviously speak for John. But trust me when I say this….Ojeda and Tweeder-they’re going to go down. Do you think Wrath can really trust his ‘best buddy’ Tweeder? He’s the number one contender for his title! Would you let your gaurd down?


Rollins: Naw man…


Silkk: Exactly. Wrath knows it, and Tweeder knows it-so he can’t trust Wrath either right now. We probably won’t have to do anything and let those jackoff’s kill each other.


Rollins: So how long you staying in PWX? Or are you going to leave soon?


[Silkk pauses and smirks.]


Silkk: Jay, being in a band is awesome. I’ve seen more of the world than I ever saw wearing tights. I grew up in wrestling though kid. It never leaves you. The itch came back, and than John and I did that indy show a couple of weeks ago-and the rush, the excitement. It’s a better drug than you can buy on the street kid.


Rollins: Tell me about it. The rush from those fans are the only reason I bothered going out there tonight.


Silkk: So I decided to make one last go of it. Time to shut the naysayers up-maybe even win some gold again.


[The two chuckle as Silkk’s iPhone begins vibrating.]

Silkk: Excuse me.

[He picks it up, and lets out a paranoid smirk.]

Silkk: Hey. One sec.

[He cups the phone, turning back to Jacob Rollins.]

Silkk: I gotta take this.  Nice talking to you Jay. We’ll catch up later..good luck next week.

[He walks out of frame. The camera follows him as he grabs his bag, and goes back to the phone call.]

Silkk: Hey. Sorry about that. Yeah? It’s still happening. Don’t worry, he’s none the wiser…..

[He pauses and turns to the camera following him.]

Silkk: Fuck off…

[He puts his hand over the camera as we cut to static.]


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