PWX: Knightfall

I made my professional debut in early 2005, wrestling for a small regional promotion out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada….but before that-I moved from my home in Toronto, to the streets of Chicago, IL. That’s where I met the person who helped shape my career. That’s where I met John Pariah.


I was playing guitar in a bar for change. The defacto house band so to speak. There came John Pariah, fresh off his victory in Wrestling’s Only Cause. The night he became the Superior Champion. I got into it with a patron of the establishment, and quickly dropped him on his head. Pariah caught up with me, and asked if I’ve ever considered professional wrestling as a career.


I said yes.


I grew up as most Canadian children idolizing the great Canadian wrestlers, like Bret Hart or Chris Jericho. I followed their careers, and at one point I dreamed of being just like them. John Pariah afforded me that chance. He took me under his wing, allowed me in his home, and personally trained me. We had only seen the tip of the iceberg, as to how intertwined our fates were.


He offered me an immediate spot on the roster when he and his brother Jason opened PWX in August of 2005. I hadn’t really had any real matches-outside of a few small bouts in a mask. I declined, saying I wanted to learn the craft more before going on a grand stage. John put me in touch with a promoter in Canada, and I went back home, competing for the HWA-or Hybrid Wrestling Association. I learned the craft very quickly, and in November-just a few months after PWX opened, I took John up on his offer to join PWX. That’s where it all went down hill.


He treated me like a jobber. Like some little dreg he can just use to get other people over. He saw my first match, and saw the battle I put on with Lars Micheals-and he knew the passion I had. He knew the raw talent I had. He knew that when focused-I could very well be the most dangerous performer in PWX history.


So he held me back.


I left PWX, and began wrestling for a company called Mid West Wrestling Association. I dominated. I held the Tag Titles and the Junior Title. I was unstoppable. I came and went from PWX-before striking it on my own again in 1WR, CWC and WARPED. All the time John had his eye on me. All the time he sat there in fear-knowing one day I would be back in PWX full time, and I would accomplish more than he ever could do.


Fast forward. In 2010-I find out the truth about my parents. It turns out John Pariah and I shared more than a friendship, and a passion for this sport. We shared blood. His father, Herbert Magnus Olesen was involved in a torrid love affair with a woman named Marissa Marie Scallion. My mother. She never told me about him. I was under the impression my dad was some dreg named Richard Hayes-who bailed on my mother for drugs.


It’s a small world after all.


Our bond grew stronger, but my passion for wrestling began to wane. When I saw Pariah break his collar bone at Never Say Die, against Cal Roberts, I knew it was time to step back. I went back to music, and formed a band. I saw the world, and entertained millions. John and I stayed in touch-with him eventually moving down the road from me. I became very good friends with both his ex-wife Lillith, and his current girlfriend Teagan. His daughter-my niece-Madison calls me “Uncy Jimmy” and it used to melt my heart.


He finally drug me back into the business. He reopened PWX-after we heard the news about our brother Jason. His death shook both of us. He wanted to honor his brothers memory by resurrecting PWX.

But where was I?


It all started just a few months prior. John Pariah signed up for WARPED’s Elite Duos Tournament. Common sense would suggest a partner that he could trust. That he knew. Since Michael Norcia is pretty much dead in the wood-and nobody cares about Tyler Graves anymore, that should of left him with the most obvious choice. His own brother-a man who has worked for WARPED before, and understands how they work.




He goes and picks this kid, Jacob Rollins. He was his new friend and buddy. His new pet project. The Windy City Fight Squad. 



When PWX relaunched, The Network hired some suit named Darrell Hayes-who went and studied all the old PWX footage. He wanted to bring me in at “American Dream”. He wanted to make me the centerpiece of the Hybrid Division.


Pariah said no. Pariah wanted his new friend Jacob Rollins in that spot. He got his wish, and now look what happened. Rollins collapsed under the pressure-and ran back to the indies-because he couldn’t handle being in the main event.


Pariah knows I can handle it. He knows I would thrive in it. He knows I AM the Main Event. So I finally make my way back to PWX-because I want to prove a point to John Pariah.


I am better than you. I always have been, and I always will be. I am the best wrestler alive today-and John Pariah, at Full Throttle, I will break you. The Era of the Abstract will begin, and “Chicago’s Finest” will be no more…John Pariah will do what he should of done after The Buzz broke his collar bone. He will do what he should of done after he was ran out of HOW. Instead of continually coming back, he should just stay down. He should just quit. All the pieces are on my side now John-and at Full Throttle, I will step from the shadow of the bat-and I will take my destiny….




The scene opens in a hotel room in New York City. Madison Olesen-the daughter of John Pariah and Lillith Morgan is standing on the balcony, looking over the Manhattan skyline.


Madison: Mommy, it’s so beautiful out!


Lillith walks into frame, and crouches down infront of her.


Lillith: I know sweetie, would you like to live out here some day? Or maybe come back to Manchester with me?


Madison: I don’t know. What about daddy?


She sigh’s for a minute, before standing up and looking out the window.


Lillith: Soon enough, daddy won’t be an issue anymore…


Silkk: You ready Lillith?


Silkk’s voice can be heard out of frame. She looks back.


Lillith: Yeah James…


Lillith takes Madison by the hand, and walks out of frame with her.




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