[PWX] All Will Be Revealed In Time (Adrenaline 9)

Scene One: Reprecussions

Date: Friday, August  31st  2012

[We fade in outside of the Bellevue Hospital in New York City. James Silkk is sitting on a bench infront of the building. The video looks to be shoot on an iPhone-as we hear Lillith from behind the camera]

Lillith: Come on James, don’t you have anything to say? You won’t shut up on Twitter.

[Silkk drags his cigarette across the bench and smiles.]

Silkk: Forty Eight hours. It’s been forty eight hours since I put John Pariah here. Forty eight hours since I broke the bat, since I left him convulsing on the floor-letting his daughter watch in horror.

[He stands up-smiling-looking back at the building behind him.]

Silkk: I’ve gotten hundreds of tweets chastising me for what I did at Full Throttle. That’s fine, because as an abstract-you either understand me, or you don’t. People seemed confused and afraid. I think I made my motivations, and intentions pretty clear leading up to Full Throttle-so I don’t have to answer to any of the dregs out there across the internet. I’ve stayed in the shadows long enough-and now its time my presence is felt in PWX-and not John Pariah’s…

[He pauses and smirks-looking back over the building once more, before turning to Lillith.]

Silkk: I stand here, ready to take over PWX-and without their savior to guard them, PWX stands lost and confused-ripe for the taking. All will be revealed in time-but trust me when I say this, the members of the First Family-past and present-have a target on their backs. They are the last bastions of hope for PWX-and once they topple, a new regime will take control. One by one, little pawns in chess-they will fall fighting for their King. We are coming….and you will all soon see, the light…

[Silkk smirks as we fade to black]


Scene Two: A Side Quest, kind of like those damn Riddler trophies in Arkham City.

Location: On the way from New York to James’ hometown of Toronto, en route to his child hood home.

[We open from the backseat of a car. James Silkk is driving-while Lillith sits in the passenger seat, reading a book on her iPad.]

Lillith: So where exactly are we going James?

Silkk: Home.

[Lillith shrugs and looks out the window.]

Lillith: So what are we going to do about Graves?

Silkk: What about him?

Lillith: Well, he’s talking an insane amount of shit on Twitter.

Silkk: He’s just jealous. He’s pissed he never had the balls to stand up to Pariah, and I did. I have more important fish to fry than him. If he wants to fight, he can come find me-I’ll be the one kicking “The Most Hated Man in Revival” in the skull.

[She shrugs and goes back to her reading, as Silkk pulls onto an exit ramp. Fade to black.

[616 Lexington Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The home that James  grew up in. The scene fades in, and we see a broken down, abandoned house. Grass hasn’t been cut in months. Windows broken, and the basketball hoop that stood atop the garage, dangles precariously off the edge. The camera man heads in the front door-which is barely affixed to the frame-and heads down a corridor. It looks like a kitchen used to be there at one point, but time has since ravaged the building. He continues down, and hands a sharp left-into what appears to of been the master bed room.]

Silkk: This is where her bed used to be.

[Silkk speaks calmly, as we see him crouched down in the center of the room.]

Silkk: My childhood home, My parents’ house. Right here was her bed. Right here is where she stayed up at night-with men coming and going at all hours. My mother, she was known around town. She did what she could though, I wasn’t the easiest burden to bear-not with our father leaving to be with his favorite sons. Much like my brother, I too watched my mother die. I watched her die a little inside every night-after getting plowed by a different guy, just to pay the rent.

[He pauses, and smiles.]

Silkk: It’s a bad time to be standing in my way. Kerry Windsor is standing in my way. All due respect to the ‘Most Hated Man in Revival’-but now is just simply a bad time for you. I’m coming off the biggest win in my career, where I crippled the ‘King of Wrestling’. I am on the verge of my own success, my own reign, the Era of Abstract is beginning-and nothing is going to stand in my way Kerry.

[Silkk pauses for a minute and smiles.]

Silkk: You know Kerry, you and I honestly aren’t that different.  You’re a technical marvel, and a world traveled superstar. People have been saying the same things about you over the last two years-they’ve said about me since 2005. It’s kind of funny-you and I are almost like kindred spirits. It’s unfortunate Kerry, you and I would of made strong allies, had the cards lay differently.

[He pauses-taking a drink from the bottle he brought with him and smiling]

Silkk: And just like John Pariah stood across the ring from me at Full Throttle. Just like he stood there before me, insisting he would not give up, he would not say “I Quit”. Just like him, you will fall before me. It’s the Picaso of Professional Wrestling vs the Cornerstone of Revival. Now, don’t think I fear you. I do respect you sir, but that won’t make me hold back anything. Respect is not a weakness, respect shows determination. Wednesday Night-in Montreal, I will kill your dreams Kerry, and I will advance to the second round of the World Grand Prix.

[He takes another drink, and smiles into the camera.]

Silkk: I have everything in the world to gain. I’ve been treated as a child my entire career-and now that I’ve stepped from the shadows, it’s time for me to achieve my destiny-under any circumstances. I will win the World Grand Prix, and I will go on to challenge for the World Championship. I don’t care if it’s Tweeder or Tyler Boyd-I will be PWX World Champion….

[He smirks and pours the rest of his bottle all around the room.]

Silkk: They say, every man has a devil-you just have to know it. Unfortunately for you…my devil has been unleashed….

[His smile turns to a serious gaze as he pulls out a cigarette and lights it. He drops the lighter to the ground-engulfing the room in flame. He exits the room, and heads toward the front door, glaring into the camera

Silkk: We are the ones who father forgot. We are the bastards created in his image. We hold your world for ransom. We are the best in the world; born and bred to step from the shadow of the bat…Kerry Windsor, the court…has spoken. You either get it-or you don’t…..

[He heads out the front door, as we see the house become engulfed in flames. He smirks, as we fade to black


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