PWX: The Beauty In Sinking Ships (ADR10)

Scene One: A Victory in Loss

Location: Hotel in Montreal

Date: Thursday, September 6th 2012

[The scene fades in on a hotel room. James Silkk is sitting not he bed-while Lillith is running some bags out to the car. He has most of the lights off-except for one behind him-giving a vague silhouette look to everything.]

Silkk: I was within inches, within seconds-of putting Kerry Windsor away. He had every move well scouted. He found a counter to every move I threw at him. But so did I.

[He smiles-now looking directly into the camera.]

Silkk: Kerry Windsor, we will meet again-and the next time we meet, the outcome will be different. We stole the show at Adrenaline last week-and you earned my respect. Congratulations, enjoy your time in the sun-because I am the face of the new generation here in PWX, and my time is now.

[He pauses and smiles for a minute.]

Silkk: I’ll admit it. Until Full Throttle-I had a demon in me. A demon who needed to be exorcized. A demon who needed to be slain. That demon had become an addiction for me. It became something that ate me up inside. That demon, that addiction-was John Pariah. After Full Throttle, after I broke the bat-I felt as if a great weight had been alleviated from my shoulders. I felt as if I had found peace with myself. I felt I could refocus now, and step from the shadow of the bat-and be my own man.

[He smiles again.]

Silkk: Last night-despite losing the match-I did just that. I proved that I am the standard bearer here in PWX. Kerry Windsor was the better man last week-but this week, I refocus again. I take victory in my loss-because it opened a door to me that may not have been opened without such a stellar opponent.

[He pauses, and smirks-glancing off camera.]

Silkk: This week, in Ottawa-I get my first shot at the PWX World Championship. I face Tweeder, one on one. Sure, Tyler Boyd will be at ringside-and trust me Tyler, if you hinder my opportunity, there WILL be hell to pay. If I can cripple the “King of Wrestling”-than whats to stop me from doing the same to “The Main Attraction” if he steps in my way? My time is now. You’ve had your moment in the sun. I am here, ready, willing, and able to carry PWX into a new era of prosperity-with me as their savior… now its time to prepare….the war wages on.

[He gets up and smiles turns the camera off, as we go to static.]


Scene Two: A Fallen Friend

Location: Q87 Studio

Chicago, IL

Friday, September 7th 2012.

[The scene fades in during the middle of a radio broadcast. We open in the studio, where Mikal Grayson Willis is talking.]

Willis: Ladies and Gentlemen it’s been great this week on The Click-right here on Q87.7 Chicago’s Underground Alternative! We have a special guest up next, and an old friend of mine to boot! He is the frontman of the band Silkk-who just finished up a world tour a couple months back. He is the Picaso of Pro Wrestling, and this Wednesday Night can be seen taking the PWX World Championship from Tweeder on Adrenaline 10-live from Ontario, Canada…ladies and gentlemen, the Abstract-James Silkk!!

[A quick snippet of “Broken Wings” plays as Silkk walks into the studio and puts on a headset.]

Willis: James, man-long time no see.

Silkk: You know Mikal, you said you had a radio show-and it was the most podcasted radio show in the Midwest, but DAMN I, didn’t know it was anything like this. How have you been?

Willis: Good, good. So tell me-you’re back wrestling again. Why?

Silkk: Well initially, it was because I wanted to prove a point. I was tired of being just “Pariah’s guy”. Like I said in my promos, I always felt like I was the Robin to his Batman.

Willis: And now you’ve stepped out onto your own. You’ve graduated to Nightwing-just to keep the analogy running?

Silkk: Exactly. I’ve stepped out of the shadow of the bat. I broke him, I broke his family, I broke his body-and now he lays in a New York hospital bed, still in the ICU, still with two broken vertebrae and a broken collar bone. With him gone, I can finally step out into my own-and be my own man.

Willis: Is that what you’re doing this week-when you get your-now correct me if i’m wrong-but your first chance at the PWX World Championship?

Silkk: Yeah. it’s funny. I take out the man who claims he never held me back-and what do I get? a shot at the World Title. This Wednesday, I’m going to do what that archaic disaster of a has been wrestler could never do. I’m going to become PWX World Champion!

Willis: So, what of the band? Is Silkk on hiatus?

Silkk: No. We’re actually in the studio. The good thing about PWX, is I really only need 3 days out of the week to dedicate to them. Tuesday-Thursday. I’ve been hella busy, working on the second Silkk CD-probably due out in January. We have about 10 songs demo’d, and we’re still writing more.

Willis: Any chance we can get a preview?

Silkk: Actually, I brought something for you-just for this show and your listeners. The world premiere of our new song, “New Generation”

Willis: Oh? Can we premiere it tonight?

Silkk: That was the plan! I’m going to debut it on Wednesday Night as my new theme music..

Willis: Awesome. Well first James-we have a caller who wants to talk to you-and than we’ll premiere your new song. Sound good?

Silkk: Your show Mikal.

Willis: Hello Caller, you’re on the phone with James Silkk on Mikal’s Madhou—

Female Voice: James. Don’t think we’re not still watching you….

Silkk: Who?…Teagan?

Female Voice: Smarter than you look.

Willis: I’ll cut her off.

Silkk: No, let her stay. Teagan, what the hell do you want? Don’t you have your cripple to sponge bath and feed baby food to?

Teagan: You’ve lit a fire James, just know that. That fire will rise again, and it will engulf you. It will tear your apart. We’re always watching you James, just know that one day-when you least suspect it….your world, will be in ashes….

[The call disconnects, as Mikal and Silkk both look at each other confused.]

Willis: Teagan is…

Silkk: Pariah’s cunt of a woman…..fuck her. Let’s move on.

Willis: Well. With that-we’re going to take a quick break, and premiere the new single, “New Generation” by SILKK-next, only on Mikal’s Madhouse, right here on Q87 – Chicago’s Underground Alternative!

[He turns off the on air switch, and removes his headphones.]

Willis: What  the hell?

Silkk: Nevermind her. Listen, I have to go..plane to catch and all. Enjoy the new song!

[Silkk storms off, as the show goes back from commercial.]

Willis: Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy-“New Generation” from SILKK, and tune in to Adrenaline 10 this Wednesday Night, to see The Abstract beat the Ultra Violent Icon and become the NEW World Champion!

[The song plays as we fade to black.]


Scene Three: A Monument To A New Generation

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

National War Memorial

Saturday, September 8th 2012

[The scene fades in-on the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  James Silkk can be heard off camera.]

Silkk: War is the road to rebirth. War is the key to the past, and the lock to keep us from repeating it. 

[The camera angle widens, and we see James Silkk-sitting on a bench by himself, wearing a pair of black jeans, and a black Wornstar thermal shirt. His hair is pulled back, and he’s wearing sunglasses-staring at the monument.]

Silkk: Everyone knows I’ve been waging my own person war for the last few weeks. Fighting my own personal battle against my own brother, John Pariah. I did what was needed-and now in his destruction, I am reborn. I see now what must be done. My mind is clear, my vision is exact. This company-PWX, it’s lost. Backstage politics, people getting over because they’re friends with management. Network Executives running their mouths, and mystery investors trying desperately to get attention. This company has been beaten down and beaten down-not just by the naysayers, not just by the press, but by the very people inside of it. It sits here, waiting for its second wind. It’s waiting for change.

[He pauses, removing his sunglasses and smiling-as the camera zooms in on him a bit.]

Silkk: I am the change that PWX has been waiting for. I am the hope that PWX so desperately needs. The second wind, the thing to pull it out from under the boots of the world-and help it rise to the top once more. I never set out to be the company man, I never set out to be cookie cutter. From the moment I came into this company in 2005-I wanted to be my own man. I always believed, even when people like John Pariah held me down and cast me aside-I believed that one day I would be called up for a higher purpose. For a higher reason. That reason? Is salvation.

[He smiles once more, leaning back on the bench.]

Silkk: Every moment is a chance, waiting to be taken. I took a chance by entering the World Grand Prix-not knowing who would be stepping across the ring from me. Sure, I didn’t come out on top, but if that chance had of passed me by-I would be looking forward to staring Tweeder down from across the ring-while the ref holds up the PWX World Championship, now would I? I took a chance when I challenged Pariah to an I Quit Match at Full Throttle-but with him out of the picture-the glass ceiling that has been put over me has been shattered. The chance was worth it risk-when the outcome is such a prize. That’s why I’m here now, waiting and plotting my strategy. I’ve dealt with Tweeder before. He has a full plate in front of him. His mind is still on John Ojeda, it’s on his pending Title defense versus Tyler Boyd at Unbreakable. He’s not even expecting me right now-and thats puts me in a position of power. I can manipulate him, and keep him wrestling my style. I can wear him down, and than knock him out-and take his prize. I will do what big brother could never do, and thats become PWX World Champion.

[He smiles again-before standing up-and glancing over the people walking by.]

Silkk: For the longest time, this company and this industry as a whole has kept me under the radar, under their thumb. I’m not a part of their equation anymore. They can’t control me-and they won’t. I am the Abstract, I am what everyone strives to be. It is time PWX gives way to the rise of the new generation. We are the authors-and finishers of our fate. My fate is clear, this Wednesday night-right here in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I will dream my own dream, and continue to carve my own path. The same path that led me to breaking the bat-will lead to me achieving what he never could do. While Tweeder may of quelled the tyrannical cancer that was John Ojeda’s World Title reign-I am here to cut his celebration short. The days of the old are long forgotten. I am the face of the new generation. We are the solution-and its time for PWX to cash in on their motto, their hashtag of ‘#MovingForward’-and do just that. The Voice of the Voiceless will rise in Ottawa, and we will see the true dawn of the Era of Abstract. Tweeder, in just a few short days-I will be World Champion. I will be the face of this company, you’ll either get it….or you won’t.

[He smiles-putting his sunglasses on as we fade to black.]



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