PWX: Your Fate Is Mine To Decide….

A lot has happened in the last month for James Silkk. Success, glory, violence, love, hate. The entire spectrum of human emotion wrapped nicely in a black and bloddy bow.

Post Adrenaline Aftermath

Backstage @ The MTS Centre in Winnipeg, after Adrenaline 12 goes off the air.


[We fade into the private locker room of “The Abstract” James Silkk, where he is sitting-staring at his World Title belt. Marisol Hawkes walks out from the shower-wrapped in a towel, still obviously upset about the end of her first PWX main event.]

James: Are you okay love?

Marisol: No. I mean, yeah-I’m fine..just frustrated.

[She lays her head on her shoulder-completely ignoring the cameraman]

James: You did great honey. I’m proud of you. You didn’t back down at all-just like with Chaos, and just like with Dazz.

Marisol: But what about Jess? I don’t know what got into her.

James: Look, I told her-we’ll give her space. That’s all she needs right now.

Marisol: What about Brian Hollywood? What are we going to do about him?

James: He’s a relic Mari. He’ll be dealt with in due time. Jess and Ashleah will embarrass him at Unbreakable now. Come on babe, let’s get you dressed and head out. I want to take you out to New York City for a few days, clear your head and take you dress shopping.

[She smiles and kisses him.]

Marisol: I’d like that.

[She smiles again, propping herself up on her knees, half opening her towel and moving herself to where she is sitting on Jame’s lap-facing him.]

James: Anything for you love.

[He kisses her as the camera tries to zoom in. He throws the towel over the camera as we cut to black]

Taking To The Skies For A Trip to the Big City

Location: Toronto Pearsons International Airport – 14 hours later.

[We fade in at the airport, where James and Marisol are walking in. James is dragging a rolling luggage bag behind him, has a backpack on his back, and his World Championship slung over his shoulder. He stops as Marisol walks up next to him-carting her own luggage bag and purse.]

James: Nothing like a quick trip to get your mind at ease love.

Marisol: I can’t wait to get there. Hopefully my dream dress will be there


James: We won’t stop looking until we find it.

[The two pass through TSA unscathed, Loading their bags through the X-Ray. One of the agents asks Silkk to run his World Title through.]

TSA Agent: Mr. Silkk, thank you for traveling with us. I’m a big fan. would you mind running your title through the X-Ray?

James: Well kid, if you’re such a big fan you’d know that with recent experiences-I tend to avoid leaving this out of my sight. No hard feeling right?

[The agent nods as Silkk passes through security. The two grab their bags-and head to the gate.]

“Flight 417 to New York City now boarding.”

James: Come on darling, let’s get going.

[The two head through the gate and board the plane. They load their bags and take their seats in First Class. The stewardess runs through the motions-and after a few minutes of preparation-the plane begins its take off. James sends one last tweet before turning his iPhone off, and nestling into his chair-staring out the window as the plane begins its ascension to the sky.]

Marisol: James, honey?

James: Yes dear?

Marisol: Are you still thinking about things? I know your mind was going a mile a minute this morning.

James: I am.

Marisol: Oh. Care to share darling? I’m all ears on this trip.

[He smiles, and looks out the window once more before looking to her.]

James: Well..I’ve been thinking. Now, follow me on this love-but did you want to have the wedding somewhere private? A secluded park? A nice private beach? Or something a little bit more….spectacular.

[She smiles and sits back-pondering to herself for a minute.]

Marisol: Whatever you would want. I’m a simple girl James. I just want us to be happy.

James: Well..I can go either way honestly. As much as I would love a nice romantic, private setting-I don’t know if it really fits either of our personalities. I’ve seen you on stage love-you let the real you hang out. Its adorably amazing when you do-and I love that side of you. I mean I love every side of you, and I mean EVERY side of you-but I love it when you just run wild. Its hot, it’s sexy, it’s adorable.


[Mari blushes for a minute and smiles coyly. ]

James: I’m not joking. We can do it someplace nice and intimate and personal-or hell…why don’t we do it on Adrenaline? Make a huge spectacle out of it?

[Her eyes widen]

Marisol: Really? I think that would be awesome!

James: I mean, it’s just an idea…Mari, like I said-I’ve never felt this way before. I want this to be perfect.

Marisol: With you James, it will be.

[The two kiss as the scene fades to black]

Day Dreams and City Lights

Central Park, New York City, 11 PM


[The scene opens in New York City. James and Marisol just spent the evening hanging out with Joe Johnson and his new girlfriend, Nicole Hunt. The two are walking hand in hand through Central Park-illuminated by the bustling New York skyline.]

Marisol: I can’t think of a better way to end the evening James.

James: I can’t either love….actually you know what..I can.

[He smiles and walks her over to a horse drawn carriage-sitting by a fountain.]

James: Ride around the park sir, how much?

Driver: Last ride of the night. $45

James: Sold.

[Marisol looks shocked and amazed, as he helps her into the carriage-and climbs in with her. The carriage takes off, and the two nestle into their seats.]

Marisol: This is so beautiful James. I don’t think I could be happier.

James: Me either darling.

[She nestles her head on his shoulder-after he puts his jacket over her shoulders.]

Everything in my life is finally going right. I honestly couldn’t be happier right now. I have everything I’ve ever wanted  to have. I have a beautiful woman on my arm, I have a huge band, and for the first time in my career. I am the man, I am the World Champion. Nothing can take this away.


[He looks down at his iPhone, and pulls up Twitter. A certain tweet nearly takes the air out of him.]


PWX’s @AbstractSilkk to challenge for the UWL World Championship at #WrestleFest”

[He lets out an excited gasp-before noticing Marisol asleep on his shoulder. The carriage ride continues as he kisses her foreheard-and just stares at the tweet.]

UWL World Champion? Me? Of course, why not. After all the bullshit I’ve taken in my career-it’s good to be recognized for once. Now I just need to power through Kerry Windsor at Unbreakable-and it’s clear sailing for me. I will not only be the FIRST UWL World Champion, but the first person to hold it and the PWX World Title at the same time. Nothing could make this night better.


[The carriage pulls up to the edge of the park.]

Driver: End of the line sir. You two love birds have a good night now.

[James smiles-as he looks up, seeing his hotel across the street. He looks down at Mari-who is asleep on his shoulder. He shrugs and climbs down-before reaching up and grabbing her, carrying her across the street and into the hotel.]

James: Certainly not the strangest thing the people of New York have seen.

[He walks down the hallway to the elevator, and the door opens.]

James: Fifteenth floor, Presidential Suite good sir.

Bellhop: Not a problem sir.

[The elevator goes up-with James still carrying his fiancé in his arms. He leans his head down and kisses her forehead, as the door opens and they walk out to the door.]

Bellhop: Would you like me to get that for you sir?

[The bell hop opens the door for James, and he walks in.]

James: Excuse me sir.

[He takes her into the room, and lays her on the bed-kissing her forehead again. He heads back to the door-handing the bellhop a tip.]

James: Thank you sir.

Bellhop: Thank YOU sir. By the way, congratulations on the UWL Title shot…

[James smiles-and shakes the kids hand.]

James: Thanks…

[The bellhop leaves, and James closes the door. He walks over to the in room bar-and grabs a bottle of Coca-Cola. He smiles as he sits on the bed, pulling a blanket of Marisol. He takes her shoes off and sets them on the floor-all while smiling ear to ear. He pulls his phone out again-staring at Twitter, which is now blowing up with tweets about the UWL Announcement. Everybody is talking about it, his friends, his company, even his enemies. He stands up-and walks over to the table where his backpack is sitting. He pulls out his iPad and fires up the browser-watching the video of UWL’s announcement.]

So this is finally the big time.


[He gets up, and walks out onto the balcony-staring at the NYC skyline.]

Time for the Era to expand, to evolve.  My time in the sun is now. Let’s make a show of it…


[He walks inside, and heads toward the bed as we fade out to black]

A World Caliber Rematch

[The scene opens in a dark room.]

You can’t let him win James, you know that

[Lights begin to turn on, and we see James Silkk in what appears to be a dojo. He is standing still, holding a katana-and staring at a sparring dummy. The dummy has been dressed with a brand new Kerry Windsor t-shirt.]

Had things of been different, he may of been a strong ally. Had he of not already been corrupted by the disease, he might of been worth saving.

[Silkk strikes the dummy, cutting a large slit in it’s outer material. He attacks again, making another slit-now forming an X across the front of the dummy’s shirt. He pauses, and we see a smile cross his face.]

James Silkk: Some people like to fight wars with guns and tanks.

[Silkk holds up, and caresses the blade of his katana.]

James Silkk: Some, prefer the more personal, direct approach of a nice warm blade. Some of us, fight a war with words, some let other people fit for them.

[He pauses while sheathing his sword, and laying it on the floor. He stands up and looks at the camera-still holding a faint smile.]

James Silkk: I prefer none of these….

[He holds his hands up into frame, and his smile grows larger.]

James Silkk: I prefer to use these; my own to God given hands, to fight my battles-and win my wars. A little under two months ago, I came back to PWX-and wrestling in general, and I shocked the world. I came out to that PWX ring, I kicked then World Champion John Ojeda in the jaw-and knocked him out cold.That moment, I made a promise. I promised I would get the respect I deserve-no matter the cost.

[He pauses and smiles.]

James Silkk: I made a promise-and I took the fight to my former mentor-and I crippled him. From there, I made another promise: I swore that I would surpass him. I promised-within one year- I would be the one thing everyone said I would never be. I would be the one thing that the great John Pariah never could become: PWX World Heavyweight Champion. Now I didn’t just sit on my words, and bitch until I got a shot. I took action. I stepped into the ring with the best of the best, the PWX World Champion Tweeder. I went toe to toe with him- and I kept my promise.

[He pauses as the camera focuses behind him-and shows the PWX World Championship sitting on a chair.]

James Silkk: Now I have a target on my back, one that Timothy Hunt has attacked now twice. One that Brian Hollywood has started going after, one that even has brought Tyler Graves from his cesspool of a LA Tattoo shop. I’ve gotten the attention of TRUE, the attention of ZuWar, the attention of Revival, the attention of HOW, and the attention of the UWL. For the first time in my career, I am the one in the spotlight. I am the one getting the attention. Not John Pariah. All your eyes are on ME.

[He smirks again, licking his lips and rubbing his hands.]

James Silkk: Now, I will say this: I’ve now put myself in a do or die situation-and much to the fans excitement-I’ve left a path of destruction in my wake. Now, sure-my attacks on Brian Hollywood may have been childish-but trust me, there is a bigger picture forming. All will be revealed in time.

[He pauses once more, and smirks.]

James Silkk: I have a mission, I have my marching orders, and I have my purpose and end goal. Now, I also have one Kerry Windsor standing across the ring from me; a man who has beaten me before-but won’t be beating me again. Now, with all due respect, at Unbreakable, the young Mr. Windsor will learn a lesson about this business.

[he chuckles once more-as his smile widens.]

James Silkk: Kerry, this business is called professional wrestling. It is an gnostic endeavor, where only the strong survive. It is a place where only the best of the best rise to the top, and where the mediocre fall through the cracks. At least, in a perfect world it is. You see, for years now-a disease has crept into this industry. A disease called “sports entertainment”. You see, in the sports entertainment world-the top guy is usually the one who suck the most corporate dick. In a sports entertainment world, the top guy is usually the one with the least amount of talent-who just politics their way through management to get that big push and even bigger paycheck. This disease has taken what was once the sport of kings, and turned it into a punchline. Sports Entertainment is the Hollywood, the fakeness, the politics, the drama, the backstabbing-and everything that is wrong with the wrestling industry. Look at everything Hessingstock is doing to you in Revival Kerry, you can see it plain as day. It’s a cancer, that needs to be eradicated. The quicker, the better.

[He pauses once more. His demeanor grows cold and serious.]

James Silkk: I’m not saying I’m the hero, I’m not saying I’m the villain. Infact, I’m not doing this to save PWX, or be anybody’s savior but my own. Just like my song says-I won’t be your hero, I won’t be your Superman. I am simply a man on a mission-to prove that PRO WRESTLING still matters to the world. Sure, I am an entertainer, I am a huge rockstar. I travel the world, signing autographs. I get the best girls-as Kerry Windsor can attest to-and I get the VIP treatment. However, when I step into those ropes-I am an entirely different specimen. When I enter that ring-I am constantly evolving, constantly growing, constantly changing. The James Silkk that Kerry Windsor beat in the first round of the World Grand Prix-is not the same James Silkk that stands here as World Champion. Kerry tore the house down with that James, what is he going to do-when he steps in the ring with Abstract Evolved? When he goes into the main event-and has a chance to become World Champion?

[He pauses once more, smiling as he once again picks up the katana from the floor.]

James Silkk: Kerry, I know you don’t fear me-just like I don’t fear you. I like you Kerry, you’re a good kid, with a future as bright as the sun. I do think you underestimate what I can do in the ring-but that’s fine, because I have prepared for everything. I don’t underestimate you Kerry, and I know you’ll bring your A Game in spades. You’ve been in this industry a relatively short time, and you’ve accomplished quite a bit. Hell, you’d be quite the ally if things were a bit different. We share a common bond, a common spirit. We are both student of the game. We are both scholars in the world of professional wrestling. Neither of us will stop at nothing until we’ve accomplished our goals-and i can respect that Kerry, I really can.

[He pauses, unsheathing the blade once more, and looking it over.]

James Silkk: Kerry, I have sacrificed everything in my life-just to make it in this industry. It’s in my blood, my heart, my soul. I’ve given up everything to make it in this business. I am a man alone-on a mission to prove the world wrong. The world tours aside Kerry, professional wrestling is always my first passion. I may have my Marisol with me-but when that bell rings, I am focused on one thing-and one thing alone. Mr. Windsor, this business is my life, and I will ensure its longevity.

[He pauses once more, seeing a slight reflection in the blade.]

James Silkk:  When I made that promise last month, I gave my word to the faithful, that I would make good on my word. I swore that I would not just be a transistional champion. I swore the world over that I would be dominant. Kerry Windsor, respect aside…I will not hesitate to add you to the list of victims already laying in my wake….

[He trails off, gazing into the blade, before turning back to the dummy. He extends the blade-poking the center of the X cut into the t-shirt.]

James Silkk: John Pariah stood in my way, and at Full Throttle I made him a non issue.  After that? Tweeder stood before me, than Timothy Hunt, and than Brian Hollywood. All of them have all stood in the path of progress, and they all have gotten knocked right down. I am the centerpiece of PWX, and it tears people apart to know that…

[He pulls the blade back, resting it on his shoulder blade. He takes a step back, and turns to the camera. He smiles, and quickly turns around, slicing the head right off the dummy. He stops at the end of the stroke, and smiles-slowly rising up and turning back to the camera-resting the blade on his shoulder blades again. He walks over-and picks up the PWX World Championship-holding it for the camera to see.]

James Silkk: First, Kerry Windsor-than one by one, I will take down whomever or whatever stands in my path. I have stepped from the shadows, and it is my time to carve my own nitch in this industry. I am the architect, I am the finisher of my fate. I have kept good on my promises, and I will keep good on this one. Unbreakable? I will walk out PWX World Champion.  A message not only to Kerry Windsor, but to every would be contender: I am the one who father forgot, we are the bastards, created in his image. We hold your world for ransom-as I am the best in the world, born and bred to step from the shadow of the bat. Your fate…is mine to decide…

[He smiles as the scene fades to black.]


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