UWL: An Abstract Opprotunity

Scene One :: A Fresh Beginning

October 11th 2012 :: 11:12 AM
Chicago, IL.
[The scene fades into a lavish hotel room in Chicago, IL. Sheets, clothes, towels, and got knows what else has been shrewn all across the ring. We hear a shower running in the background. The camera pans around, and we see James Silkk sitting at the edge of the bed. He’s staring at the wedding band on his finger, still astonished at how his world has changed for the best over the last several months. He looks up-and sees his PWX World Championship belt sitting on the nightstand. He hears the water turn off, and smiles.]

Finally….everything is at peace. Everything is quiet, I can finally hear myself think.

[He looks up, as Marisol Silkk-his lovely new wife steps out in a towel.

Marisol: James, are you okay babe? I ordered room service while you were asleep.

James: I’m fine babe.

[He walks over to him, sitting next to him on the bed.]

Marisol: Does it feel weird.

James: A little…not really.

[He smiles-and kisses her.]

James: Ready for Paris?

Marisol: You have something on your mind babe, what is it?

James: I’ve just….I’ve never been so happy in my life. All the demons of my past have been silenced, everything has been put to rest-all there is a feeling of happiness, a feeling of content, a feeling of success. I lose my mind when I’m with you……

[He trails off-looking at the PWX World Championship belt sitting across from them.]

Marisol: But?

James: But I keep looking at that, and sometimes it gets to me. Maybe I don’t belong here?

[She sighs-and turns his head toward her.]

Marisol: James, you can’t doubt yourself. You cant let the things that little shit Darin Zion said get to you. He’s jealous, he’s worthless.

[He smiles-and wipes the hair from her face-now gazing into her eyes.]

James: You are so perfect, you know that? How did I get so lucky?

[He kisses her, as the scene fades to black.]


Scene Two :: A Trip Through Time.

International travel, the secret to passing through time and space. Crazy when you think about it. Right?

Stewardess: Is there anything I can get you sir?

[James looks up from his iPad.]

James: Oh, umm. A coke please.

Stewardess: and for the missus sir?

[He looks at Marisol, who is asleep in her chair. The camera angle widens-realizing they are in a private jet, en route to Paris, France.]

James: A blanket? and extra pillow?

Stewardess: Yes sir.
[He sits back, plugging a pair of Beats headphones into his iPad. The stewardess brings a blanket and pillow back to them.]

Stewardess: Here you are.

James: Thank you.

[She hands him his beverage, as he lifts Mari’s head up-putting the pillow under it. He covers her up with the blanket, and kisses her cheek smiling.]

Stewardess: You two look so adorable together. Congratulations. I saw the wedding.

James: Why thank you…

[She walks away, as he turns back to his iPad. Throwing some music on, he begins to browse the internet-looking for information on his UWL opponents.]

James: You know….it’d be a HELL of a lot easier to scout these two chuckleheads if I could find their fucking YouTube channels or something.

[He sighs, taking a sip of his drink-and gazing out of the window.]

It’s hard to imagine, this entire world has changed for me in just a few short months. I evolved from an angry rock n roller with a mic in one hand, and a bottle of booze in the other-to a happily married World Champion. It’s a Cinderella Story. I’m tired of all the naysayers though. I’m tired of all the haters though. I’ve proven myself time and time again. Now it’s time to prove myself to UWL…but first….i have a honey moon to enjoy…

[He looks over at Mari-and puts his iPad away, pushing his chair back and putting his arm over her. We fade to black.]

Scene Three :: A New Game


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Recorded mere hours after the main event of UWL WrestleFest was announced
[We open on the bustling Philadelphia streets. James Silkk is walking down the sidewalk, talking on his iPhone.]

Silkk: Hey baby. How are you doing? I’m fine-just getting ready to shoot this thing for UWL. I love you too, no..I can’t wait for Wednesday either love.

[He continues walking, until he arrives at the parking lot of the Wachovia Center]

Silkk: Listen, Mari? I have to go…UWL camera guy is following me. Don’t worry, everything is prepared for Wednesday Night in Chicago, and the following week in Paris…

[He hangs up, and sighs under his breath-as he looks over the building. The camera man comes up behind him, and]

Silkk: You know, of all the cities I’ve wrestled in-Philly holds a special place in my heart. It was right down the road, where I fell in love with professional wrestling. It was also right down the road-where I won my first piece of gold. Pro Wrestling X in 2005-at the former ECW Arena-the same building that I fell in love with wrestling in-was the same building where I struck it rich for the first time, where I won my very first championship, It was a PWX TV Taping, and I challenged Vincent Ozzstryker for the PWX World Television Championship. The building was packed-and whats even funnier, was it was a match that wasn’t even supposed to happen. I was supposed to wrestle someone else, and Vincent was supposed to defend against Chris Jacobs. Guess what? Plans changed. Jacobs no showed, and my opponent was injured. We got thrown together, and we stole the show. I showed the world that I was a force to be reckoned with, and that I would take advantage of whatever opportunity presented itself to me.

[He smirks and chuckles, as we walks toward the building.]

Silkk: That brings me to right now. I’ve had a roller coaster ride of a career since returning just a few short months ago. I’ve made a series of promises-and I’ve kept them all. I swore to end the career of John Pariah, and I did that. I swore that I would win the PWX World Title, and I did that. I promised I would get past Kerry Windsor, and walk away from PWX Unbreakable as World Champion. Can you guess what happened there Mr. Nameless Cameraman?

Cameraman: You….kept the title?

Silkk: BINGO! Get this man a prize…I did just that. I walked out of Calgary…dramatic pause…Alberta, Canada with my PWX World Championship still in tact. I made history for the second pay per view in a row. Now? Right here in Philadelphia-a city that could bathe in the professional wrestling history it has seen through the ages. I have another opportunity to make history. I have a chance to make my pressence felt in a brand new entity-and walk out of Wrestle Fest the first ever UWL World Champion!

[He smirks, as he walks into the building. A few workers are assembling the UWL set, and throwing up some banners for WrestleFest. ]

Silkk: My opponents, sight unseen-are two are the wild cards of the match. We have Elijah Black, and Damien Vincent. Two people representing two other promotions. One representing the USPW, on the TSWF. Of course you have myself-representing Pro Wrestling X, as their World Champion-and you, as champions of your respective promotions no doubt.

[He pauses as he continues down the corridor, and eventually steps out into the arena-where the ring is being assembled.]

Silkk: Right here, in this building, in this ring. History will be made. Three of the best wrestlers in history will face off. The winner will clinch not only take home pride, not only take home glory. They won’t just make their company proud-but they will get to go down in HISTORY as the FIRST UWL World Champion. Think about it for a minute-are you really prepared for that?

[He heads through the seating arrangement, and climbs into the ring-looking over the venue he will be competing in just a few weeks from now.]

Silkk: To the loser, goes defeat…but not shame. They say being nominated for an Oscar is just as prestigious as actually winning it. Being offered a spot in the very first UWL Title match has its own level of prestige. Trust me though kids. Trust me when I tell you, this is going to be a fight-but this is what we live for. This is the rush we all strive for. At WrestleFest you will see the greatest match in UWL history unfold. You will see the match that will set the bar for the rest of the company to follow. You will see the Abstract, the Picaso of Pro Wrestling, the Best in the World. Across from him-you will see the punk rocker, the anti-capitalist in anarchist clothes, the TSWF superstar, Elijah Black.

[He stands up, and begins walking toward the ring area.]

Silkk: Not only that, but across from HIM, you will see the Englishman, the Prodigy Program, the violent psychopath-Damien Vincent. Now, I don’t pretend to know alot about either of these opponents, but please-allow me to enlighten them about me.

[He pauses at the ringside area, surveying the arena once more.]

Silkk: I come from a world where I have fought for everything. I come from a world-where I was stuck in the shadow of the bat, stuck being held down by a supposed mentor. I came back to wrestling-to prove to the world that the student could defeat the teacher-and I did just that. I came back to professional wrestling, to make a statement, to prove that I am more than just “John Pariah’s protege”. To prove to all the naysayers that I am the absolute best this business has ever seen. I made promises along the way-and as I mentioned earlier, I have kept every single one of them. Now, here in the city that started it all-that kooky kid from Canada is making yet another promise.

[He steps into the ring and pauses, kneeling down in the ring-almost in prayer.]

Silkk: I promise, that at WrestleFest, I WILL walk out the World Champion. My road to glory has been laid out before me. I will not stop, there will never be another James Silkk, there will never be another Abstract. Sixty Minute, Iron Man Rules. I will not give up, I will continue to fight, and I will survive-because it’s what I’ve down my whole fucking career. I’ve already made waves, now..after WrestleFest…I will make history. You either get that, or you don’t.

…fade to black.


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