PWX: Shutting Down The Masses

“See? this is what it is all about. It’s about power and prestige. It’s about making a stand, and making a statement. The term ‘winds of change’ gets thrown around all too frequently anymore., this one concession. The winds of change ARE blowing in PWX. The days of sitting idly by while incompotence reigns supreme in this locker room are over. I have revealed my existence to the world-and if I have no need or reason to earn your respect, than I will simply beat it out of you.”

Wednesday, October 10th 2012 11:30 PM

Location: The limo, driving to Excalibur Nightclub in Chicago, IL for the wedding reception of the century.

The scene opens in limo, currently driving down 80/94 towards Chicago, IL. James Silkk is sitting back with his new wife, Marisol.  We are just an hour removed from the finish of Adrenaline 13. One week after James Silkk retained his World Championship against Kerry Windsor. Just a few hours before the newly wed couple travel overseas to Paris, France. Marisol is enjoying a drink in the limo-while James pulls his iPhone 5 out of his coat pocket. He pulls up Twitter and types away.

@AbstractSilkk another promise kept. Now whose next?

He sits back for a minute-looking at his beautiful wife. He smiles, as she hands him a drink.

“To happiness!” he says, as they toast their drinks.  He pulls Marisol toward him and kisses her, before his phone rings. He looks at the caller ID. A shocked smirk crosses his face, as he hits the answer button.

“Hello?” he says, getting up from his seat. “What do you want?” he continues, before we fade to black.

Scene Two: A Winning Parable

[The scene opens in a hotel room. Outside the window you can see the Eiffel Tower. We turn around, and see James Silkk sitting on the bed-next to his World Championship. He gazes into the camera and smiles.]

“I promised Mari I wouldn’t focus on wrestling. Afterall, this is our honey moon. But some things need to be said.”

[He pauses and smiles-picking up his World Title.]

“Winning? Winning? Is it the most important thing in the world? In this business-some would say ‘Yes’. Others, the more educated, would say ‘No’. The intelligent would decree: it’s not about individual wins or losses-rather, it’s about making an impact-and at the end of the day-making sure everybody in the business knows your damn name.”

[He smiles, and pats the belt, setting it on his lap.]

“Ever since I came into this company in 2005. I’ve been held down, and ridiculed. I’ve been intentionally kept out of the Main Event picture-because I wasn’t good enough to John Pariah and his cronies. I set the world ablaze with my work ethic and in ring product. I made people care about the NXTGN Championship. I have always put PWX first and foremost. I have always put this company-ahead of my own personal vendettas. Now I am in a place where I don’t need to. A place where I don’t want to. Now other people use PWX to put themselves over. Now people who tried to use me as a stepping stone before-are trying it again. This time, they’re being met with very different results.  Now-people like Darin Zion have made me sick. People using politics to further their own agenda-and use thiscompany as a damn battlefield for their own conspiracies. I may not own the place, but I’ve spent the better part of the last half decade bleeding for this company.”

[He smiles-grabbing a bottle of water from the end table out of frame, and taking a drink.]

“I hear the rumblings too Darin. I’ve been hearing them for years. People calling me a transistional champion. People saying I fluked my way into the World Title. Yeah Darin, I hear the musing, and to be perfectly honest-I’m sick of it. You can make the comparison of me to Raven. You compare me to the man who-for all intents and purposes-has only been successful inside a bingo hall in Philadelphia.. In Atlanta-he was a jobber. In New York-he was a jobber. In Orlando-well, he was a jobber. It’s an interesting parallel you draw between us-because for me. It’s the exact opposite. Every where I’ve gone, I’ve been successful. MWWA, 1WR, WARPED, CWC and now UWL too-I’ve had success. But here? In the company my brothers built? In the company that I helped form? I have been treated soley as a jobber, soley as an enhancement talent. Than-I finally shut the naysayers up. I crippled John Pariah, I sent Tweeder packing, I survived Kerry Windsor-and you still insist on calling me a fluke. You still insist on calling me an accident. You still insist on calling me a fluke, a fuck up-a never-should-of-been. You still continue to rain on my parade-well Darin Zion, it’s about fucking time I rained on yours.

[He pauses again, smiling.]

“Darin, you are a man-and I use the term loosely- who has used PWX as his personal playground to play out a feud of jealousy. You’re mad-because you’re friend Brian is a three time World Champion, and you could barely hold the title for 15 minutes. You’re mad because Brian Hollywood-a man who thought was your peer, and he became your better. You know it deep inside, and you’re refocusing that anger onto me. You don’t want to disrupt your happy little tag team, so you’re projecting your anger towards me. That’s fine Darin, that’s fine..because we all saw what happens when I hold in anger. People get sent to the ICU.”

[He smiles-slinging the belt over his shoulder.]

“This leads us to this Wednesday, PWX 14, the second part of our Homecoming.  You think you’ve established yourself as a main player. Let’s face it Darin-you’re nothing more than a bushleague No DQ Arena worker. Pariah plucked you up for that cesspool called “Mayhem Wrestling” years ago-because he saw something in you. He thought you would become something. He thought you were someone he could shape, and mold, and forge into being the face of PWX. He was wrong. He was wrong all along about you Darin. You’re a self serving sycophant who barely passes for a wrestler. Me? I took all the adversity, all the pain, all the anguish-and I projected that into something more. I stand before you, the World Champion of Pro Wrestling X. I stand before you, on the precipice of becoming UWL World Champion. I stand before you, the best in the world.]

[He stands up, and gazes into the camera, slinging the belt over his shoulder-as Marisol walks into frame.]

“Darin-Wednesday Night, you can join your good friend John Pariah. You can be wheel chair stricken, you can be crippled, and I will happily take your career-if not your life. This belt means I am the best this company has to offer. This belt-means I am one thing-and that’s better than you. Now, if you’ll excuse me Darin, my wife and I have a honey moon to enjoy. Aour revoiur, mon’amie.”

[The two kiss as he holds the belt over their heads, and fades to black.]


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