PWX: Devil’s Night

Devil’s Night

Scene One | A Few Moments Later…

[We fade into the locker room of James and Marisol Silkk. She is obviously still distraught about losing her match with Ryan Kidd, as she’s taking her frustrations out on a punching bag set up in the corner. James is holding an ice pack on his forhead-as the PWX medical team is tending to a wound on the back of his head. He pushes the medics away-as he notices the camera in his face.]

James Silkk: Brian Hollywood. Brian Hollywood. Brian Hollywood. Brian Hollywood has become my new obsession as of late. Brian Hollywood has become my new focus, my new personal mission in this war. You know what happens to people who become a personal project of mine, a personal obsession of mine. They end up hurt. They end up with their careers ended-and dreams killed….

[Mari comes over and sits down next to him-gazing into the camera.]

Marisol Silkk: We are tired of being disrespected by management. I hoped it would change with Lillith in charge, but it doesn’t look like it is!

James Silkk: In one week, we will step into that ring-in an All Out War Match. We will fight, we will wage a holy war. We will continue our dominance.

Marisol Silkk: Lillith-just because you and that Pariah guy used to be considered “Pro Wrestling Royalty” doesn’t mean shit to us. We’re the new generation. We are wrestling royalty in 2012. And we’ll prove it to you each and every week! And as far as Jess goes…let’s hope I decide to leave enough of you this week-so I can finish the job at Respect is Earned.

[James smirks, gazing into the camera.]

James Silkk: As long as I hold this title, I make the rules. See ya soon kids…

[He smiles-as we cut to black.]


[We fade into the PWX Arena, where the company is preparing to tape Adrenaline 16 for Halloween. The arena is set, and ready to go for the action that is sure to unfold. The camera quickly pans to the gorilla posistion, where a shaky camera is quickly panning around the area. Headsets, monitors and papers all lay dormant on tables. The scene quickly turns around-and we see James Silkk standing there, holding his iPhone outstretched, filming the very footage you see before you.]

Silkk: Forgive me father…I have sinned.

[He begins to walk up the steps, and heads out onto the stage. He quickly flips the camera around-and shows the empty arena. The lights illuminate a barren world. The stage and ringside area are decorated for Halloween, with cobwebs and grave stones. The ring sits idly in the center of it all, like a statue-ready to be adored by thousands. The camera flips back around to James Silkk as he smiles He begins walking down the ramp as well.]

Silkk: I..I haven’t had a confessional in a long time Father, but I feel its time for one. You see, I’ve committed quite a few sins in my time. But there is someone else who has committed more.  That man? Is Brian Hollywood. He’s committed a cardinal sin, and he needs to pray from absolvement.

[He pauses, still walking around the ring. A chuckle is heard-and the scene quickly goes black, as Silkk turns off his iPhone. We cut back on to an arena camera, and Silkk is standing inside the middle of the ring-wearing a long black leather trenchcoat.]

Silkk: Right here-this is the church that will house the Excorcism of Brian Hollywood. The people who will fill these seats in just a few short days will be the witnesses to the beginning of the end. Of what you ask? The beginning of the end of an Era. You see, Brian Hollywood represents the old regime here in PWX. He’s very much like the old Hollywood star system…he’s “Old Hollywood”-the denizens of the past, holding onto their spot. He and Zion..and Ness for that matter are the Rat Pack. Me? Jason Aries? Marisol? We’re the new generation. We’re New Hollywood. We’re the Joseph Gordon-Lovitts, the Christian Bales, the Megan Fox’s. We’re what the movie goers of today want to see. Not some crusty caustic charlatan. That’s what Brian has become. This Wedesday Night-is the beginning of the end for you and your Era Brian. I’ll finish the job in Chicago.

[He pauses, and smirks-looking around the empty arena.]

Silkk: I am a sinner. I understand that, I grasp that, and I’m cool with that. I have my own flaws, and my own traits-so are my opponents this week. You see, while I know Jason is more than capable of putting Ness in his place-I will touch on him as well. Ness, you are no longer relevant. You talk shit about the state PWX is in today-because you aren’t there to hold us down. You, Hollywood, Zion, Norcia, Pariah, Gein, and Boyd…people like that have done nothing but use PWX as your personal playground. Your personal avenue of achievement. With you here-nobody could step into the limelight. Now look at us. You have all first time Champions, all men and women who would of never gotten the chance to sign. Would Jason Aries of gotten an opportunity at the Hybrid Title in the old PWX? No-because all you cared about was your war with Violent K. Would Jessica…heh-don’t worry love-I’ll get to you soon-but would her and Tiami even have a chance at the World Tag Titles in the old PWX? No. Because the old guard wouldn’t let go of their precious spots. Would I of been World Champion? No-and I’ve proven that. This is 2012-not 2005. This is where the rebirth of PWX truly comes to a head. Respect is Earned is a rather fitting event, because at Respect is Earned-I will beat the respect into Brian Hollywood. Ness will have respect beaten into him by Aries-and my beautiful wife will beat respect into Jessica Harmony…speaking of which….

[He pauses, smiling-pacing around the ring.]

Silkk: Jessica Harmony. You are a two faced, hypocritical, sycophant. You are a cowardarly wretch of a woman-unfit to carry those Tag Team Titles. To put it simply-and trust me Jess, I don’t use this word often-but you are a fucking cunt.

[He pauses-embracing the silence of the empty arena.]

Silkk: Yeah Lillith-I said it. Cunt. Fine me.

[He chuckles for a bit, before shaking his head.]

Silkk: You provided the DJ service for Marisol and My wedding. But the wheels were always turning weren’t they? The minute you realized the reception wasn’t about you-it was about us-you began to snap. You are a bipolar, schizophrenic lapdog. The attention was on us-and you couldn’t stand it. So you snapped, and turned on the only two people who stood by your side through your last little tirade. Now? You have our attention-and you won’t fucking like it, because Marisol is going to rub the mud off her boot-and she’s going to rub it off all over your fucking face.

[He smiles again-before looking up at the lights.]

Silkk: And then there was Mr. Hollywood.

[He reaches into his coat-and pulls the World Title out, slinging it over his shoulder.]

Silkk: Is this what you want? It is, isn’t it Brian. I must say-good show last week, attacking me from behind. You really think you got my number-but throwing me down a flight of stairs. Yeah, you got me alright Brian….except this Wednesday Night, I will personally be the man to exorcize your demon. I will begin to the deconstruction process, and start tearing you limb from limb-only to let you suffer in agony for a full week, before stepping into that right with you at Respect is Earned. There is honor among thieves-but Brian-there is no honor among us. You stand for the old regime, you stand for everything we stand against. Today marks the rise of the New Generation in PWX-and Mr. Hollywood, rest assured, that this new generation will take the company over. We’ve already run out the founder of PWX-running out his little cocksucker cronie shouldn’t be hard.

[He smiles-holding the belt up.]

Silkk: This Wednesday begins the next chapter for The Era of Abstract…you either get it..or you don’t…..Brian Hollywood, Ness, and Jessica Harmony-your in our hands….

[Fade to black.]


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