PWX: Respect is Earned

The scene fades in with static, and we see James Silkk sitting at his desk. Behind him a pair of large comic book posters sit affixed to his wall. He leans forward, and smiles.

“I never thought I’d cut a wrestling promo using my iChat camera on my Mac.”

[He smiles for a minute-before looking down and pulling up his World Title and setting it infront of him.]

“So that’s what this is all about, is it? This is the ultimate prize, the ultimate answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. This is 42-apparently.”

[He pauses again, looking at the belt before placing it back on the desk-facing the camera.]

“I’ve come a long way to have this taken from me.  This Wednesday Night-PWX returns to Versus, and it’s Respect is Earned. It’s all I’ve been able to think about these past few hours into days. Although-the mental image of staring at the lights-while a has been like Ness scores a one, two, three still haunts my nightmares. Do you know why Ness is challenging for the Hybrid Title, and not this World Title? He knows he was never good enough. He knows that Pariah just wanted to reward a “company guy” with the title. So he went back to a division he was king of-where he could dominate and feel like king dick again. That’s fine by me Ness, because after Respect is Earned-I want a challenge, I want a fight, I want to walk into Never Say Die in December, and face the best of the best-unfortuantly guy-that isn’t you. It never has been you, and it never will be you. Pariah felt that PWX needed a Tommy Dreamer-and he felt you fit the bill nicely.”

[He pauses and smiles.]

“That’s all you’ll ever be Ness…”


[He pauses once more, sitting back and slinging the belt over his shoulder.]

“Now me on the other hand? I’ve gown-I’ve evolved. I’ve proven the world over time and time again that I BELONG here, and that after the last seven years that I have put into this business, that I DESERVE to be where I am today-sitting high atop my throne-in my palatio mountain estate-sending off bullets of wit and reprose with sniper like accuracy. I’ve kept every promise I’ve made over the last few months-and this Wednesday Night at Respect is Earned-I will make good on another one…”

[He smiles again-taking a sip from a bottle of water out of frame.]

“Now I want to give a little shout out to ‘my good friend’ Mr. Brian Hollywood. He seems to think that he’s going to be able to beat some sense into me in Chicago. Let me tell you what, he’s wrong. Now I know I’ve had some drama during my reign. Hell, my entire rise to the top was built on the foundation of crippling Brian’s boyfriend-John Pariah. Now, with my half brother being put into past due retirement-I have repurposed myself, and refocused my energies, I am now dead set on destroying The First Family. Our new Interim DOC-Lillith Morgan has renounced them, Tyler Graves is nowhere to be found-and Michael Norcia is in the woods of Virginia with a bottle of Jack Daniels and an ox named Blue. Now, all that remains is little Brian Hollywood. All that stands between me single handedly destroying the First Family once and for all is one man, one man who will fall to his knees-and be destroyed at Respect is Earned. Now Brian-I’m not looking into a fantasy world, or a distant future. I’m looking at the here. I’m looking at the now. I’m looking at The Present. Unfortunately for you-that lowers your life expectancy to about four days from now. Unfortuantly for you, that brings me to this Wednesday, at the Sears Center. That brings me to Chicago, IL That brings me to Respect is Earned, and that brings me to finishing my job and ending your god damned career.”

[He pauses again, taking another drink of water-and gazing into the camera. He pulls a piece of paper out of frame-and holds it to the camera. “vengeance will be wrought” is written on it. He throws it aside-and holds up a second one. “your angel of death awaits.”]

“Send all the death threats you want Brian. Send all the cryptic messages you can muster-because all it shows is cowardice. It’s pathetic, and makes me sick. Respect is Earned-I will end your career, and I will walk out of Chicago, and come home to beautiful Toronto-as PWX World Champion. You don’t scare me, this isn’t elementary school-and there is no need for games of Bloody Mary. This Wednesday Night-I will hang you from the cross, and walk out the victor. Brian Hollywood, you either get me…or you don’t.”

[He holds up the belt and smirks-turning his camera off.]


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