[PWX] Not A Loss, A Set Back…

The list of people who want a piece of me is a mile long. First and foremost-is The Hood. He has it coming to him. Whoever hides behind that red and black mask-and that red hooded jacket-he believes that he is some sort of angel of death, some sort of perpetual savior, some sort of messiah coming to rid PWX of the masses. It sounds all too familiar-and all too cliché. He stands infront of the Era of Abstract-standing infront of the barrel of a gun. He is a coward hiding behind a mask, and come hell or high water-he will pay for taking my World Championship away from me.

Location: Rooftop
Time: 3:00 AM

[Black and White. Our scene begins atop a building. A man is standing on the edge-looking over a bustling nighttime city. He is wearing a long black leather trench coat.]

Silkk: Worthless. He talks about being this self righteous crusader-and his hands are just as bloody as mine are.

[The camera zero’s in on the face. James Silkk stands tall. His eyes seem cold and barren.]

Silkk: This is blood for blood and by the gallon. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days. They’re back-and there’s no choice left. I’m ready for war. As the Valkyrie at my side is shouting and laughing with the pure, hateful, bloodthirsty joy of the slaughter…

[Silkk looks up and see’s a billboard over a building-promoting  Adrenaline returning to Valparaiso, IN. The main focus? Brian Hollywood standing over a fallen James Silkk. In the center of it all.
A New Era in PWX

Silkk: ….and I join her……

[He reaches into his coat and pulls out a loaded shotgun-and fires a sole shot between the eyes of the image of Brian Hollywood. The scene fades to black as we see Silkk’s expression move to a slight smirk.]


Location: A Broken Down Back Alley
Time: 3:45 AM

[We return to a rundown alley. Silkk stands motionless in the center. Silkk stands cold & motionless gazing into the darkness of the alley. To his left-we an old PWX promo flyer from the previous season-one with Victor Jace, Brian Hollywood and Darin Zion all featured prominently.]

Silkk:  In the gutter. Just where they belong.

[Silkk smirks as he looks over to his right. A homeless man lay half naked under a newspaper-fighting for a shot of Whiskey.]

Silkk: Yep. Right where they belong.

[Silkk see’s a cigarette in the bums mouth. He smirks and removes the burning carcinogen, and sighs. He then flicks the cigarette to the concrete below-and looks directly infront of him.]

Silkk:  You shouldn’t smoke these. They’ll kill you. That’s one of the many differences that makes someone like me…better than you.

[He smirks, and walks down the street. A handful of city blocks pass him by, and he reaches a metal fence. He grabs it-and looks inside at the park before him. He hops the fence continues walking down the path.

Silkk: Since the beginning of time … man has sought to know the unimaginable. To shake hands with the intangible. To measure the abstract with concrete gauges. To fit the mind of the infinite within the imagination of the finite…

[Our hero stops his journey on a playground. The camera begins to pan around, taking in the scenery around them. The sounds of a chainlink fence rattling is heard-as the camera spins around. We see James Silkk standing against a small fence. A sadistic chuckle is heard as he stares at the ground below him]

Silkk: For three months, I’ve been fighting the good fight for PWX. For three months-I’ve stood atop the mountain as your World Champion. I’ve fought for respect from the office, from the locker room-and from the fans the world over. People called me a mistake, a failure, a fluke, than I put John Pariah in the ICU, and than I stood face to face with the then World Champion-Tweeder. A man who just two weeks prior had beat that living tumor John Ojeda to become PWX World Champion. People said I would lose it at Unbreakable to Kerry Windsor….and I didn’t. People said I would lose it to Darin Zion in a steel cage on Adrenaline. I didn’t. It took Brian Hollywood-and some Azrael wanna-be to take that World Title from me. I won the fans respect at Respect is Earned, and I think I won the locker room’s respect as well-because now-despite me not being champion-challengers are coming out of the fucking wood work. I have a variable dance card full of talent who want to fight me in this ring-and don’t care that the World Title won’t be on the line. Now I know that secretly, in the back of my mind, any one of them could really be The Hood. Don’t think I’m not factoring that in. Until I’m proven wrong-everyone I step into the ring with over the next month—is the Hood.

[He pauses-and momentarily glances upwards toward the camera]

Silkk: The first of that long list of challengers? Jake Keeton; The long time ring veteran who is using PWX to make his last hurrah, make his last stand-before drifting off into the breeze. Keeton, I respect you. You pinned Victor Jace-a man who on more than one occasion has called himself the only reason PWX exists today. You were not pinned in the Hybrid Scramble at all-and than you willingly stepped forward-albeit, conveniently after The Hood laid me out in the middle of the ring-to challenge me for a match. Beating the only World Champion that has mattered to this company in years would be a nice feather in your hat-wouldn’t it Mr. Keeton?

[He pauses again-smiling.]

Silkk: Too bad it won’t happen. Jake you’ve had a long and wonderful carrerr-but after seven years in this business, it’s finally MY time to shine, and MY time to succeed. I wasn’t joking about this being the Era of Abstract. Come hell or high water-I will move through whomever wants to fight me, and I will get my rematch, and I will walk away with the PWX World Championship. It’s a promise, it’s a garentuee. Good luck to you Mr. Keeton, because this Wednesday night-your fate will be MINE to decide….

[He smirks-leaning against the fence as we fade to black.]


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