History in the Making

Date: Friday, Sunday, November 18th 2012

Location: Detroit, Michigan

The scene opens in the Compuware Arena in Detroit, Michigan. PWX Crews are setting up for Wednesday’s “Adrenaline” Broadcast on Hulu. the camera is panning around the building-showing them setting up the ring and stage. A few of the house lights turn on, and we see James Silkk standing in the middle of a wrestling ring.

“Michael Norcia. Skylar Kelly. Violent K. John Pariah.” He begins. “These men-and many more have paved the way for PWX to grow and evolve over the last seven years. This building-like many others-has played home to PWX in the past, and this Wednesday Night-it plays home to it again. In these halls-like hundreds of others around the world-men and women have fought, bled, and nearly died for the ideals that this company presents.” He adds-walking down a flight of stairs towards where the ringside area. “They earned Legend Status in this ring, destroying their bodies, and sacrificing everything for the betterment of this industry. While their personal sacrifice-may have been wiped under the rug by other promotions, they’ve still done more for this business than Victor Jace-or the Hood-will ever accomplish.” He says with a smirk.

“It seems PWX management-my former sister-in-law-Lillith Morgan has decided to start taking requests-like a sycophant DJ crying for a crowd’s approval. One of these requests has been a match between myself and Victor Jace. That’s all fine and good-because Victor Jace has a chip on his shoulders that needs to be removed.” He says before pausing at ringside-and smirking.

“I’ve said before, how there are no physical differences between saints and sinners-the only difference is that the sinners know their place, they know what they are-and embrace it, accept it. Those men, those names-they all sacrificed everything they had, their families, their health, their bodies-and in some cases-even their life-for the fans. That’s exactly what I’ve done. After I won the World Championship, I kicked it into high gear. I represented this company better than any champion previously had. For three months, I carried PWX on my shoulders. I didn’t do it for the fame, I didn’t do it because I wanted to. I did it because it was the right thing to do!” he pauses again-and smiles-gazing into the camera. “They did it for the passion, they did it for the love of this business, and the love of professional wrestling!” he adds, growing fierce. “These men sacrificed everything-and in some cases, didn’t even get paid for it! That’s what separates people like me-from people like Victor Jace, from people like The Hood. That’s what seperates the me, from the normal dregs of society. This isn’t about a paycheck, this isn’t about making more money than the next guy. This is about honor, valor, and prestige. This is about being the better man…” he trails off, smirking.

“My legacy speaks for its self Victor.  Nobody expected me to do anything when I won the World Title. I proved them wrong-and I’ve earned the respect of the PWX faithful.  I’ve busted my ass for this company-while people like you come and go. I’ve wrestled all over the world, from Mexico to Germany, from the USA to Japan, from Australia to Ireland, and from Brazil to Canada. I’ve wrestled in dingy bars and VFW halls, and I’ve competed at Madison Square Garden. I’ve competed at county fairs, and at the Tokyo Dome.” He adds-growing more and more serious by the second. “I don’t know what your issue with me is Victor-but at Adrenaline 18-I will play Dream Killer, and I will get my rematch with Brian Hollywood. I will take my World Championship back-and I will go into the biggest event of the year as Champion. You? You can stay here on the midcard, pawning over a retired title.” He says with force-entering what will be the ring side area.

“I’ve given my blood to this industry Victor, now it’s time for you to do the same. You think that just because you got lucky years ago-that you’re some patron saint for PWX. You think because you wrestled in Civil War-you know about sacrifices and suffering? This Wednesday Night, you and I will lock up, and I will kill your dreams. It’s nothing personal kid…but your fate..is mine to decide.” He says with a smirk-as his phone rings. He pulls it out and sees Marisol on the caller ID. He sighs, and lifts the phone to his ear.

“Mari? We need to talk.”

Fade to black


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