[PWX] Beginning of the End

Criss Angel“My life has been a series of unfortunate events again. Everything I knew turned upside down. It all started in UWL….strangely enough.

First, of course-there was WrestleFest. The Night where Elijah Black defeated me-after sixty minutes of war. He walked out of Philadelphia the UWL World Champion-and I sulked back to my longer room, and begun the downward spiral.

After that? There was Respect is Earned. Brian Hollywood and I fought in one of the most wild and violent matches I’ve ever participated in. Brian and I went to and beyond our limits-and than he showed up.

The Hood.


A vigilante came to the ring-and cost me my World Championship. He cost me my spot atop the mountain that is PWX, he cost me everything. Now Brian Hollywood stands tall with my belt-proclaiming himself to be some patron saint of virtue. He knows his hands are just as bloody as mine, and he knows that he didn’t win the World Championship by himself. He feels safe-now though, because of The Hood.

After that, it was Jake Keeton. A man who earned my respect, but once again-because of the Hood-he cost me a match with him. Than Victor Jace, in which my rematch for my World Title was on the line. The Hood again cost me dearly.

Now, just 24 hours ago-it has all come to light….the Hood is my half brother, Jason Parker Olesen. A man we had all thought was dead. The man whose vision PWX was built around. The man who defined a company for the last half decade-betrayed his own blood like that. I know I have sins that I need to answer for, but of all the people-I didn’t expect him to play the Angel of Death……

That’s just the wrestling world.

Outside of the ring, Jason not only cost me the World Championship, but he has cost me so much more. He has made me a psychotic, neurotic, tunnel visioned sociopath. He’s cost me my wife, my house, my everything. Now-in just a few short days, a few long hours-I have my chance.  Than I had my moment, the night of revelations. I don’t remember much about it to be honest. I just remember pain. I just remember darkness. I just remember feeling my face hit the steel of that cross. I remember the feeling of the razor wire piercing my flesh. I felt the blood draining from my body, and the last thing I remember seeing was his face. The eyes burning a hole into my very soul. The sinister smirk, the secrets he held in his head. I saw them all. Now, after that-I see my path laid out before me in crystal clarity……..

but before I deal with him at Never Say Die. I have a pitstop to make…..


Several Weeks Ago….

“I’m sorry for your loss Mr. Silkk.” a man says, sitting behind a desk, as James signs some paperwork.

“Excuse me?” he asks.

“About your divorce. If i lost a babe like Marisol-I’d be pretty pissed off myse—”

“Sir…do you want this pen jabbed in your eye socket? or your aorta?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Is there anything else I need to do to finalize this divorce?”

“No sir, all the paper work is filled. I’ll hand this over to Ms. Hawkes attorney-and we’ll be golden.”

“Good” Silkk says with purpose, standing up from the chair and walking out of the office.

I hate the courts. I really do….

[The scene fades out on Silkk walking out a glass double door-and walking toward his car.]


The Old Living Room.


11 days till Never Say Die

[We fade in on a loft over looking the Chicago skyline. The camera pulls back, and we see James Silkk standing on the balcony. His hair is pulled back and he is wearing a black Wornstar hoodie. He takes a sip of his water bottle-still gazing over the cold December morning. ]

It all begins right here.” he says, looking out to the skyline again. “The beginning of the end. My road to retribution…and what an interesting start it has…” he adds smiling-finally acknowledging the PWX camera following.  He smirks, looking over to it. “Ca va, ca va. Welcome to my new home. Kind of glad Ryan Kidd didn’t buy this place-it came in handy.” he adds, walking back inside.

He walks into the apartment-closing the sliding door behind him. He smiles as he throws the hooded sweatshirt over the black leather couch in the living room. The camera follows him as he walks into an adjacent room-and flips a light switch. A large heavy bag hangs from the ceiling. James smirks as he delivers a kick to it. He follows with a flurry of strikes, and a hook kick to follow it up.

“Since the divorce, this has been my sanctuary. My batcave. This is where I have been plotting, and planning. She took the house in Toronto-not even sure how that happened. It was time to downsize anyways. All the stuff in there-it was clouding my judgement, clouding my thoughts, clouding the path laid before me. The path that starts this Wednesday Night on Adrenaline. The path that starts when I step back into a PWX ring-and look across the man who has made me wish Twitter required an IQ test before allowing you to sign up-Mr. Darin Zion. Next to him, in his liege, the man who infact cost me everything. My half brother…Jason Parker Olesen.”

He pauses, smiling to himself.

“What’s even funnier? Is who is standing in my corner. A man whose innocence is still up for debate-at least as far as I’m concerned. The one man who has benefited the most from Jason’s ressurection….Brian Hollywood. The man who Jason handed the PWX World Championship to at Respect is Earned. It makes me wonder-can I really trust Brian Hollywood?”

He pauses and smiles-taking another drink of water.

“Everything is on the upswing again. Starting Wednesday Night on Adrenaline. Than transcending to UWL, than Never Say Die. The Era of Abstract is far from dead, and I don’t care who I have to go through…in 2013-the World Championship will be mine again..Jason..your fate is mine to decide….”

Silkk smiles as we fade to black


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