[PWX] New Year, New Opprotunities.

Photo Dec 27, 5 10 03 PM[The scene returns to a playground. It’s sunrise. Silent. No children, no parents. Just quiet serenity. The camera pans to Silkk who is sitting on a swing-staring at the ground. He is wearing a pair of black pants, black shoes, a black Wornstar thermal. Snow slowly begins to fall, as Silkk begins to speak.]

“You know, for the last few days-I have been questioning everything. Was 2012 really the plateu of my career? Did I really reach the glass ceiling? I mean look what happened to me after winning the World Title? Was I ready for it?” He says-still staring at the ground. “You know, ever since the ordeal and drama with Marisol-I’ve been thinking about life outside of the ring. Two months into something, and I married her. It took one bad day to set off a chain of events that led to the divorce. That one bad day-was when Jason Parker Olesen cost me my World Championship at Respect is Earned. I used to think that our relationship was meaningless. What started as casual sex evolved into so much more. She would always get worked up over small things. Things I used to think were trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial. She did text me the other day, from her hospital bed. She did apologize, but I never responded. Our relationship was built on meanlingless lust, and it was never about love, or happiness. We’re were both good in bed. That’s all it took.” He adds, still gazing at the ground as snow falls all around him. “Now, the world is watching and waiting to see my next move. The best World Champion of 2012 has a whole year ahead of him to look forward too. What will I do? That’s the million dollar question.” He adds, looking at the camera finally, and smirking a little.


“I’ve talked to some other organizations. I only signed a six month contract-and that expires tonight at Midnight. I could do a world of things. I could stay with PWX, I could pummel Ness within an inch of his life. I could go onto No Limits, into Golden Dreams, and walk out with a World Title shot in my hands. I could just walk away from PWX. I’ve received offers from just about every organization on the market. I’ve entertained offers from FGA, Visionary Wrestling, HOW, and some new upstart leagues. I could leave the industry all together. The ball is really in my court-and all eyes on me.” He adds with a smile-sitting up from the swing, looking at the white snow falling down to the ground.

“But first, I have things to do. First off, I get to step in the ring with a man who is considered by many to be the Tommy Dreamer of PWX. A man known as Ness. A former World Champion, a former Tag Team Champion, a former Hybrid Champion. A man who has returned to PWX to save the Hybrid Division-as he so elegantly puts it. Ness, this Wednesday Night we cross paths for the first time ever. I spent half of 2012 proving the naysayers wrong-and Ness, you were one of those naysayers.” He says with impact as he gazes up to the sky.

“Ness, correct me if I’m wrong-but when you came back on the scene-you called me a ‘wannabe rock star jobber’. It’s funny though, I return to PWX after years away-and from my first night back-I make an impact. I took John Ojedas sad off with a super kick-than dropped Darrell Hayes on his head with a dream killer. Ness, on your first night back-you attacked Jason Aries and made your various obvious claim to save the Hybrid Division. You turned your back on the fans who made you a household name. You laid out their champion….and for what Ness? What have you done since coming back to PWX? You’ve had two chances to win the Hybrid Title-and you lost both of them. All I needed was one chance, one shot at the World Championship-and put Tweeder to sleep, and I killed his dreams. I walked out of Montreal that night World Champion….” He adds trailing off, walking forward and letting the snow fall on his hair.

He looks up at the sky and smiles, holding up his award for Best World Champion of 2012.

“I did t think they would accept me after what I did to my brother. But after I spent 55 days as PWX World Champion, after I spent 2 1/2 months as the face of their company-the fans respected me. I was their champion. I was the best in the world-and I had the belt to prove it.” He adds with a smile, slinging his award over his shoulder. “Ness, we’re very similar you and I. We both held the World Title for around fifty days, we both shocked the world when we won it. Of course when I lost mine, it was because of my half brothers petty interference. When you lost yours? Well..you lost it to Jackson….that alone would cause the greatest Japanese wrestler to commit hari-kari.” he adds with a chuckle.

“See Ness, you taking out two students at a house show-doesn’t scare me. You say my marriage to that gold digging cunt Marisol changed me? You’re right. It did change me. It made me angry. It made me violent. You were there at Never Say Die. You saw what I did to the ‘guiding light’ of PWX right? You saw the look in my eyes when I raked his face over the razor wire, when his entire body was covered in blood. Jason Parker Olesen was two steps from death. That’s what my marriage did to me. It unlocked something deep within my soul. Something dark, something violent, something that shouldn’t be there. All it took was one bad day to set me over the deep end. And all it will take is one bad day for you Ness. One bad day for your Golden Dreams to be crushed, and I will be your Dream Killer. The time has come my friend, Ness vs Silkk, first time ever. That spot in Golden Dreams is mine Ness, and your fate….is mine to decide…”

Silkk smirks, and steps back as the scene fades to black.


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