PWX: A Fresh Start

SPhoto Dec 27, 5 06 39 PMCENE ONE:

[The scene opens in James studio. He’s pulling a brand new pearl white Ibanez guitar off the wall, and strapping it on. He smiles as he plugs it into his half stack for the first time-and begins tuning it. After a few moments, he hears his iPhone ring. He looks at it ontop of his amp, and it reads “Lexi Martin”-the second guitarist for the band. He quirks his eyebrow and answers it-sending the call to speaker.]

James: Yeah?

Lexi: James, it’s Lex….listen…I have  Marty here with me.


[Marty is the drummer for Silkk.]

Lexi: Look, James. We’re moving on.

James: What?

Lexi: We’re moving on. The label is postponing the album release-and with you wrestling full time again-it’s been next to impossible to sit down and work on anything.

James: Yeah? But we just had a show last week. It went well. Packed house, great set, great crowd.

Lexi: Yeah James, we want to go back on tour. Not play a random show with no promotion whenever you feel like it-because you’re too busy wrestling. First Marisol pulled you away, and now the ring is pulling you away. Look James…I’m sorry. I’m proud of the music we’ve made-but it’s time to move on. We’re not wrestlers, we’re musicians. We live our lives by music. We write, we rehearse, we record, we perform. We don’t take breaks to go wrestle, or shoot movies, or do TV spots, or any of that. You do.

[James silent, a rage is boiling in his eyes. A rage that can be audibly heard by his bated breath. He takes the guitar off and sets it back up on the wall-still silent.]

Lexi: James? Are you there? Dammit, didn’t John tell you to get rid of that damn Sprint iPhone and get a real carrier?

James: I’m here…thanks Lex. Be seeing you.

[He clicks the phone off, and turns his amp off. He smirks-sitting down in his chair, and spinning around to his Macbook Pro that sits in the studio. The background is the cover of their newest album, “Abstract”. He shakes his head and closes the lid. After a minute he gets up and walks out into the living room-looking at his awards for their self titled first album. He shakes his head and walks upstairs, grabbing his black hooded peacoat off a rack in the front foyer. He walks out the front door and over to the garage-lifting the door up and grabbing a set of keys off the wall. He sits down on his black 2013 Harley Davidson and revs it up-driving out of his driveway and down the road at full speed. We fade to black.]


[We fade in at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. James Silkk is sitting at the bar, drinking a drink, as the bar tender walks over to him.]

Kip: So when you guys going to be playin’ again there Jimmy?

[Silkk looks up at him, smiling. He’s known Kip for a long time. He gave him his first steady job in Toronto, actually working at Lee’s Palace when he was just a teenager. All under the table of course-since he wasn’t able to legally work in such an establishment. He acted as a father to him when he needed one-before James’ moved to Chicago and his real story began.]

James: We’re not Kip.

Kip: What?

James: The band split.

Kip: Why?

James: Because my first love came calling back….

Kip: Wrestling?

[James nods, finishing his drink.]

James: Another one Kip?

[He sighs, handing James another bottle.]

Kip: I heard about you going back full time-after your World Title run. Heard you stepped up to face that Kidd kid in PWX.

James: I did.

Kip: Why?

James: To prove a point.

Kip: And that is?

James: That I’m the best.

Kip: So demolishing a rookie will prove that…how?

James: People are calling him the best. Perception is reality Kip, you know that. People saw this place as a dive bar for what felt like eons-but you and I worked at it-and this became the epicenter of culture in Toronto.

Kip: I don’t know if I would say epicenter Jimmy. But I guess that’s true.

James: So beating the best, will prove the world that I’m the best. No matter who I beat, no matter what I did as World Champion-they still call me a fluke, a failure. The fans voted me as the Best World Champion of the Year-and people still talk down to me. That’s why I took Kidds challenge, and that’s why I laid the challenge to Damien Frost for our next Versus card.

Kip: Heard about that too. He’s been pretty silent as of late. Think he’ll accept.

[James gets up, tossing some money on the counter.]

James: He’ll accept. 2013 is my year Kip, just watch…you’ll see.

[He grabs his helmet, and his phone-and walks toward the door. Getting stopped by a young brown haired girl.]

Kip: I was hoping she’d stop you.

James: Excuse me?

Girl: Hi James, do you remember me?

James: No….should I?

[He looks over to Kip, who excuses himself from the bar and walks over to them.]

Kip: James, remember you were about 14 when you worked here. Right?

James: Yeah, 13, 14..something like that. Why?

Kip: Remember meeting my niece Nikki?

James: No…..OH!

[Kip laughs, as James immediately snaps his attention to the girl.]

Kip: I’d like to introduce you to my niece, Nicole Lee

James: YOU’RE Nikki?

[James is completely awestruck by the girl.]

James: I haven’t seen you since you were…what? 10? 11?

Nikki: I’m 23 now, but we’ll figure out the math later. Hey Uncle Kip….can you make us an order of Lee’s Famous Cheese Fries?

[She looks at James and smiles.]

Nikki: You wanna come sit down with me? Catch up?

James: Sure…

Nikki: Uncle Kip! Make it two!

[James smiles as the two walk over to a corner table.]

Nikki: So how have you been James?

James: I’ve been good…got married…

[Nikki’s smile turns to a frown..]

Nikki: Oh….

James: …and than divorced…

Nikki: Oh?

[She smiles again, with and inquisitive look on her face.]

James: Yeah, it taught me not to jump into things too quickly.

Nikki: I heard you were a big rock star now-just like you said you would be when we were kids.

James: Was…

Nikki: Was?

James: The band broke up.

Nikki: The wrestling?

James: Yeah, because of the wrestling.

[James takes a drink of the glass of water that’s on the table, smiling at her the whole time.]

Nikki: How is that going?

James: Good. Wrestling in Illinois this Wednesday.

Nikki: Oh wow! For PWX?

James: How’d you know?

Nikki: Jimmy, I’m Canadian. I could be charged with treason if I don’t like at least ONE sport between Hockey and Wrestling.

[James nearly spits water out laughing.]

James: I can’t argue that.

Nikki: Can I come?

James: Come where?

Nikki: To PWX? Like, to the show. I would LOVE to see you wrestle. I’ve already got to see you perform on stage, now I want to see you in the ring-in person at least!

[James smirks as Kip brings over the cheese fries.]

Nikki: Thanks Uncle Kip!

James: Thank you sir.

Kip: Now you kids be good-or it’s dish duty for you!

Nikki: Oh god…

[He smiles and heads back to the bar, as James turns back to Nikki.]

James: You’ve seen me on stage?

Nikki: Yeah, I was here on New Years Eve. I wasn’t due back in Toronto until the 1st, but I got here early in the afternoon on the 31st. I had just enough time to take a short nap, get dressed-and come to your show here.

James: Really? Why didn’t you come say hi than.

Nikki: I..I was scared to.

James: Scared?

Nikki: afraid I was going to get hurt-I mean..I guess you could say starstruck? Maybe? Nervous? I figured you wouldn’t recognize me-but I was afraid you wouldn’t even remember me.

James: How could anyone forget you? Especially when you used to run up onto the stage and sing with no music behind you-just screeching into the microphone.

Nikki: Oh come on, it wasn’t THAT bad.

James: For a ten year old. No.

[The two laugh, and enjoy their food in silence for a few minutes.]

Nikki: Did you love her?

James: Excuse me?

Nikki: The girl you married, did you?

James: Honestly? No. I don’t think I did. It was more lust than anything.

Nikki: That’s good.

[She grabs his hand and smiles, taking a bite of her food.]

James: If you want-as long as your Uncle is cool with it, you can come to Illinois with me. I’ll probably be leaving on Tuesday afternoon.

Nikki: Who are you facing?

James: Ryan Kidd.

Nikki: I’ve heard about him. He seems pretty good.

James: That’s what I hope. I’m ready to refocus this year. Now that I’ve had some time to think-not having the band on my mind is giving me even more time to refocus and recenter myself. I had a taste of glory as World Champion-and it tasted too good to not want again.

Nikki: Is that why you’re fighting Ryan?

James: Ryan Kidd is a great talent, and PWX caught lightning in a bottle with signing him so quickly. It’s kinda funny though-the minute John decides to take him under his wing, I get put in a match with him.

Nikki: You’ll probably be his first real test in PWX, won’t you?

James: I wouldn’t say that. He’s fought Ness, and Timothy Hunt, and Darin Zion. Though Zion isn’t much of a fight these days.

Nikki: I can’t guys should steal the show on Wednesday.

James: Thanks.

[He takes another drink of water, and finishes his food-before sitting back and smiling.]

James: Hey, come here.

[She scoots over, and he puts his arm around her-pulling his iPhone out, and snapping a picture of the two of them.]

James: For old times sake.

Nikki: Aww. Send that to me. Here, I’ll put my number in your phone.

[She does, and James sends her the picture. He looks up from his phone and smiles.]

James: Hey, this might sound weird…but did you want to…I don’t know. Do something?

[He takes one last drink as she goes to answer.]

Nikki: Like what, fuck your brains out?

[He spits the water out-in shock.]

James: umm…

Nikki: Hah, I’m kidding. Like what?

James: I..umm…a movie maybe?

Nikki: Sure, I’d love to..

[He smiles and gets up.]

James: Well let’s head out. You ever ride a motorcycle before?

Nikki: No, never.

[He smiles, and helps out out of the booth.]

James: You’re in for one helluva night.

[The two head toward the door, as Kip looks up from the bar.]

Kip: Have fun you two!

Nikki: We will.

Kip: Oh hey, Jimmy..come here for a second.

[He walks back over to the bar.]

Kip: She’s lost a lot over the last decade kid. Please, don’t hurt her.

James: Kip, it’s cool. I understand. She’s like my long lost little sister.

Kip: Good…

[He smiles and walks back toward her.]

James: I can not wait to hear the stories of what you’ve been up to for the last decade or so.

Nikki: And I cant wait to see you kick Ryan Kidd’s head in on Wednesday.

James: Surprise after surprise. Today just decided to suck a lot less than I expected.

[The two get on his bike.]

James: Hold on…..

[We fade to black with them riding off.]


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