PWX: Rekindling A Fire

20130114-081447.jpgIt’s been a whirlwind over the past week and a half. Ever since the day I decided to go to Lee’s Place for a drink-to drown away my sorrows and suffocate my anger in a place no doubtedly filled with smoke. I rekindled a friendship I thought I had long since lost. It’s been an amazing week, though it was a bit of a roller coaster.

Wednesday, January 9th 2013

9:27 PM

Locker Room at Peoria Civic Center

Nikki: James, are you okay?

[James is sitting in the locker room, just a few moments after being attacked by Damien Frost. First it was the TKO at the hands of Ryan Kidd-than Frost lays him out on the concrete floor. He’s been aware of his surroundings for a few minutes at this point-and is sitting on the bench in the trainers room-drinking some water as she comes into the room.]


Nikki: James? James?

James Silkk: Yes…yes..I’m fine.

[He hops off the trainers bench, and takes another drink of water-before putting his shirt back on.]

James Silkk: Just, just knocked for a loop. I’ve had worse.

[He forces a smile-but he knows something is wrong. First Ness, than Ryan Kidd…now being attacked by Frost. Something was wrong with him-his head was elsewhere. His head was not in the ring where it belonged. 2013 wasn’t starting off to be his year at all.]

James Silkk: Come on Nikki. Let’s go sit down and watch the rest of the show.

[The two walk into Silkk’s locker room-which is right down the hall, and sits down on a leather couch. He turns the feed on the monitor-just as the main event tag team match. He see’s Damien Frost get the tag in-and crunches his bottle of water, throwing it off to the side.]

Nikki: Are you okay James? You seem..shaken.

[He doesn’t respond to her at first. He stares intently on the screen-watching Damien’s every move.]

Nikki: James?

James Silkk: I’m fine, I just…I need to focus on this, I need to do this, I need to beat Damien at No Limits.

Nikki: Why?

James Silkk: To prove myself.

Nikki: To who.

James Silkk: To the world, the fans, Frost, management…

[He pauses-looking at her beautiful face. Her borderline perfect body wrapped in a blue dress, her brow hair pulled back-showing off the matching glasses she has on. Everything about this girl screamed at him. So much history, so much at stake. There’s no way it would work

James Silkk:….to myself…

Nikki: What do you mean.

James Silkk: Every since WrestleFest last year-I’ve just been on this downward spiral. First, I lost to Elijah Black, than I lost to Brian Hollywood, than my only saving grace was being able to end Jason once and for all-but from there? I’ve lost to Elijah Black again, I’ve lost to Ness, and tonight I lost to Ryan Kidd.

[He walks over to the wall-looking at a PWX promotional poster featuring him.]

James Silkk: I’m in a slump, and I need to get out of it. There’s so much in my life right now-so much wrong…

[Nikki walks over to him-putting her arms around him.]

Nikki: What about the good?

[He pauses, realizing how she feels. He lets out a sigh-before turning to her-breaking her grip on him]

James Silkk: Nikki….no. We can’t do this. Your uncle, he’d kill us.

Nikki: No he won’t James. You’re like a son to him, he trusts you like no one else.

[He pauses-glancing over at the monitor. He see’s Frost and Stryker take out Hanson on the floor-and begin to assault Brian Hollywood.]

James Silkk :Oh no.

[He walks over, and watches the carnage unfold.]

James Silkk: I have to help.

Nikki: What?

James Silkk: I think it’s time I gave Damien a taste of his own medicine…

[He heads to the door-and she grabs his arm-pulling him to her. She kisses him, and steps back.]

Nikki: Be careful….

[He heads out the door, and we fade to black.]



(OOC Note: Italics = inner monologue / thought / voice over / whatever. Script is spoken dialogue)


We spent four or five days attached at each others hip. Now, I haven’t heard a word from her. We came back home after Adrenaline, and she crashed at my house until Thursday afternoon. She left with barely a good bye. It’s hard to fathom, but sometimes I feel like I may be a complete fool when it comes to women. Ever since I let Marisol cloud my thinking-I know I haven’t been thinking straight. My minds been clouded, I need to focus, re-energize and recharge. 2013 is the Year of the Abstract, I have an Evolution Championship match waiting for me at No Limits-and in just a few short days I get to get my hands on my opponent a little early-in a tag team match.


Is it really?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The House of Scallion

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

[The scene fades in in James’ garage. He’s moved one of his cars out-and has set up a heavy bag in its spot. He sets his iPhone on a Sonos dock-and begins playing the latest Stone Sour album. He’s wearing a black Venom hoodie and black sweatpants. His hair is pulled back-as he gazes out the garage door and see’s the snow begin to fall. He smiles-as he begins striking the heavy bag, focusing on strikes and kicks.]

Everything Pariah taught Kidd, I know. Why couldn’t I beat him? Why is it still haunting me?


[He delivers a hard roundhouse kick-striking the bag in the center.]

James Silkk: I can’t focus on Kidd any longer, it’s time for my next challenge, and boy..what a challenge.

[He begins attacking the bag again-oblivious to the blue Prius that just pulled into his driveway. The car stops and is turned off-as the driver door opens. We see Nikki Lee step out of it. She’s wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants. Her hair is pulled back and she has a pair of black sunglasses on. She smiles as she watches him from a distance. The music is blaring-and James is in his own world. She begins walking up to the garage, trying to get his attention-but he’s oblivious to it. Focused on the bag, focused on Damien Frost.]

Nikki: James! James!

[No answer. To him-at this moment there is nothing but him and the heavy bag. A heavy bag he no doubt see’s as Damien Frost, a heavy bag he is taking out his marriage, his divorce, his band, his losses-and more frustrations than he could possibly know.]


[Again, no answer. The only thing he hears is the music. The only thing he see’s are his fists and feet connecting with what he views as Damien Frost’s skull. She finally sighs and turns the music off-taking him out of his trance like state.]

James Silkk: What the hell?

[He stops-and turns around-seeing Nikki standing in his garage, with the power cable to the Sonos dock in her hand.]

James Silkk: Nikki!

[A smile breaks across his face-one he can barely control. The feeling of happiness is back over his body. He knows what his heart wants-but his mind remains locked in defiance.]

James Silkk: Nikki, what are you doing here?

Nikki: James…we need to talk.

James Silkk: About?

Nikki: James…just listen to me. Okay?

[She pulls him over to the corner-not letting his focus leave her. He doesn’t want to, he never has. But sometimes things are nessecary.]

James Silkk: Nikki…look.

Nikki: James Micheal Scallion. Shut up and listen. I….

[she pauses letting out a sigh. She grabs him and kisses him.]

Nikki: James, I want to be here with you, I’ve always wanted that. I looked up to you as a child-we grew up together. We’re best friends James. We always have been. You and I have always been one happy family together-even as children!

James Silkk: I know, that’s my problem. Everyone I’ve ever loved as left me. Look at Mercedes, look at Marisol…

Nikki: Marisol was a lying cunt James-and you know it.

[He pauses, nodding in agreeance]

James Silkk: I don’t want to risk losing you Nikki. Last week was the first time I’ve seen you in a decade. We grew up best friends. That to me means the world. I would love nothing more than to be with you-but I don’t want to ris—

Nikki: shut off that brain, with that 168 IQ. Listen to this one.

[She points to his chest as he grows silent.]

James Silkk: I’d be putting you in danger every step of the way Nikki. You’ve seen what I do in that ring.

Nikki: James, you’re a wrestler-not Spider-Man. I can handle it.

James Silkk: I….

Nikki: you need someone at your side James. This match Lillith put you in? It’s a handicap match. She did the same thing to Timothy Hunt last week. You have Frost and Stryker across the ring, and you have Brian behind you-knife in hand.

James Silkk: you’re right ……I do have to worry about Brian. All the respect in the world-I don’t see how we can co exist in that ring together.

Nikki: you do have a common enemy though. You both want to put a stop to the New Age. Right?

James Silkk: we do.

Nikki: text him. Call him. You both respect each other. Worry about the opponent at hand-not about yourselves.

[He pauses-she hands him his iPhone.]

Nikki: I saw how you got last year-and I’ve prepared for the worst. I let my best friend once, and I won’t do it again.

[He smiles, and gives her a kiss.]

James Silkk: it really is a new age. Isn’t it.

[he pulls his phone up and opens the tout app. And begins recording.]

James Silkk: Damien Frost, Adam Stryker. The New Age ends at No Limits-and the first shot is fired on Wednesday. Be ready-your fate is mine to decide…

[He sends the Tout and smiles looking at Nikki as we fade to black.]


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