Seize The Moment

Alex_Shelley13_cutout_by_CrankWednesday, January 16th 2013

On the highway

[A night sky, with a light snow fall. Interstate I80 heading North through Michigan. The road is fairly clear-with it being after midnight. Only a smattering of semi-trucks brave these roads at this hour. The clock on the dashboard reads “12:45 AM”. James Silkk is in the drivers seat-while the young Nikki Lee sit in the passenger seat, fast asleep. They’ve been driving for a couple hours now-en route back to Toronto after a long night in Moline, IL-at the PWX tapings. He looks up, and spys a truck stop. He pulls onto the exit and arrives at the truck stop. He rubs her shoulder to try and wake her up.]

James Silkk: Hey, hey Nikki. Wake up..let’s get something to eat.

[She wakes up, and looks at the time.]

Nikki: At 1 AM?

James Silkk: Why not? Most interesting time of the day to do it!

[He gets out and opens her door-helping her out of the car. He smiles as the car locks and the two walk into the truck stop resturaunt-eventually sitting down at a table.]

Nikki: It’s so..empty…

[A waitress comes up to them with a pot of coffee.]

Waitress: Coffee for ya hun?

[Nikki shakes her head-and James does the same.]

Waitress: You kids want a minute? Or do you just want da special?

James Silkk: Can we have a moment please?

Waitress: Sure thing suga.

[She walks away, and the two crack open their menus.]

James Silkk: Big greasy burger sounds appetizing at 1 AM.

Nikki: Ohh..pancakes!

[The two smile, as she comes back.]

Waitress; Make up your mind?

James Silkk: Yes, my lady friend here will have a short stack-extra syrup…and I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger with just mustard.

Waitress: And to drink kids?

James Silkk: Water for both of us. Thank you.

[She takes their menus and walks off, as James sits back-rolling his neck a bit.]

Nikki: You were great tonight.

James Silkk: You think so?

Nikki: Yeah, you and Brian worked really well together. I’m actually kind of shocked.

James Silkk: Me too.

[He pulls his phone out-and notices an unread text message. He pulls it up, and smirks.]

“Brian Hollywood: Good match tonight kid.”

James Silkk: It’s kind of interesting honestly. So much has changed recently. Two months ago? Brian and I would of killed each other. Tonight? We worked together for a common goal.

Nikki: What are you going to do about No Limits though?

James Silkk: What do you mean?

Nikki: Well, I mean like…your match with Damien-I’m sure he’s pissed about losing to you.

James Silkk: Let him be. No Limits, I will win gold in Milwaukee….again……

[James trails off-almost staring into space.]

Nikki: James? Our foods here.

James Silkk: Oh..good.

[The waitress sets down their food, and walks off. James still adrift in his thoughts.]

Nikki: Earth to Jimmy. Whats up?

James Silkk: I just realized something….about me, PWX, titles, and Milwaukee. Hah. It’s going to be a good night.

[The two enjoy their late night dinner as we fade out.]



Sunday, January 20th 2013

Milwaukee, WI.

[We fade in outside of a large building. Focusing on the sign that says “US CELLULAR ARENA”.]

Voice: You know it was just over six years ago-just down the road that I first won gold here in in PWX.

[The camera angle widens, and we see James Silkk standing against the sign. He’s wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of jeans.]

James Silkk: The other side of town, the Eagles Ballroom-right here in Milwaukee. You see, the PWX World Television Title was vacated and myself and a man named Vincent Ozzstryker squared off to decide a new champion. It was that night-that I won the World Television Title, my first belt here in PWX. I spent all of 2006 showing the world that I had more heart that anyone else on this roster. I spent the whole year proving that with or without a title-I would steal the show. I went on to feud with Lars Micheals-and month in and month out-we stole the show. That reign-while it may have been brief-was started right here.

[He pauses and smiles]

James Silkk: That brings me to this Wednesday Night…PWX No Limits-taking place in this very building. The Cell Arena-just a few short blocks from the Eagles Ballroom. I face a man in Damien Frost-who has been fairly dominant this year. 2012 was my break out year here in PWX. It’s where I silenced the critics, and where I shocked the world. It’s where I won the World Title-and carried the flag of this company around the world. In a few days-I do it again. I focus on the next stage of my own personal evolution. I focus on the Evo Title, and I focus on spending 2013 rebuilding this company from the ground up. I am focusing myself on forging a new legacy, a new era, one that I can call my own.

[He walks forward, smiling intently.]

James Silkk: Mr. Frost, you can assault me from behind-you can jump me backstage, you can talk about ending my career. When its said and done Damien-I will be the dreamkiller you feared. I will be the one who ends your wave of dominance. I have a win over you last week-when I pinned your partners shoulders to the mat. Last year, I stepped out of the shadow of the bat, and this year-I will carve my own legacy. Damien Frost, No Limits, right here in Milwaukee, WI…the Era of Abstract begins again-and I will evolve. Your fate-Damien-is mine to decide….

[He smirks as the camera starts to fade out.]


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