Strange Bedfellows?

alex-shellyThe scene fades in with static, and we see James Silkk sitting at his desk. Behind him a pair of large comic book posters sit affixed to his wall. He leans forward, and smiles.


“Simplicity at its best..”


[He smiles for a minute-before looking down and pulling up his Evolution Championship and setting it infront of him.]


“So people have been asking me all week my thoughts about whats transpired lately. What my relationship with Nikki is like. How it feels to be a champion again. What it’s like to be teaming with Jason Aries?  What do I have to say about facing Shadoe Rage soon for my new Evolution Championship? So many questions, so little time….”


[He pauses again, looking at the belt before placing it back on the desk-facing the camera.]


“2013 has been an up and down year from me. Failures and victories.  This Wednesday Night-PWX debuts on Fuel TV-right here in beautiful Sydney, Australia.  To be honest, I’m pumped for this match. I’m back in the saddle-and my ship has finally come in. Nobody will ruin my life now. Nobody.”


[He pauses and smiles.]


“So first up is Mr. Rage. Mr. Shadoe Rage.…”

[He pauses once more, sitting back and slinging the belt over his shoulder.]

“You and I have a date with destiny Shadoe. One day soon-you and I will clash for this championship. One day we will square off one on one. This week-we get a small preview of whats to come. We get a taste of the future. Now Shadoe Rage-the question I have for you is this: Are you ready? Are you prepared?  Can you handle the big leagues? I hope so-because I look forward to facing you for this title, and I look forward to testing your ability tomorrow night.”


[He pauses and smiles.]


“Now Tripp Skylark is a little preoccupied with my tag team partner. He’s looking clear through me-and that Mr. Skylark-is very, very dangerous to do.”


[He pauses and smiles.]


“I am a former World Champion. I am the Evolution Champion. I put Damien Frost out with an injury-and you-you little stoner are just looking past me-to your new mortal enemy Jason Aries. That’s fine. Deal with him as you need to-but I hope you do infact have your….’man pants’ on tomorrow night Tripp. Because my time has just begun-and I wont be looking past you to Shadoe Rage. I’ll take my challenges as they approach-and you best do the same.”


[He pauses and smirks.]


“Tomorrow night, Jason Aries and I face two of PWX’s fastest rising stars. That’s fine-we welcome the challenge. This is my time though kids, welcome to the Era of Abstract. Your fate…will be mine to decide..”


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