[PWX] Promises Kept


Monday, February 25th 2013

Hotel Room in Tokyo, Japan


[We open in a dark hotel room. James Silkk is sitting infront of his computer, watching the newest episode of “Kamen Rider Wizard”. He sits back, and unplugs his headphones-setting them on the table. He gets up, and turns the light back on-before walking to the bathroom and splashing water on his face. He looks up, and looks at himself in the mirror.]


Maybe it’s time.


[He sits down, and turns the TV on. They’re showing a recap of last weeks episode of PWX Adrenaline from Osaka.]

Ricky Cravate: What is that?
[The fans have a mixed reaction as Shadoe Rage hops the railing and attacks Silkk in the ring-dropping him with an STO. The ref calls for the bell, as Rage rains down rights and lefts on the Evolution Champion. Silkk shoves him away and gets to his feet-as Rage lunges at him with a lariat. Rage continues the assault, until Silkk throws a wild elbow-catching him in the jaw. Rage throws a knee, and drops Silkk with the Death in Darkness, choking the life out of the Evolution Champion as the bell continues to ring.]
Chris Caudill: Shadoe Rage wants to take Silkk out in a bad way!


[He sits back in the chair again-and sighs. His phone starts going off, and he see’s it’s a FaceTime call from Nikki Lee. He picks up the phone and sighs-answering the call with a smile.]


“Hey babe!”


“Hey James, hows it going over in Japan?”




[He’s lying. The thoughts meandering through his mind, the emotions, the feelings, the plans he has set into motion. It’s far from ‘fantastic’]


“How about you Nikki?”


[He forces a smile, trying to not let on whats on his mind.]


“I’m doing great. I really wish I could of gone on this trip with you James. I would of LOVED to visit Akihabara with you.”


[Beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, and a geek? She’s perfect. But he still refuses to let her know that.]


“I know babe, your work is just as important though. Don’t worry though, you and I will be taking center stage soon enough.”


[He smiles. He knows what the future will hold-and what he has planned.]


“What time is it there Nik?”


“It’s like 4 PM here in Toronto?”


“It’s like 3 AM here in Tokyo.”


“Oh no! Did I wake you?”


“No Nikki, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.”




“No. My mind has just been wandering lately. I feel this need, I feel this urge. I need a creative outlet that isn’t just kicking people in the skull.”


“I understand.”


“I’m going to try and catch a little bit of rest Nik, I’ll call you tomorrow. I have some press to do early in the morning.”


“Okay babe. Good night.”


[She kisses at the screen. He smiles-and clicks the call off. Setting down the phone, he gets up and walks out onto the balcony.]


….Wednesday Night, Shadoe Rage thinks he will destroy me. I would like to see him try….. It’s time….for him to see the light





Tuesday, February 26th 2013

Tokyo Dome


[The arena is empty, and workers are finishing the set for Wednesday’s huge PWX event. The camera focuses on the ring-where James Silkk sits on a metal folding chair. The Evolution Championship lays on the mat infront of him. He looks up at the camera, and smiles.]


“I spoke last week about not having respect for this country. That I wasn’t a man of honor. There’s a certain feeling though-about being in THIS building. The Tokyo Dome, one of the biggest venues of all time. The greats of the sports have competed here. Wednesday night, that tradition will continue.”


[Silkk grabs the Evolution Championship-and slings it over his shoulder.]


“Heroes have been born and bred in this arena. Careers have been made, and careers have died. Tomorrow night, we will see what happens when I step across the ring from Shadoe Rage. A man who is seemingly ready to tear me apart.”


[He smiles and stands up-looking over the massive arena.]


“It’s now or never to make my mark here. Tomorrow night, I will knock Shadoe Rage off of my list-and I will move on, I will move back into position, and I will reclaim what has been taken from me. Success will bring greater success. If I fail, I will leave. If I succeed-than my name will be the one remembered after Hostile Takeover…no one elses.”


[He smiles again-pacing around the ring.]


“Fear is not something I do Shadoe. I do not fear you, but rather welcome you. We’ve done this dance many times Shadoe, and now we finally do it one on one. No tag teams, no surpise attacks. The Abstract enters Rage Country for the first time. It’s too bad though Shadoe, I will be your Dream Killer, and I will spoil your plans. I will leave Tokyo with the Evolution Championship, and I will than move on to bigger and better things.”


[He smiles again, gazing hard into the camera.]


“Tomorrow night Shadoe, I will close Rage Country for good. Tomorrow night, the Era of Abstract will continue…mark my words Shadoe, tomorrow night-your fate will be mine to decide. Tomorrow night, you will see the light….”


[He smiles as we fade to black.]











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