[PWX] Another Opprotunity



People want to talk about controversy and chaos, people want to cause havoc just because its cool or trendy. That’s not what the Untouchables are about. It’s not what they stand for of what they do. They’re not outsiders, they’re not upstarts, they’re not a bunch of big league rejects with a motorcycle fetish. They are the present and future of a company. The present and future of an industry.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is no garentuee. Live for the present. Steal the spotlight. Be Untouchable.


After Adrenaline XXX.

Excalibur Nightclub

Chicago, IL


[We fade in the VIP area of Excalibur in Chicago, IL. A live band can be heard playing-women are running around half dressed, and a party atmosphere has engulfed everyone. Tonight-through the low lighting and through the smoke, there will be some sembelence of celebration.]


James Silkk: We may have had a set back tonight, with Axel Aomori-but rest assured, the war is still ours!


[Silkk says raising a glass. Surrounding him at a table is Nikki Lee, Christian Rhodes, Jason Aries, and Adam Stryker]


James Silkk: Our message was sent and received loud and clear. We are not going to be pushed over, we are not going to be over looked!


[The group raises their glasses, and Silkk smiles.]


James Silkk: Jason Aries….next week-you have to make nice with Darin Zion, but the ends will justify the means. You will get the first strike against Pariah, you will draw first blood!


[Jason nods and sips his drink]


James Silkk: Adam, Christian. I couldn’t help but hear your little squabble tonight. Things happen, and while yes-Axel Aomori got the victory tonight-I don’t see him getting past Elijah Black. I’ve tangled with him twice-and this Axel kid isn’t NEARLY on my level. You had a mis communication tonight-and it will be rectified on Wednesday when you put Brian Hollywood in a fucking coma!


Rhodes: Here here!


James Silkk: And Shadoe Rage. I hope you’ve kept the Evolution Championship warm-and I hope you don’t focus too hard on Elijah Black at High Stakes-because you won’t be facing Elijah Black at High Stakes. I will be. I can finally pay him back for those two losses in UWL.


Nikki Lee: To the Untouchables!


All: Untouchables!


[He sits down and sips his drink.]


Nikki Lee: I can’t believe I’m part of this James. I’m so happy you finally let me in.


James Silkk: No worries dear. It’s time I treated someone worth it to the rock star life-because that’s what we are!


[He sips another drink as we fade to black.]




Sunday, March 17th 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The House of Silkk


[The scene fades into the home gym of one James Silkk. He’s practicing a few kicks and strikes on a practice dummy. Focusing his attacks on the head and shoulders. Music is blaring, as Nikki walks down stairs-wearing just one of his shirts. She smiles as she leans against the wall-watching him. His eyes burn with detimination, with focus. He knows whats really on the line on Wednesday Night. A piece of gold? Yes. Avenging a loss? Yes. But his reputation is at stake right now. Shadoe Rage may not be the targer of the Untouchables-he may not be the end game, he may not be the goal. For now though-Silkk cant look past him. He is the end game as far as he’s concerned. At least for now he is.]


Nikki Lee: You’ve been down here for like six hours James. I think you can take a break.


[She turns the music off-almost snapping James out of his trance.]


James Silkk: There’s no rest for the wicked Nikki….after last night you should of noticed that.


Nikki Lee: Last night…and this morning?


James Silkk: See my point?


Nikki Lee: I just think you might becoming too obsessive about this. I mean I’ve seen you when you get your mind on something….it’s kind of scary actually.


[He sighs, shaking his head.]


James Silkk: I’m not a pushover. I’m not a slouch. I’m tired of people making the claim-and Im tired of that cunt of a DOC stepping into my business!


[He slams his fist into the face of the practice dummy, and smiles.]


James Silkk: Once some more gold comes home to us, than maybe she’ll treat us with respect. Maybe than she’ll give us what we deserve.


Nikki Lee: And that’s…


James Silkk: Respect Nikki, it’s always been about respect. Ever since day one I’ve fought for respect. I’m tired of the Kings being the feature presentation around here. That’s why I put the Untouchables together-to make a difference, to get respect.


Nikki Lee: But….


James Silkk: But nothing. I respect Shadoe Rage, because he earned my respect. I spent the entire fourth quarter of 2012 carrying this company on my back. I saved us from having another Jacob Rollins disgracing one of our titles situation-when I took the World Title from Tweeder. I took on every challenge, both at home and abroad. Zion, Black, Hollywood, Windsor, every person out there who wanted a piece of me-I gave it to them. I nearly broke my back for this company-and where has that gotten me Nikki? These new kids are getting title shots upon signing. Sweet Annihilation has wrestled ONE fucking match-against two jokes in Presidental masks-and now they get a shot at the World Tag Team Championship? It’s offensive-and I’m sick of it.


Nikki Lee: So that’s why you’re taking your rematch? Because you want the Evolution Title back?


James Silkk: No. Not at all Nikki. It has very little to do with the belt to be perfectly honest. Shadoe has been a great champion-but it’s a matter of proving a point. It’s unfortunate that Shadoe has to be the one used to make the point-but that’s the breaks in PWX. Wednesday Night, in Chicago-I will walk out with the Evolution Title back around my waist, and Shadoe Rage will have learned a lesson. The Untouchables are the way of the future here in PWX. If you aren’t part of the solution-you’re the problem. Jason, Adam and Christian all have their targets laid out before them-and by the end of High Stakes, our mission statement will be clear!


[She walks up to him, and hugs him.]


Nikki Lee: I can’t wait.


James Silkk: Neither can I….


[He smirks as the scene fades to black]




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