[PWX] Trinity





[Before Lillith can utter a word, “More Like You” by Scars of Life echoes over the PA system, and James Silkk steps out onto the stage. He’s carrying both of the PWX World Tag Team Championship belts with him. The crowd boos loudly as he climbs into the ring and slings them over his shoulders-taking a mic from Alexis.]

James Silkk: John…listen to Lillith man….or…listen to reason and common sense. Your choice.

[He quirks his eyebrow as the crowd boos loudly. James hands him one of the tag title belts.]

James Silkk: I believe this belongs to you sir.

[He takes it from his hand and turns to him-slinging the belt over his shoulder.]

John Pariah: What do you want James? Or do I need to find another pane of glass to put you through?

James Silkk: I come in peace John. I come in peace. Look, I was listening to everything you just said, and I wanted to extend the olive branch. Come to the dark side John..together..you are I…we can save this company. Listen, you read “Gates of Gotham” right?

[He nods, growing impatient with Silkk.]

James Silkk: Well look, that’s us. Hell, that’s the three of us right here.

Lillith Morgan: James, don’t lump me in with your bullshit!

James Silkk: Look, ‘Gates of Gotham’ was about the families that built Gotham City right? The Waynes, the Elliots, the Cobblepotts and the Cains. Right? We’re the Gates of PWX John. We founded this company, and we built this company from the ground up. Didn’t we?

[His expression remains cold.]

James Silkk: Think of it John. You, joining up with the Untouchables. We would be unstoppable. You’d have the backup you need-at your beck and call-to cross every name off your ‘list’. You and I could dominate the world as Tag Team Champions. We would rule PWX the way it was meant to be ruled…with an iron fist! Come on John, what do you say?

Lillith Morgan: John, you know you can’t trust James. Think about everything he’s done to you! Think of what he did to our daughter.

[Pariah steps back-looking at both people.]

John Pariah: I work better alone… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the devil-but I’m not going to be your hero anymore…

[He drops the mic and takes the other tag belt from Silkk, before leaving the ring. “Absolute Zero” reprises. Lillith looks confused, as James Silkk smirks-mouthing the words “That wasn’t a ‘no’” as we fade to commercial.]



[The camera pans out, and we see we’ve been re-watching the opening segment to last weeks Adrenaline broadcast on an iPad-set up on a table. The camera angle widens, and we see James Silkk sitting in a chair-the sunlight of the beautiful Toronto weather billowing into the sunroom he currently resides. He stands up-and looks out the window, watching Nikki Lee sunbath by the pool.]


James Silkk: It wasn’t a no.


[He chuckles and steps back, closing his iPad.]


James Silkk: I made the offer to extend the olive branch John, and that offer still stands on the table. I know who has failed this company-and together, brothers in arms, we can avenge this company.  We can right the wrongs, we can save this place.


[He pauses and smirks.]


James Silkk: There is of course the matter of your ex wife though John. You see, she decided to book me in a match this week in Valparaiso. A fortnight after you and I went to war inside that Seventh Circle. She told me, and I quote-that this was my punishment for the atrocities I commited. She put me against Elijah Black-the new Number One Contender….


[He laughs, turning to face the camera.]


James Silkk: I guarantee Elijah is one of those outsider forces that are killing this company. I promise that Elijah is on John’s list. So I’ll do my brother a solid, and I mark a name off of it for him. Lillith wants to book this as a punishment for me? Oh, dear Lillith. I’m sorry-but this is a reward. A gift for all the trouble I’ve caused. Just like a kid on Christmas morning-I look forward to Wednesday Night, when I walk down the ramp and I step into the ring with Elijah Black..one..last..time….

[He smirks, and pulls up a video on his iPad. He sets it down and presses play. It’s footage from UWL’s first event, where James Silkk fought Elijah Black for the UWL World Title.]


James Silkk: That loss set me back Elijah. That loss made me angry, it made me violent. That loss lead to my downward spiral. A few weeks later I would go on to lose the PWX World Championship to Brian Hollywood. Now, I have another chance at redemption.


[He pauses and smirks-gazing out the window.]


James Silkk: Mr. Black, you and I have a long and sordid history. You not only beat me once, but twice-for that UWL World Championship. The only person able to beat me without interference. I applaud that Elijah, I really do. The only issue now friend, is the fact that you are entering the ring with an entirely different animal. An owl, who stealthly hunts at night. You have dreams Elijah, dreams of the PWX World Championship, dreams of facing Nighthawk at The Intiative. I’m sorry my friend….but it looks like I’m going to be your spoiler, your dream killer. Because after I beat you, After I finally quell that demon that’s been chasing me for nearly seven months-Elijah, once I exercise that demon, than it will be me challenging Nighthawk. It will be me getting the return match I deserve!


[He pauses once more-gazing into the camera.]


James Silkk: You will stand before us, and be judged. Elijah Black, at Adrenaline 38-you will stand before the Untouchables-and we will pass judgement for you. Your fate is mine to decide, and this time-you won’t be so lucky.


[He smirks as we fade to black.]



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