[PWX] Joker’s Wild




There’s a lot we don’t know. There’s a lot we seek. All that information, all that life, all that experience, the very soul and fabric of our existence lies within one place. 


The Court.


off camera


10:45 PM – Wednesday, 5-29-13

Immediately following “Adrenaline 39”


[The cameras have turned off for the night-fans have begun filing out of the arena. A small contingent of fans stay to continue their jeers towards the ring. Medical staff has removed Brian Hollywood and Noah Hanson from the ring, and The Court still stand in it-soaking up the hatred from the crowd. James Silkk rolls out of the ring-and demands a microphone from the ring attendent-before sliding back in.]


Silkk: Testing…testing…good, those idiots in the truck haven’t cut this off yet!


Crowd: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *clap clap clapclapclap*


[The woman still stands in the ring-her hair covering part of her mask. Silkk takes Hollywood’s belt, and slings it over his shoulder.]


Silkk: The future begins now! I said it for the weeks leading up to Civil War….our motto, our method, our creed. Solve et Coagula. Destroy to recreate. To save this company, for it to be born again…it must be destroyed. We are the Lords on high-and PWX has become Sodom and Gamorrah. It begins..in one weeks time. You have all bore witness to the beginning of the end. Everyone in that locker room will face the court!


[The crowd boos louder as Silkk throws the mic down. “Anchor” reprises. Fade out.]



12:16 PM – Tuesday, 6-4-13

The Day Before The Showdown


Detroit, Michigan. Its a fucking cesspool. Look at everyone here though…distraught, broken, shattered. What really does Detroit have going for it? A shitty hair metal band in KISS. A shitty white rapper in Eminem. Kid Rock. Plus you have the Lions, Tigers and Red Wings…all pitiful excuses for sports teams. It’s time Detroit saw what a hero looked like.


[A black 2013 Corvette pulls off of the highway, pulling into the Townsend Hotel-located in Birmingham, MI. Just about 25 minutes away from the Compuware Arena-the site of PWX’s 40th episode of “Adrenaline”. In about 30 hours or so, PWX would be live on FUEL TV, and the man in that car would be competiting once again for PWX gold. The car parks, as the valets rush out. We see James Silkk step out of the drivers side door. His hair is pulled back, and a pair of black sunglasses cover his face. He is wearing a black Wornstar t-shirt, and a pair of black jeans. The trunk opens, and he pulls a bag from it. Looking around-he smirks and pulls the PWX World Tag Team Championship belt out, slinging it over his shoulder. He closes the trunk and looks at the valet-tossing him the keys.]


Silkk: Scratch it…and I kill you.


[He walks into the hotel-where he’s met by the concierge staff.]


Staff: Thank you for staying with us Mr. Silkk. Please have a seat-your suite will be ready soon enough.


Silkk: If my boss wasn’t paying for this…I would of stayed at home in Toronto for another day-and made the drive up in the morning. But hey, I have no problem wasting that skunks money.


[He signs a couple papers, and sits down on a black leather sofa. He pulls his iPad out, and begins flicking through Twitter-seeing peoples reactions and thoughts on tomorrows event. He smiles-as he puts the iPad away. His phone begins to ring, and he answers it.]


Silkk: Ahoy hoy.


[He pauses, listening.]


Silkk: Sounds like a plan. No, they won’t ever expect you. We’ve done everything to throw them off of your trail. Everything is going to go ahead as planned. Good. See you tomorrow.


[He hangs up the call, before getting a pair of text alerts.]


Silkk: Nope…I’m not answering those…


[It rings again]


Silkk: Goddamnit Nikki.


[He answers it.]


Silkk: County morgue?


[The sounds of her yelling can be heard through the phone.]


Silkk: Listen, Nikki..whatever you think…you can think. I don’t really care. I’ve made my decision…and if you don’t like it…than..


[She cuts him off. Still unintelligible-but very loud and angry.]


Staff: Mr. Silkk, your room…


Silkk: I have to go…shut up…


[He hangs up the phone, and gets up-handing the bellboy his bag-they head up to his suite. Fade out.]



on camera:



There’s a snake in my boot!


Somebody’s poisoned the water hole!


[We fade in on a dark room. A small array of candles can be seen lighting up small sections.]


Silkk: You cannot see the strings, because we don’t want you too. Its amazing though how everything has fallen immediately into our hands, and everything has followed our plan to the letter.


[A fire ignites, illuminating the blackness. We see James Silkk sitting in a rocking chair, holding a Woody doll from the film “Toy Story”. He smirks as he looks to the fire next to him.]


Silkk: You speak truth when you say you do not have a pull cord in your back. Your words are not important-its your actions we require. Its an amazing feat really-to be chosen by The Court. The fact that we have no intentions of crossing the names “Micheal Tomkins” and “Adam Stryker” off of our list should be seen as the greatest compliment of all.


[He pauses, throwing the doll into the fire.]


Silkk: In the end though, everyone will burn. Adam Stryker talks about how I betrayed the Untouchables. I brought the Untouchables together. I hand selected you Adam, I hand selected Christian, I hand selected Jason. All of you were key roles in my plan. We would dominate, we would destroy. You would take the focus off of my true goal-so that The Court could work in peace. We live in a strange world, a violent world, a vicious world. We destroy our brothers, we destroy our homes-all for mere personal gain. The goals of the Court are absolute, infallible. The goals of the Untouchables? Were just wanton destruction. Adam Stryker you served the role of the dominant enforcer well. When Christian suffered an injury-I knew it was time to…deal a new hand…


[He pulls a deck of cards from his pocket, and begins shuffling them in his hands.]


Silkk: The fates have dealt us this hand….we used you to put a damper on Timothy Hunt and Daniel Tyler’s rise to the top-so we could be left alone to work in peace. We thank you for your service Mr. Stryker, and Mr. Tomkins-but we can take it from here. We didn’t want to have those two clowns interfere in our business, when we took out Noah Hanson and Brian Hollywood. We needed a red herring, a distraction, something to take everyones mind off of our true goal. You served our purpose nicely. We thank you.


[He pauses again, still shuffling the card. He slowly-one by one tosses them into the fire as well. Each card crackling as it hits the flames.]


Silkk: You ask a legitimate question. You called out the fact that my partner, my brother, does not care whether or not we walk out of Detroit with the Tag Team Championships. You question it, you don’t understand our logic, you can’t fathom the scope of our plan. You see for The Court-victories are not measured in pins or submissions. They aren’t measured in count outs or disqualifications. They aren’t measured in wins or losses. They’re measured in success, and failure. Take last week for example. Sure, my brother lost to Noah Hanson in the ring…Noah pinned him to the mat, and we took the loss….but in the end-who was carted to the back on a stretcher? Not him. The end result of Adrenaline 39-was the destruction of Noah Hanson and Brian Hollywood-and the revelation of our faces. From day one, we have been pulling the strings-even when at war, the bloodshed, the violence, a nessecary evil when you’re plotting a revolution.


[He pauses-finally holding up a Joker card to his face.]


Silkk: We are the ones with the plan. We are not hungry dogs who wouldn’t know what to do with the car we chase. Every move is cold, calculated and determined. We are not a trio of has beens, we are not a cartel of rookies, we are not wannabe biker gang. We are absolute power. We are perfection. We are omnipotence. We are the Court. Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Stryker-as my brother said, stay out of our way-and we won’t have to add two names to our list. As far as Mr. Tyler, and Mr. Hunt goes….expect carnage, expect destruction-and if Mr. Hanson and Mr. Hollywood even show their faces-expect us to finish what we started last week. Everyone will face the court, and when they do-their fate will be ours to decide….


[He throws the joker card in the fire-putting it out as we fade to black.]


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