[PWX] World Grand Prix (vs @AntonChase3)

RP Title: A Diamond In The Rough

Scene One:

Houston, Texas

Toyota Center Locker Room

Hours after “Do Or Die IV”

[The scene fades in on a locker room standing empty. John Pariah is seen sitting on the bench-still in his gear. His head down in his arms. A door opens, and James Silkk and Lillith Morgan walk into frame.]

James Silkk: John?

[He doesn’t answer-continuing his stoic silence.]

James Silkk: John, come on man, let’s get out of here. Security is about to throw us out. The show has been over for hours!

[He looks up, but still silent as James grabs his bags. After a moment of persistant persuasion-John stands up and snatches them from James-and heads out the locker room door.]

James Silkk: What the fuck is his problem?

[Lillith shrugs as the two chase after him. Pariah exits the front doors of the building and stops-looking at an event poster on the wall. He turns to it and punches the glass straight away-shattering it.    He looks back at James and Lillith coming toward him-before getting into his black 2014 Impala and speeding away.]

Lillith Morgan: John! Wait!

[They get outside, and James looks at the poster, glass shattered. It’s a poster for ‘Do Or Die’-hyping Hollywood vs Pariah. The faces were ripped off the poster-before John shattered the glass. James sighs, and looks out into the roads, with John long gone.]

James Silkk: Let him heal….

Lillith Morgan: What?

James Silkk: He’s like Wolverine..he heals quickly. Give him time..

Lillith Morgan: I have a performance review next week by this Shadow Cabinet James. I need someone to talk to…

James Silkk: I’m here..

Lillith Morgan: You’re not involved anymore…

James Silkk: Not involved? What, because I’m retired-I can’t talk shop? I’ve been part of this company for years Lil-I’m pretty sure I can help.

Lillith Morgan: No James…you can’t…

[He steps back, almost shocked. He sighs and walks away-heading over to his motorcycle.]

Lillith Morgan: James..wait..

[He puts his helmet on, and speeds away-as Lillith leans against the wall. She lets out a sigh as we fade to black.]



I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I promised myself I wouldn’t come back. I had a new life now. I was happy, I was free. John said something last week about wrestling being the drug you can’t give up. The mistress you know will just hurt you-but she fucks so good while she’s doing it-you just numb yourself to the pain. Now here I am, on a plane to Atlanta, Georgia. Here I am preparing for the World Grand Prix. Last year, the WGP was sandwiched between me and Kerry Windsor. We kicked off the tournament, and by god-we ended the tournament. This year, I want to see what this new PWX is all about. There was a ton of new faces in that locker room in Houston. Now, I want to see what they’re made of.


Flight 1218 from Toronto to Atlanta.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

About 1:10 PM

[We fade in on First Class of Flight 1218. We see James Silkk kicking back with his iPad, enjoying some reading. The stewardess hands him a glass of coke, and he goes back to reading.]

Captain: Ladies and Gentlemen, please begin turning off all electronic devices-as we begin our descent in Atlanta. We want to thank you for flying with us today.

[He sighs and powers off his iPad.]

James Silkk: right at the big reveal too…assholes.

Man on Plane: What were you reading?

James Silkk: Comics.

Man on Plane: Aye, I remember when Kirby and I would create these fascinating stories for the pages of Timely.

James Silkk: Really?

Man on Plane: Oh yes true believer! When we were working on Spider-Man, he kept coming up with these ideas. We eventually spawned off the X-Men, Fantastic Four-all of it. Say…don’t I know you from somewhere?

James Silkk: Maybe? I’m in a band, and I’m going to be in the new ‘Darkness’ movie.

Man on Plane: No. You’re a wrestler right? James Silkk?

James Silkk: I might be…

Man on Plane: It’s great to meet you. My name is Stan, listen-I had a copy of “The Wrestler” I was reading-that’s where I knew you from. Would you sign it for me?

[He pulls a magazine out of his bag, with James Silkk on the cover. It says “Come Back? The Heir Apparent Returns To His Kingdom!”]

James Silkk: Who do I make this out for sir?

Man on the Plane: Stan Lee!

[James smiles and signs the cover.]

Man on the Plane: Excelsior!

[Stan gets up and heads for the door.]

James Silkk: Even Stan Lee wants my autograph. Haha.

[He gets up and heads out the door at well, and heads down the tunnel-exiting the gate. He see’s a man holding a sign that says “Scallion” on it. He smirks and walks up to him.]

Man With Sign: Good afternoon sir. Welcome to Atlanta. Shall we go?

James Silkk: We shall.

[He is carted off into the back of a black car. We cut inside, where he sets his bag down and sighs.]

James Silkk: Camera guy, how long have you been following me? Don’t answer that. I guess you want something for that website of yours-right? I didn’t forget how pushy you PWX people are.

[He chuckles and looks at his iPhone, reading some tweets he missed on the plane.]

James Silkk: Anton Chase has stayed rather quiet. I can’t blame him. The kid is a machine. FGA, Warped, PWX. He’s a good kid. I’m kind of pissed we never got to tango during my time in WARPED-but I’m glad he’s here in PWX. I really want to see what this kid is made out of…

[He smiles for a minute-while going through his timeline.]

James Silkk: I don’t normally like when people bitch about winning or losing a title. Being there live though, watching backstage-and seeing just HOW David Wilson won the Hybrid Championship. I don’t disagree. You three had a competitive match-and you had the match won at several occasions Anton. That scumbag decides to use the ring bell-and bust Jessica’s skull open with it-screwing you out of the title you deserve? I can see where that would eat you up. Honestly? I’m happy about it.

[He pauses-realizing what he just said.]

James Silkk: For a selfish reason though Anton. All due respect, you’re one helluva talent-but I want to see you at your best. I watched when you and Pariah went toe to toe. I’ve watched you in FGA and in WARPED. I don’t want you to half ass this match Anton-and that rage inside you. Your quest for vengeance. You’re the uncrowned champion Mr. Chase-and on Wednesday Night, I want that fire, that fierocity, that passion. I want to be shown that you are part of this next generation of PWX talent. I want to see that you can be one of those people who lead this company into 2014-the same way I helped bring PWX into 2013.

[He smiles again-putting his phone in his pocket.]

James Silkk: Anton Chase, the battle begins on Wednesday. Bring it on Chase-I want to see you at your best. Welcome to the big leagues kid-guess I’ll be your guide..

[The car stops and Silkk opens the door-grabbing his back and getting out. He slams the door in the cameras face as we fade to black.]


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