[PWX] Second Chances…



[The scene fades in with James Silkk sitting on his black recliner-watching footage from the past few weeks of Adrenaline. Nikki Lee walks up to him, sitting down on the arm.]


Nikki: James, are you okay?


[James is sitting in the chair, watching the videos intently. Just two weeks ago, James Silkk stepped back into the ring for the first time in months-and he worked his ass off, but it wasn’t enough.


James Silkk: It wasn’t enough.


Nikki: What? James?


James Silkk: Yes…I returned to the ring to prove a point. To prove I could still hang in with these new kids. It wasn’t enough. I gave it my all, everything I could muster-and it wasn’t enough.


Nikki: Why did you come back James? You’ve done everything there is to do.


James Silkk: I’m still seen as a side character, a jobber, a fluke champion. I’m not dammit!


[He throws the remote against the wall, and stands up-seething with rage.]


James Silkk: I held the World Championship for 70+ days. I went toe to toe with the best this business had to offer. 2013 was meant to be my year, and it all went spiraling away. I have one more chance to prove myself, one more chance to make it right.


Nikki: Are you okay James? You seem..shaken.


[He doesn’t respond to her at first. He stares intently on the screen-watching Damien’s every move.]


Nikki: James?


James Silkk: I’m fine, I just…I need to focus on this, I need to do this, I need to step into that ring in Philadelphia, and I need to survive. I need to walk out there and I need to outlast Tiami Tyler.


Nikki: I think she’s too preoccupied right now. She just joined Canadian X Pro with John.


James Silkk: I need to beat Timothy DeClair…


Nikki: Why?


James Silkk: To prove myself. He’s a World Champion from another company.


Nikki: To who.


James Silkk: To the world Nikki, to the fans….I was always the runt of the litter. Preston Parker is one of those guys who the internet is raving about. He’s an indy darling….I need to take him out to prove a point



[He pauses-looking at her beautiful face. Her borderline perfect body wrapped skin tight t-shirt and a pair of jeans that look painted on. Everything about this girl screamed at him. So much history, so much at stake. They’ve made it work thus far, but other things are at play.]


James Silkk:….to myself…


Nikki: What do you mean.


James Silkk: A little over a year ago. Ever since I lost the UWL World Title. Ever since WrestleFest last year-I’ve just been on this downward spiral. I see names in this tournament like Bruce Bowen-who has done absolutely nothing but be Troy Stone’s jizzmopper. Now he’s in the match representing the House of Stone. Now he gets a second chance.



[He walks over to the wall-looking at a PWX promotional poster featuring him and Brian Hollywood from last years “Respect Is Earned” event.]


James Silkk: I thought my slump was over when I formed the Untouchables. We proved dominant, and than Civil War happened. Than I became their puppet.


[Nikki walks over to him-putting her arms around him.]


Nikki: You were nobodies puppet James.


James Silkk: We were. We both were…..Talon’s pawns-just waiting to be played in this maniacal game of chess. This lover’s quarrel between her and Brian-using John and I as pieces of the game. The only other time I felt that used was when Marisol was around.


Nikki: James. It’s all over now. There’s been so much good that has happened to us.


James Silkk: Good? Your uncle had a heart attack, was in the hospital for weeks before he….


[Nikki puts her fingers over his mouth.]


Nikki: Shhh. James. You know he approved of us. You know we have his blessing.


James Silkk: We do….


[She kisses him, as he looks back at the poster.]


Nikki: What about the good coming James?


James Silkk: The good? Well I guess the good is the fact that I get to step into the ring with the world famous Ryan Kidd. The Evolution Champion-a man who the House of Stone wants dead. He’s such an extraordinary talent…if he can just pass this hurdle-who knows where he can go.


Nikki: See? There’s that.


[He pauses-gazing at the image of him holding the World Championship in the poster.]


James Silkk: He’s going to be there….


Nikki: What?


James Silkk: Nighthawk…


Nikki: What about him?


James Silkk: He’s a two time World Champion Nikki. If I can take him out…..that will make them think twice about my career.


[Nikki looks confused, as she sighs and walks toward the steps leading to the front foier]


Nikki: James, we have to get going, My uncle’s will reading is in an hour-and it’s across town. You know how Toronto traffic is….


James Silkk: I’ll be there….


[She sighs as she heads up the steps, and he stares intently at the poster.]


James Silkk: It doesn’t matter who. Tiami, Timothy, Bruce, Preston, Ryan or you Nighthawk. My presence will be felt-and I will survive this battle royal, and I will make it to New Jersey, and I will be in the finals of the World Grand Prix. This may turn out to be more of a come back than I thought….


[He smiles, as his phone beeps loudly. He pulls it out and see’s a text message from Lillith Morgan.]


Lillith Morgan: I can’t do this anymore James. I’m sorry.


[His smile immediately turns to cold dead stare, and he gazes at the phone.]


Nikki: Come on honey!


[He looks up, and quickly pockets the phone.]


James Silkk: On my way….


[He grabs his jacket and heads up the stairs as we fade to black.]



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