[2CW] Breaking News…




[The scene opens backstage at 2CW Redefine, James Silkk is talking with fans after the show-outside of the Frontier Fieldhouse, when Kendra Miller, 2CW’s rookie backstage interviewer comes up to him with a camera crew.]


Kendra: James! James! Mr. Silkk, a word please.


[He turns to her-pausing his conversation with the fan.]


James: Kendra! Holy crap, I didn’t know you were still employed here. Literally nobody uses you-like ever. How ya doing?


Kendra: I’m..good…James…we just wanted to get a word on your thoughts about being entered in the Heritage Championship tournament on June 14th in Hammond?


James: My thoughts? I’m estatic about it. Yeah-I’ve had my mind a little bit preoccupied with SPITFIRE lately. Those kids down there-future of the sport. But me? I’m todays star. The only reason I didn’t join my brothers team forCivil War-is because of this tournament! Look, I know Jason Aries is the new 2CW Champion, and that’s AWESOME. I’m proud of him. Good kid, I taught him well last year-but people still will talk about John’s title reign-because he’s the first. Same goes for the Heritage Championship. The first-will go down in HISTORY, and I intend to do that…it doesn’t matter who I face at Heritage….


[He trails off, seeing a notification on his iPhone.]


Silkk: Just a second…


[He looks it over, smiling.]


Silkk: Breaking news Kendra. Look at this, first time anyone has seen you since 2CW opened-and you get to BREAK a story. At Heritage, in the first round of the Heritage Title Tournament…..I face Timothy Hunt!


Kendra: Oh wow! What are your thoughts on that?


Silkk: My thoughts. Wow. I don’t know…nobody has ever asked such hard hitting questions before. Listen toots, move out.


[He smiles-looking at the camera.]


Silkk: Mr. Hunt. I don’t have a lot of time, and I’ll be honest, I’m kind of star struck. This is a dream match for me-so listen good-because I know your plate is full with Civil War:


[He pauses and smiles.]


Silkk: I can NOT WAIT TO FACE YOU. Seriously. It’s a bit ironic that the first time we met over a year ago in PWX-it’s because I was coming to the aid of your…and now my-ex wife Marisol Hawkes. It’s a small world aint it?


[He pauses and smirks.]


Silkk: Don’t take my happy demeanor as anything that it isn’t Timothy. I am very focused. I don’t have to worry about any women at ringside clouding my judgement like I have in the past. I am focused, and I am reborn. My mind is sharper than ever before-and I will go down in history as the first ever 2CW Heritage Champion. So all due respect Tim-bring your A Game, because I’m bringing mine. 2014? The Abstract is coming to the Second City…and I will be the first ever Heritage Champion. My Era begins-in Hammond at Heritage. Welcome to the show…


[He smirks-as the camera pans over to Kendra-completely enamored with the former PWX World Champion, as we fade to black.]


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