REAL NAME: James Scallion

RING NAME: James Silkk

ALIAS: The Abstract


The Suicide Messiah (2005)

Canadian Dragon (2005-2006)

The Martyr of Truth (2006-2010)

The Young Modern (2010)

The Abstract (2010 – Present)

DATE OF BIRTH: September 19th 1986

HOMETOWN: Newcastle, England

CURRENTLY RESIDES IN: Nottingham, England

HEIGHT: 6’1″

WEIGHT: 212 lbs


WRESTLING STYLE: Technical / Martial Arts / High Flying.


Marissa Marie Scallion – mother – deceased
Herberet Magnus Olesen – father – deceased

Mikal Grayson Willis (Former Protege, member of The Fallen)
Sami Jacobs (Former Tag Team Partner, member of The Fallen)
Mercedes Morgan (Former valet / girlfriend, member of the Fallen, sister of Lillith Morgan, ex of John Pariah)

Jason Parker Olesen – Half Brother / Former PWX CEO

John Pariah – Half Brother / Former Mentor

Lillith Morgan – ex half sister in law

Marisol Hawkes – Silkk – Ex-Wife

Kip Lee – father figure growing up, owner of Lee’s Palace in Toronto.

Nikki Lee – childhood friend, niece of Kip Lee, current girlfriend



James Silkk has wrestling in his blood. Ever since he was a child-he’s aspired to be a wrestler. Influenced by greats like Chris Jericho and Bret Hart-he moved to Chicago, IL at the age of 18-and trained under “The King of Wrestling” John Pariah. He was Pariah’s first full time student-and would go on to become a former PWX NXTGN Champion

Silkk has had a turbulent career, recently falling on hard times after being dismissed from the PWX Roster. With Jason Parker Olesen back in control of PWX-it almost seems as if Silkk has been given a second chance with the company. A former follower-now a leader, James Silkk refers to himself as The Abstract. The Picaso of Professional Wrestling. You either get him, or you don’t.


In 2006, James left PWX, and went to strike out on his own. He had a successful run with the Mid Western Wrestling Association-holding a bevy of championships from 2006-2009. Including 2 reigns as World Tag Team Champions with Trent Murphy-as well as 3 reigns as Junior Heavyweight Champion. Silkk would also travel the independents during this time, before heading overseas to England and Australia for several tours.



In 2010- it was revealed by former PWX Executive Producer, JP Olesen-that James Silkk’s real father was Herbert Olesen. The father of JPO and John Pariah. Before, it was believed his fathers name was “Richard Hayes” and he left James’ mother before he was born. Silkk, Pariah, JPO, and Lillith Morgan made up the former PWX stable, now calling themselves “The First Family of Pro Wrestling”


James Silkk is part of a group called “The First Family”. This stable includes himself, his half brothers John Pariah and JP Olesen, and his half sister Lillith Morgan. Mikal Grayson Willis, Brian Hollywood, and Tyler Graves were at all one point considered part of the extended family at various times. They were considered to be the “Pro Wrestlings Kennedy Family” and now simple the First Family of Pro Wrestling.


In early 2010, Silkk struck out on his own, wrestling for Championship Wrestling Council, WARPED and Catholic Panda Wrestling-before returning to active duty in PWX. When PWX closed in late 2010-Silkk left the states and did a series of tours of both Europe and Japan. He returned to the US in the Summer of 2011, and formed a band, aptly named SILKK. The band garned extreme success-and quickly put out their first self titled LP. The band would tour through the Summer of 2012 to promote it.


In July of 2012, James Silkk put the band on hiatus, after learning his half brother, Jason Parker Olesen committed suicide. Later in the month-he made his first wrestling appearance in over two years-wrestling an impromptu main event for Spitfire Pro Wrestling, an event booked by his half brother John “Pariah” Olesen.


On August 1st, 2012, Silkk marked his return to PWX-kicking the World Champion John Ojeda in the face, and dropping him and Network Executive Darrell Hayes with the Dream Killer.


At Full Throttle, James Silkk made good on his promise to cripple his former mentor, John Pariah. During a violent I Quit Match, James Silkk made his former mentor say “I Quit”-before throwing him through a video screen, and sending him 20 feet to the concrete floor. Putting him in the hospital for weeks-with injuries such as 2 broken vertebrae and a shattered collarbone.


After that match-Silkk was cemented as a main stay on the roster. On August 12th 2012-James Silkk challenged Tweeder for the PWX World Championship. He requested the match in his hometown of Toronto, and for the first time in his career-was a World Champion.


Silkk would go on to celebrate his victory-meeting his eventual wife, Marisol Hawkes. The two had a rocket ride of a relationship-culminating in their marriage on PWX TV.  During his reign, James Silkk would defend the PWX World Championship against Kerry Windsor, Victor Jace, and Darin Zion-before finally losing the belt to Brian Hollywood. In the match, James’ half brother, Jason Parker Olesen returned as The Hood-and cost James the title. At Never Say Die, James would fight JPO in a Razor Wire Warfare match-and walk out the survivor.


After a bitter divorce from his wife, Marisol Hawkes. James Silkk is refocused. Challenging for the UWL World Championship-and looking to get back in the PWX Championship hunt. James has promised, 2013 is the Year of Abstract. He has earned the fans adoration and respect-as he was voted the Best World Champ for PWX in 2012- Now, with his band dissolved-James is focusing his energy on his one true passion. Wrestling. He promised 2013 would be a year of rebirth for him-and it’s started out with a bang. New look, a rekindling romance with a childhood friend-and a new lease on life-winning the Evolution Championship at PWX’s No Limits event is just the beginning.


James Silkk would go on to align himself with Adam Stryker, Jason Aries, and Christian Rhodes as “The Untouchables”. They would wage a war on the First Family of PWX-leading up to “Civil War: Legacy”. At the event, the Untouchables were beaten when Brian Hollywood pinned Christian Rhodes-but after the match, James’ half brother, John Pariah turned on his best friend. Over the next month-a shadowy group would enter PWX, led by Hollywoods former girlfriend, Audrey-know known as Talon. The Court would form in PWX_consisting of James Silkk and John Pariah. The trio would run roughshod over PWX for the next several months-until Pariah and Silkk would leave the group. After losing to Noah Hanson at a PWX event, James Silkk announced his retirement from wrestling, opting to persuing a music and acting career.


Silkk reunited with Nikki Lee, and has reformed his band SILKK with a new lineup. James also landed the role in Dimension Pictures new genre film, “The Darkness” due out in 2015-along with 39023782890 other major films.


James recently announced he plans to return to wrestling, agreeing to compete in the 2013 World Grand Prix for PWX. What does this mean for the Picaso of Pro Wrestling? Only time will tell..


Ring Attire:

-Long black tights, with red tribal designs., black elbow pads, white wrist tape, black boots, black knee pads.

–colored tribal design on back of pants colored shingaurds to match the color on tights.


Either a black t-shirt with cut off sleeves, or a black ring jacket similar to Matt Hardy’s or The Miz’s jackets.



[The lights go out, as an electronic intro echos over the pa, and smoke and lights swirl on the stage]


[“We Are The Brave” by VERIDIA hits the PA system. James Silkk steps out onto the stage and turns his back to the ring. He throws his arms out-and yells, arching his back before turning around. ]

There is an enemy
Dressed as a friend
The picture of deceit
Who knows the end
We are standing here unafraid
In the lions den
‘Cause the power strong enough to save
Is running through our veins

[The fans have somewhat of a mixed reaction as he heads down the ramp.]

We are the brave
We’ll never break
Whatever it takes
We’re gonna make it together
We’re chasing out fear
You’re not welcome here
Now and forever
Love is always gonna win the fight
Because the blood runs deep inside
We are the brave

[He poses on the ropes as the music fades out and he waits for his opponent.]


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