[PWX] We Are Always Watching


[i]Tonight I make things simple. I sit here in front of a desk, in front of a Macbook Pro, in a small hotel room in Osaka, Japan. I’ve spent the last several days in a very zen like state. I haven’t seen Nikki in two weeks-and its allowed me a moment of clarity. A moment of peace, a moment of dexterity. I see the mission laid out before me, and I see what must be done. Tomorrow Night I step into the Jo Hall, and tomorrow night, I vanquish a demon that I have been fighting for months.

Darin Zion, will see the Light….[/i]


[The scene opens in a hotel room in Osaka, Japan. A small room-fit for one or two people. We see James Silkk sitting on the floor-his head and back against the wall. He has earphones in, and his iPhone in his hand. Music is heard echoing and billowing from earpiece, but he remains motionless.


The music stops-and he looks up at the camera, removing the earphones from his head. He smiles, setting everything to his side. He begins to chuckle quietly to himself-before gazing into the camera.]

“I’ve seen the light, I’ve seen my purpose, I’ve heard my calling-and it all will be unveiled soon.”

[He chuckles again, looking off to the side where his Evolution Championship sits.]

“I won’t lie, I haven’t defended this title as much as I wish I would have, but come Hostile Takeover-I will make the most of it. I will be a fighting champion, and a dominant one. But let’s not look past the first hurdle, no…let’s look at the undeserving one first. Let’s look at tomorrow night-and my match with Darin Zion.”

[He pauses and smiles again.]

“Darin, the last time you and I were in the ring together, you said I was able to ‘keep up with you’. Keep up Darin? Keep up? I spilled your fucking blood, I broke your bones, and I walked out of that Steel Cage as World Champion. I kept the one thing that you so desperately cling onto right now. I brought more prestige, more honor, more respect to the title that John Ojeda and Tweeder had made a complete and utter joke-than anyone else has in years! You want to talk about how you’ve been dodging your responsibilities as Champion. You talk about all the public appearances, the meet and greets, the signings. You’re right Darin. You don’t live up to the expectations that the World Champion has. You don’t even come close to them. You have lucked into a lengthy title reign-because before Brian could get his rematch with you-which by the way I have still NOT gotten my rematch for the World Championship-before Brian could wrap his hands around your neck-he got side tracked with Adam Stryker. You should bow to Strykers feet, because if he hadn’t gotten himself involved with your former partner-Brian Hollywood would be World Champion right now. You know, I know it, the fans know it, management knows it-everybody…knows it Darin. You’re a damn coward, and tomorrow night in Japan, I will show you just how weak you are.”

[He sits back, and picks up his title belt-slinging it over his shoulder.]

“I may not be the World Champion right now, but I will be again soon. Right now, I am focusing on bringing the same honor and valor back to the Evolution Title. I want to make this title mean something. The days of Ashley Graves and Johnny Moxie competing over this title are long gone. They were replaced by dregs like John Duke. Then replaced again by a hellcat like Kirsta Lewis. Than the title faded away. After that, Damien Frost was christened as a champion-and where is he now? Gone. Ran away, afraid….”

[He pauses again and smiles.]

“Fear is the gatekeeper to respect. If they fear you, they will respect you. You can make up all the excuses you want for your poor performance Darin. I went through a marriage, a world tour, representing this company every place I possibly could, a divorce, a band breaking up, getting attacked from behind on multiple occasion-and I never complained once Darin. I never let it effect my performance in that ring. I was the face of PWX, and I still am Darin-more than you ever could be. Now you? You break a fucking nail-and you call in sick. I don’t care if you had the sniffles or fucking swine flu. I don’t care if the zombie plague broke out in Bumfuck, Kansas-and you had to fight off a horde of angry inbred zombies while starving off a diabetic coma from eating too many fucking cinabons. Wrestling is your business, and you should treat it that way! That’s why I won the best World Champion award for 2012. That’s why the fans voted me into that spot-and not you. Because I was there for them.”

[He pauses and smiles.]

“Darin, I’ve seen the light, I’ve embraced the light-and trust me. You all will see it soon. Darin, you’re the drunk father who is nothing more than a child support check to your kids. I’m the one who feeds them, clothes them, and cherishes them. Tomorrow night, in Osaka-my blood will stay in my body-but I can’t garentuee yours will. Tomorrow night Darin..your fate will be mine to decide…..”

[He holds up his belt and smiles, as we fade to black.]


[PWX] Paris In Flames


The lower east side is a jukebox
Playing the dead man’s crescendo
The needle is a vector
An intersection that we all must cross
A dimly lit hallway where shadows of moths decorate the walls


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Strange Bedfellows?

alex-shellyThe scene fades in with static, and we see James Silkk sitting at his desk. Behind him a pair of large comic book posters sit affixed to his wall. He leans forward, and smiles.


“Simplicity at its best..”


[He smiles for a minute-before looking down and pulling up his Evolution Championship and setting it infront of him.]


“So people have been asking me all week my thoughts about whats transpired lately. What my relationship with Nikki is like. How it feels to be a champion again. What it’s like to be teaming with Jason Aries?  What do I have to say about facing Shadoe Rage soon for my new Evolution Championship? So many questions, so little time….”


[He pauses again, looking at the belt before placing it back on the desk-facing the camera.]


“2013 has been an up and down year from me. Failures and victories.  This Wednesday Night-PWX debuts on Fuel TV-right here in beautiful Sydney, Australia.  To be honest, I’m pumped for this match. I’m back in the saddle-and my ship has finally come in. Nobody will ruin my life now. Nobody.”


[He pauses and smiles.]


“So first up is Mr. Rage. Mr. Shadoe Rage.…”

[He pauses once more, sitting back and slinging the belt over his shoulder.]

“You and I have a date with destiny Shadoe. One day soon-you and I will clash for this championship. One day we will square off one on one. This week-we get a small preview of whats to come. We get a taste of the future. Now Shadoe Rage-the question I have for you is this: Are you ready? Are you prepared?  Can you handle the big leagues? I hope so-because I look forward to facing you for this title, and I look forward to testing your ability tomorrow night.”


[He pauses and smiles.]


“Now Tripp Skylark is a little preoccupied with my tag team partner. He’s looking clear through me-and that Mr. Skylark-is very, very dangerous to do.”


[He pauses and smiles.]


“I am a former World Champion. I am the Evolution Champion. I put Damien Frost out with an injury-and you-you little stoner are just looking past me-to your new mortal enemy Jason Aries. That’s fine. Deal with him as you need to-but I hope you do infact have your….’man pants’ on tomorrow night Tripp. Because my time has just begun-and I wont be looking past you to Shadoe Rage. I’ll take my challenges as they approach-and you best do the same.”


[He pauses and smirks.]


“Tomorrow night, Jason Aries and I face two of PWX’s fastest rising stars. That’s fine-we welcome the challenge. This is my time though kids, welcome to the Era of Abstract. Your fate…will be mine to decide..”

Seize The Moment

Alex_Shelley13_cutout_by_CrankWednesday, January 16th 2013

On the highway

[A night sky, with a light snow fall. Interstate I80 heading North through Michigan. The road is fairly clear-with it being after midnight. Only a smattering of semi-trucks brave these roads at this hour. The clock on the dashboard reads “12:45 AM”. James Silkk is in the drivers seat-while the young Nikki Lee sit in the passenger seat, fast asleep. They’ve been driving for a couple hours now-en route back to Toronto after a long night in Moline, IL-at the PWX tapings. He looks up, and spys a truck stop. He pulls onto the exit and arrives at the truck stop. He rubs her shoulder to try and wake her up.]

James Silkk: Hey, hey Nikki. Wake up..let’s get something to eat.

[She wakes up, and looks at the time.]

Nikki: At 1 AM?

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PWX: Rekindling A Fire

20130114-081447.jpgIt’s been a whirlwind over the past week and a half. Ever since the day I decided to go to Lee’s Place for a drink-to drown away my sorrows and suffocate my anger in a place no doubtedly filled with smoke. I rekindled a friendship I thought I had long since lost. It’s been an amazing week, though it was a bit of a roller coaster.

Wednesday, January 9th 2013

9:27 PM

Locker Room at Peoria Civic Center

Nikki: James, are you okay?

[James is sitting in the locker room, just a few moments after being attacked by Damien Frost. First it was the TKO at the hands of Ryan Kidd-than Frost lays him out on the concrete floor. He’s been aware of his surroundings for a few minutes at this point-and is sitting on the bench in the trainers room-drinking some water as she comes into the room.]


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PWX: A Fresh Start

SPhoto Dec 27, 5 06 39 PMCENE ONE:

[The scene opens in James studio. He’s pulling a brand new pearl white Ibanez guitar off the wall, and strapping it on. He smiles as he plugs it into his half stack for the first time-and begins tuning it. After a few moments, he hears his iPhone ring. He looks at it ontop of his amp, and it reads “Lexi Martin”-the second guitarist for the band. He quirks his eyebrow and answers it-sending the call to speaker.]

James: Yeah?

Lexi: James, it’s Lex….listen…I have  Marty here with me.


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[PWX] New Year, New Opprotunities.

Photo Dec 27, 5 10 03 PM[The scene returns to a playground. It’s sunrise. Silent. No children, no parents. Just quiet serenity. The camera pans to Silkk who is sitting on a swing-staring at the ground. He is wearing a pair of black pants, black shoes, a black Wornstar thermal. Snow slowly begins to fall, as Silkk begins to speak.]

“You know, for the last few days-I have been questioning everything. Was 2012 really the plateu of my career? Did I really reach the glass ceiling? I mean look what happened to me after winning the World Title? Was I ready for it?” He says-still staring at the ground. “You know, ever since the ordeal and drama with Marisol-I’ve been thinking about life outside of the ring. Two months into something, and I married her. It took one bad day to set off a chain of events that led to the divorce. That one bad day-was when Jason Parker Olesen cost me my World Championship at Respect is Earned. I used to think that our relationship was meaningless. What started as casual sex evolved into so much more. She would always get worked up over small things. Things I used to think were trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial. She did text me the other day, from her hospital bed. She did apologize, but I never responded. Our relationship was built on meanlingless lust, and it was never about love, or happiness. We’re were both good in bed. That’s all it took.” He adds, still gazing at the ground as snow falls all around him. “Now, the world is watching and waiting to see my next move. The best World Champion of 2012 has a whole year ahead of him to look forward too. What will I do? That’s the million dollar question.” He adds, looking at the camera finally, and smirking a little.


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